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Careers post Covid19: Thrive or Survive?

Topic – Careers post Covid19: Thrive or Survive?

Date – May 20th, 2020
Time – 6:00-7:00pm

Lifetimes ago, Marx posited that the means of production will define production relations

Today, Covid-19 is irreversibly impacting our means of production i.e. the way we work. Soon, we will see our production relations change viz. the very way we will deal with each other at work

The knowledge requirements will not change drastically but, mindset changes will be required to negotiate workplaces successfully – our expectations of them and, their expectations / requirements in turn

Live Online:

Reflecting on what careers can look like post Covid so that one can be better prepared ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ is Dr Amrita Das, Founder – Director Institute of Career studies

In conversation with

Dr Vishal Talwar, Dean School of Management, Dr (Prof) Nigam Nuggehalli, Dean School of Law and Dr Maneek Kumar, Dean School of Engineering and Technology Chancellor BML Munjal University

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