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    BBA Course Subjects – An Interesting Study to be Confident and Strategic

    by BML Munjal University June 29, 2022

    With technology playing a crucial role in today’s computer-centric world, students have shifted to ‘new age’ courses. They are keen on learning newer things like applying data analytics, finding accurate data sources and scrutinizing heavy volumes of data by using the correct applications and techniques.

    Moreover, for students with a strong background in finance & accounts, courses like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) have gained traction, in the last couple of years. It guarantees them prudent business training skills and prepares them for managerial and leadership job profiles. The undergraduate course can also shore up their exposure in the business industry and offer them professional contact building opportunities.

    There is enough data to prove that young students have been investing in industry-driven courses, over the last few years, either because of higher employment prospects or to stay updated with the 21st century’s technological advancements.

    A report by the Times of India said, “Employability of a course has emerged as a key factor in deciding the preference of students and their parents. The changing employment dynamics, technological trends, opportunities across industries, perception towards certain courses in society, the opportunity for higher studies or research, etc. might have been contributing to this change.”

    It is also important to discuss how the corporate sector has functioned in the post-Covid-19 era. We all know a lot of companies laid off their employees during the virus-induced lockdown. Why? Either to manage cost-cutting or due to lack of essential managerial skills in their employees. Yes, there was a massive lack of skilled workers. You could be great in your technical skills but what about being a team leader and strategic thinker, who could solve all the problems and bring more business to the company? Now you know what we are talking about.

    Hence, the need of the hour is to burn the candle on both sides. And for that BBA should be the first and foremost step. BBA is an undergraduate programme that includes business and marketing management, accounting and finance, project management, operations and basics of Computer Science, business ethics, laws, and analytics. Yes, these are all BBA course subjects and once you excel in these, it will scale up your chances of being placed at top-notch corporate houses and business companies.

    Multi-tasking just got easier. Here’s how.

    • Adorning managerial skills at your workplace will be a cakewalk once you have a BBA degree. Also, there are strong chances of you being promoted to decision making – manager/executive – job roles in a short time. You will stand out in the crowd at your workplace with this course.
    • At a personal level, you will ingrain enormous qualities such as communication skills, consumer behaviour, analyzing the market, negotiation skills, critical thinking skills, management and leadership skills, critical observational skills and risk-taking abilities.
    • The undergraduate programme will hone your fundamental skills so that you do not have to think twice if you have a superb business idea in mind. It will open your doors to the entrepreneurial world, and you will be able to commence your own business. For example: in the contemporary era, hundreds of BBA graduates are successful entrepreneurs today and others are likely to be one. Isn’t that exciting?
    • One of the key advantages of the BBA course is that you can enter the corporate world right after you have acquired the undergraduate degree. Research says BBA graduates can find jobs much faster than other bachelor graduates. Wait. There is more. BBA graduates also get fatter salary packages.
    • The BBA course will open many career opportunities in multiple industries like social media and digital marketing, education, hospitality, entrepreneurship, business analytics and data collection, event management, tourism, statistics, Human Resources (HR), advertising, real estate, broadcast and digital journalism, academics and research, marketing and finance, sales, government sectors, etc.
    • If academics is something that you are passionate about, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the ideal course to pursue after doing BBA. You can teach business management, marketing and relatable subjects after doing an MBA. There are also probabilities that you might earn more than your contemporaries with these two degrees.

    Choose the right university

    If you roll your eyes around, you may have seen numerous universities that offer BBA courses. But, at the same time, you must have also encountered several educated and talented candidates sitting jobless. Why is that? Because perhaps they made an impulsive decision and did not choose the right credible university. A good university trains you, both academically and socially, for your future career prospects and your adult life.

    BML Munjal University’s mission is to transmute young students into innovators, thought-leaders & entrepreneurs by using a powerful understanding of the corporate world and strong industry linkages. It is considered the best college for BBA.


    BML Munjal University’s BBA course focuses on:

    • Industry exposure
    • Experiential Learning
    • Guest lectures from renowned faculty
    • Practical aspects of business education
    • Individualistic approach toward our students


    In addition to that, at BML Munjal University, the BBA programme is offered with four specializations. Namely:

    • Regular BBA
    • Business Analytics
    • Digital Marketing
    • Family Business & Entrepreneurship

    Pay attention! Unique aspects of BML Munjal University’s BBA programme:

    • Students receive personalised mentoring.
    • Students participate in practice school like Internships.
    • Faculty members here have exceptional credentials.
    • The course has been mentored by Imperial College London.
    • Students are part of a start-up incubation centre on the campus.
    • Students learn through 45 per cent of the experiential learning approach.
    • International immersion at the London School of Economics (optional).
    • Interdisciplinary courses are available in technology, economics, commerce and law.

    For more details like BBA course information, visit BML Munjal University’s official website.

    Raise your game now

    Recently, the Indian market has been evolving at a soaring rate. As existing companies persist in growing – in terms of profit – new corporate firms have similarly gained popularity on the big scene. These organizations require aspirants with exceptional business skills and quick managerial abilities. Upcoming BBA graduates can undoubtedly “raise the bar” by showing their technical and soft skills. The BBA programme from BML Munjal University will prepare you well to do that.

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