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Nirupama Malavalli Prasad, PhD

Assistant Professor


School of Engineering and Technology

Position (additional roles)

Mentor, Member (Center for Advanced Materials and Devices (CAMD)), Representative (BMU Teachers’ Association), Member (Siemens Center for Excellence (SCOE)),

Short Summary

Dr. Nirupama M P is from Bangalore. Having completed her PhD in Electronics with a fellowship from TEQIP (MHRD), she is a faculty and an active participant in mentoring the students on campus.

Subjects Taught

  • Electronics II
  • Digital Hardware Design
  • Joy of Engineering (JOE)
  • Electronics I
  • Computer Organization & Architecture


  • Graduation In: B.E (Electronics & Communication)
  • Graduation From: Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering (VTU), Bengaluru.
  • Graduation Year: 2003
  • Post Graduation In: M.Tech. (Electronics)
  • Post Graduation From: BMS College of Engineering (VTU), Bengaluru.
  • Post Graduation Year: 2010
  • Post Graduation In: Post Graduation Diploma in Human Rights (PGDHR)
  • Post Graduation From: Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi.
  • Post Graduation Year: 2013
  • Doctorate In: Ph.D. – Electronics Engineering.
  • Doctorate From: Jain University
  • Doctorate Year: 2018


From – To (Year) Designation & Organization
2016-current Assistant Professor- BMU
2014-2016 Research Scholar – R.V. College of Engineering.
2013-2014 Senior Research Fellow– R.V. College of Engineering.
2010-2013 Assistant Professor- Rajarajeswari College of Engineering.
2009-2010 Project Assistant- National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).
Jan 2003- July 2003 Project Trainee- National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

Research Publications

  • Vacuum Nano Electronics and Devices.
  • Aerospace.
  • VLSI Design and Fabrication.

Key Publications

  • M.P. Nirupama, Ashok Bhattacharya, Shounak De, B. S.Satyanarayana “Nano- Carbon Based Vacuum Nano-Electronic Emitters For Nano-Satellite Propulsion”, Technical Digest, 2015 28th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conferernce, 13-17 July, Guangzhou, China, 978-1-4673-9357-7/15 ©2015 IEEE
  • Nirupama M.P, Satheesh Babu Gandla, Ashok Bhattacharya, B. S.Satyanarayana, “Indigenous design and development of the cathodic arc system for the growth of nanocarbon thin Films”, Science Direct Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 3121–3129.
  • Nirupama M.P, Amarnath Bheemaraju, O. S. Panwar, B. S.Satyanarayana, “Nickel Nanoparticle Arrays Prepared Using Nanosphere Lithography”, International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; SJ Impact Factor :6.887 Volume 6 Issue II February 2018.
  • Nirupama M.P, Ashok Bhattacharya, B.S. Satyanarayana, Jain University, Bengaluru, “Field Assisted Electron Emission for Electrical Propulsion of Nano Satellites”, International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Technology & Engineering ISSN: 2319-7463, Vol. 6 Issue 2, February-2017.
  • Nirupama M.P, Ashok Bhattacharya, B S Satyanarayana, O.S. Panwar and Menaka Yadav ,“Growth And Simulation of Nanocarbon based Field Assisted Electron Emitters Arrays and Establishment of Indigenous Vacuum Nanoelectronics Characterization Facility For Development of Electrical Propulsion For Nano Satellites”, Proc of the National Conf on Emerging trends in Material Science and Surface Engg, 2018, 105.
  • Chetan Radder, B.S. Satyanarayana, Nirupama M.P. and O.S. Panwar, “Simulation Study of Multiple Nano Particles Based Plasmonic Effects And A A-Si:H PIN Device and creation of Indigenous infrastructure for development of Combined Sensors And Solar Cells”, Proc of the National Conf on Emerging trends in Material Science and Surface Engg, 2018, 82.
  • Nirupama M.P, B S Satyanarayana, “Nanocarbon based Field Assisted Electron Emitters Arrays for development of Electrical Propulsion for Nanosatellite” Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovations and Challenges in Science and Technology (ICICST-2018), DBIT, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 24-26 May 2018, 44.
  • Nirupama M.P, B.S. Satyanarayana, “Nanocarbon based Field Emission Electrical Propulsion System for Nanosatellite”, proceedings of Annual Congress on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology, September 06-07, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, volume 29, 37.
  • Nirupama M.P, B.S. Satyanarayana, “Nanocarbon based Field Assisted Electron Emitter Arrays for Development of Electrical Propulsion for a Nanosatellite”, International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology, September 24-25, 2018, Dubai, UAE, Journal of Nanomaterials and Molecular Nanotechnology, ISSN: 2324-8777, Nanoscience 2018,volume 7,36.
  • Nirupama M P, “Nanocarbon based field assisted electron emitter arrays for the development of electrical propulsion” 22nd International Conference on Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures, September 17-18, 2018 | Berlin, Germany, Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnology 2018, Pg 68, Volume7.

Professional Distinctions

  • Certified in “Internet Protocols, Design & Testing” from Centre for Continuing Education, Indian Institution of Science (IISC), Bangalore.
  • Received “Certificate of Excellence” for obtaining 100% result in a subject taught: “Modelling & Simulation of Data Networks”, prescribed by VTU -BE Course (2011).
  • Received “Best Paper Award” and 2nd Position at the International conference held at RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore (2010).
  • MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource Development, India), TEQIP, R.V. College of Engineering, Travel Grant Award for presenting a research paper in 28th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC), 13-17 July, 2015 Guangzhou, China.
  • MHRD, TEQIP Fellowship from R.V. College of Engineering to pursue Ph.D. during 2014 – 2016.
  • Received “BEST PRESENTATION AWARD” during Research Retreat (August 2017) at Jain University, Bengaluru.
  • Received “BEST POSTER PRESENTATION AWARD” and First Place (cash prize of 2000/-) for presenting the paper in the SERB (India) and Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) supported National Conference on Emerging Trends in Applied Materials Science and Surface Engineering (ETAMS2018), BML Munjal University, 29-30th January 2018.

Key Research Projects

  • “Development of Photodetector and Positioning Control for LDV Receiving Optics”, At NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories), Bangalore.
  • “Design And Development Of A FPGA Based Controller For Aircraft Structural Testing” at NAL (NATIONAL AEROSPACE LABORATORIES), Bangalore.
  • Worked in DST project titled “Development of Nano Material and Optically Enabled, Front Surface and Back Contact Tailored Enhanced Efficiency Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells”, at R. V. College of Engineering.

Training & Consultancy

• An Entrepreneur, owner and operator at Small scale business outlet “Vismaya Vinyasa”.
• Member of Human Rights Defenders Forum Karnataka.
• Member, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Bangalore Chapter.