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Ritu Chhikara, PhD

Associate Professor


School of Management



Short Summary

Dr. Ritu Chhikara, with an MBA and PhD, both from the FMS of Delhi University, is currently an Associate Professor of Marketing and Sustainability. She has more than 15 years of combined experience in industry, research, and academia. She has worked for Microsoft after her MBA from FMS and has been an award-winning teacher after she completed her PhD and joined academia.

Dr. Ritu continues to be a published author of peer reviewed research articles and cases in ABDC, Scopus and UGC (Govt of India) listed journals. Apart from her contribution in areas of teaching and research, she has worked on several consulting projects including that of the NITI Aayog, ICCSR, and Lakshya Food Ltd, and continues to engage with the industry and policy makers through consulting and advocacy work. She has established and continues to head the Centre for Sustainability Research and Advocacy (CSRA) at our university. She is frequently invited as speaker to various national and international forums.

Ritu is trained in Innovative teaching pedagogies such as Case Method and technology-driven teaching by Imperial College London (UK), IIM Ahmedabad, Singapore Management University (SMU) and IIM Indore. She has to her credit consulting projects from both Public and Private sectors, such as from NITI Aayog, ICSSR and Lakshya Foods Ltd. Her research covers areas including Sustainable marketing, Sensory marketing, and consumer psychology. She published research papers in journals such as Journal of Brand Management, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Health Marketing Quarterly, Construction Innovation, The Marketing Review, Transportation Research Part D, Strategic Change, Journal of Business and Management, and many others. Her management cases are published in journals such as Sage Business Cases, Asian Journal of Management Cases, Journal of Operations and Strategic Planning, Small Enterprise Research, among others.
As a management educator and researcher, she combines her concern for sustainable and ethical consumption. Ritu is inspired by learnings from ancient Indian wisdom and its modern articulation.


  • Graduation In: B.E- Electronics
  • Graduation From: MD University, Haryana
  • Graduation Year: 2005
  • Post Graduation In: MBA Marketing
  • Post Graduation From: Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), New Delhi
  • Post Graduation Year: 2009
  • Doctorate In: PhD in Management
  • Doctorate From: Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), New Delhi
  • Doctorate Year: 2014


From – To (Year) Designation & Organization
2020- present Associate Professor, BML Munjal University
2015-2020 Assitant Professor, BML Munjal University
2014-2015 Assitant Professor, Northcap University
2009-2011 Business Development Manager, Public Sector, Microsoft India
2005-2007 Software Engineer, Birlasoft, India

Research Publications

  • Agrawal,G., Garg,R., Chhikara,R. & Talwar, V. (2022), “Hosts legitimizing community-based tourism as a solution to ghost villages of Uttarakhand, India”, Anatolia (ABDC-B)
  • Bhatia, R., Garg,R., Chhikara, R., Singh, R. (2022) “If I feel it, I deserve it” Vision (ABDC-C)
  • Agrawal, G., Sodhi, S., Chhikara,R. & Garg, G. (2022), “A Study of Covid-19 cognition on Likelihood to Share Again: A Pro-Environment Behaviour”, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal 26(1) (ABDC-B)
  • Chhikara,R., Garg,R., Chhabra,S., (2021), “Factors affecting the adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles in India: An Exploratory Study”, Transportation research (Part D) (ABDC-A)
  • Garg,R., Chhikara,R., Chhabra,S, & Bhardwaj, A. (2021), “Factors determining intention to vaccinate against Covid-19: A Developing nation Perspective”, Health Marketing Quarterly (ABDC-B)
  • Bhatia,R.,Garg,R. Chhikara, R., Kataria,A. & Talwar,V (2021), “Sensory Marketing: A review and research agenda”, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (ABDC-B)
  • Rathi,R., Garg,R., Kataria,A.,Chhikara,R. (2021), “Evolution of luxury marketing landscape: A bibliometric analysis and future directions”, Journal of Brand Management (2021) (ABDC-A)
  • Agrawal,G., Sehgal, S. & Chhikara, R. (2021), “Effects of trusting Beliefs on intentions to buy Online: Evidence from online grocery and essential retail during Crisis”, South Asian Journal of Management (ABDC and scopus listed)
  • Chhabra, S., Chhikara, R & Garg, R. (2021), “Lakshya Food India Limited (LFIL): Finding the Right Position in Dairy Business”, Asian Journal of Management Cases (ABDC and Scopus listed)
  • Mor, S., Madan, S. & Chhikara, R. (2020), “Risk-Seeking Propensity of Indian Entrepreneurs: A Study Using GEM Data”, Strategic Change (ABDC and Scopus listed)
  • Garg, R., Chhikara, R., Singh, R. (2020), “A Qualitative study to understand the factors affecting the adoption of glass fibre-reinforced gypsum (GFRG) as a Sustainable Building Technology: Insights from Indian Construction Industry”, Construction Innovation (Emerald) (ABDC and Scopus listed)
  • Aggarwal, G., Garg, R., Chhikara, R.& Deshpande, A. (2020), “Exploration of Retail Design in Integrated Bricks & Clicks Environment”, Materials Today: Proceedings (Scopus listed)
  • Agrawal, G., Chhikara, R., Garg, R& Ahmad,J.T. (2020), “Pepperfry: Challenges ahead inthe Growing Competition of Indian Home Furnishing Market”, Sage Business Cases (Scopus listed)
  • Chhikara, R.& Agrawal, G. (2019), “Employee Satisfaction of Shop-floor workers in Modern Indian Retail Stores”, The Orissa Journal of Commerce (UGC Care)
  • Chhikara, R., Agrawal, G.& Garg,R. (2019), “Opportunities and Challenges for HR Managers in relation with shop-floor employees of Multi- Brand Retail companies in India”, Studies in Indian Place Names (UGC care listed)
  • Ahmad, J., Mohammad Hoque, T., Chhikara, R. (2019),“Women Entrepreneurs and their Fast Food Business: A Case Study on Challenging Social Prejudice through Entrepreneurship”, Small Enterprise Research (Taylor and Francis) (Scopus listed)
  • Garg, R. & Chhikara, R. (2018), “Power of the Scent: Exploring the role of Sensory appeals on Consumer Product Attitude”, Journal of Business and Management (Scopus listed)
  • Ahmad, J., Sultana, H., Ahmad A., & Chhikara, R.(2019), “Natura Siberica: Challenging Entry in Organic Cosmetics Business”, Journal of Operations and Strategic Planning, Sage Business Cases (Scopus listed)
  • Chhabra, S. & Chhikara, R. (2016),“Segmentation of Cinema Audiences in the Indian Movie Industry: A Marketing Strategy Perspective”,Aweshkar (UGC care listed)
  • Agrawal, G., Chhabra,S., Chhikara,R. &Garg,G. (2021), “Senior Citizen Homes: Search for a Viable Business Model”, Emerging Economies Cases Journal (ABDC and scopus)
  • Sharma, Anshu., Mor, S., Garg,R., Chhikara, R., Pal, A.,Narula, N. (2021), “Work-Life Study balance and Executive Education: Case of India”, Mileenial Asia (ABDC &Scopus)
  • Chhikara, R. (2018), “Changing perceptions of Modern Indian Women: A Qualitative Study”, Trans Asian Research Journals (UGC Care)
  • Chhikara, R., Garg, R. & Chaitanya, K. (2017), “Significant factors for movie success prediction using Ensemble techniques”, Trans Asian Research Journals (UGC Care)

Professional Distinctions

  • Invited as an International Expert in Electric Vehicles to the TERI SAS (Deemed University), International Workshop on Decarbonisation, 2022 which was jointly organised by De Montfort University in Leicester, UK and TERI (Deemed University), funded by British Academy (UK).
  • Appointed as an Adjunct Senior Fellow, AusInd Bridge Foundation, Melbourne, 2020
  • Received ‘Best Researcher Award’ at BML Munjal University, 2021
  • Received ‘Best All-Rounder Award’ at BML Munjal University, 2020
  • Received ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ at BML Munjal University, 2018

Key Research Projects

  • Feb 2022- ongoing, “A study to understand the challenges and support mechanism for adopting NEP 2020 among Anganwadi teachers in Rajasthan”, from Indian Council for Social Science Research (Fund received: 4 lakhs INR)
  • May 2020- June 2020, 4 weeks Capacity Development Program on Digital Initiatives for Technology Enabled Teaching Learning System, at CRS University, Haryana Govt. (Fund Received: 50.000 INR)
  • August 2018- Feb 2019, Consulting project completed with Niti Aayog (Govt. of India), titled ‘Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Pradhan Mantri Jan AushadhiYojna’ (Fund received: 25 lakh INR)
  • September 2019- continue, research grant received from North South University, Dhaka, project titled ‘Enhancing Customer Value Perception of Public hospitals by eliciting Multi -Sensory Experiences: A Study of Bangladesh and India’, (Fund received: 2.5 lakh INR)
  • July 2018-Dec 2018, Consulting project completed with Lakshya Dairy Foods Limited, titled ‘Brand Revitalization’ (Fund received: 7.5 lakh INR)
  • July 2015- Dec 2015, research grant received from Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR), titled ‘The state of education imparted by Retail Educational Institutes in India’ (Fund received: 5 lakhs INR