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Kalpita Paul Bhar, PhD

Assistant Professor | Assistant Dean


School of Liberal Studies

Kalpita Bhar Paul is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at School of Liberal Studies, BML Munjal University. She has completed her PhD from Manipal University in Environmental Philosophy and was a postdoctoral fellow at IIT Bombay. Her research interests are Applied Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, and Heidegger’s Phenomenology. Before joining BMU, she was a founding faculty at Krea University and taught Philosophy and Environmental Studies. She has also worked in Sustainable Development and natural resource management programs in NGDOs.  Currently she serves as an associate editor of Environmental Values Journal.

Key Publications

  1. Kalpita Bhar Paul. 2023. “COVID-19, Migrant Crisis and Social Contagion of Good Life: A Case Study from Indian Sundarbans” in R. Sreejith Varma, Ajanta Sircar edited Contagion Narratives: The Society, Culture and Ecology of the Global South. Routledge.
  2. Kalpita Bhar Paul and Soumyajit Bhar. 2022. “Reconciling Interpretations of ‘Being as Such’: Contribution to Ecophenomenology. International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 36(2): 307-326.
  3. Kalpita Bhar Paul and Soumyajit Bhar. 2021. Rediscover the human touch? The Telegraph, 9th July, 2021.
  4. Kalpita Bhar Paul and Megnaa Mehtta. 2021.  A sinking island of political pawns. Telegraph, 18th Mar 2021.
  5. Kalpita Bhar Paul. 2020. “A Second Wave of Forest-Settlement Territorialization: A case study from the Indian Sundarbans.” Environment, Space, Place, 12(1): 83-109.
  6. Kalpita Bhar Paul. 2019. “The Ecology of Ahiṃsā: Deconstructing the Transition of Ahiṃsā from being a Religious Vow to an Environmental Ethos.” International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 33(1): 71-87.
  7. Kalpita Bhar Paul. 2019. “A Heideggerian Perspective on Thinking about Water: Revisiting the Transition from Hydrology to Hydrosocial Nexus.” Environmental Philosophy, 16(2): 339-358.