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3 Aug 2019
Leadership Conference

Why should you attend the  Student Leadership Conference ?
1. Do you wish to prepare for the University or for the Universe ?
2. How would you like to be remembered as a person or as a leader in your life ? The Conference  would open up a plethora of opportunities for you to hone your skills and be remembered for you as YOU !
3. Would you want to improve your personal and professional life ? Yes. That’s one of the kick offs !
6. Why don’t you build up a portfolio that will help you not only in sharpening your own skill sets but also help you in your placements ? Hmmmm! Might help !
7. Are you a loner ? Would you like to know how to get along with others ? The Conference will help you in building certain habits of the mind which are universal and if practiced lead to happier individuals. Who doesn’t want to be happy ?
8. If the above still does not make you wish to attend the Conference then look for the 9th point
9. The Conference would provide you with One Non- academic fun day with sumptuous lunch thrown in !

Looking forward to seeing you on 3rd August at sharp 8.30 am !

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