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    BBA: The Golden Key to Unlocking Multiple Career Avenues

    by BML Munjal University August 1, 2021

    BBA course is a professional degree that allows you to gain skills to shine as a management professional. You choose a particular course based on your interest and love for that course. BBA course has myriad subjects you can learn based on which you can select your higher education degree in the future.

    What is a BBA course?

    BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is one of the most popular undergraduate courses offering profound insights and understanding of business and management in various fields of the economy.

    It is an open course that builds a solid base in the field of accounting and management. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to choose your options in the future based on your interests later on.

    BBA course

    What can you do after your BBA course?

    After the BBA course, you can choose from a vast range of career options such as a master’s degree in hospitality, business, media, entrepreneurship, human resources, public relations, finance, agriculture, and many more.

    If you want to gain more profound experience in management or business, then the BBA course is the way forward. The diversity of BBA subjects is the reason many students choose the BBA course. BBA is an excellent start to an entrepreneurial journey too.

    BBA course: Is it a good degree?

    • College: Choose your college wisely as it can give you an edge over your peers.
    • BBA course fees: The fee of this three-year undergraduate degree varies, depending on the college you choose to pursue your BBA course.
    • BBA Subjects: You will study a wide range of subjects during your three-year graduation, including the following. Some of them may vary depending on the college you attend.
      • Essentials and Principles of Management
      • Business Economics
      • Management Accounting
      • Statistics
      • Marketing Management
      • Business Mathematics
      • Accounting- Management and Financial
      • Security Analysis
      • Corporate Planning
      • Production and Material Management
      • International Marketing
      • Organizational Behaviour
      • Operations Research
      • Industrial Relations
      • Personnel Management
      • Business Finance
      • Environmental Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Sales and Distribution
      • Strategic Management
    • Skillset: BBA subjects and course curriculum equip you with analytical skills, critical thinking skills, managerial skills, soft skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and decision-making skills.
    • Industrial Exposure: You get various opportunities to go on industrial visits. Practical learning and hands-on exposure will add to your knowledge.
    • Handsome Remuneration: Graduates with BBA degrees from good BBA colleges are in demand in the market and get handsome packages.
    • Opens doors to various opportunities: After doing a BBA course, you will be a pro at many things that will help you tread on a successful and bright career path.
      • You will find opportunities at initial levels and support services. For example, you could join a sales team or work in the management team as a management trainee.
      • You can join the private sector in various fields – finance, import and export, marketing, Information Technology, administration, teaching institutes, networking, MNC’s, consumer durables companies, and FMCG Industry.
      • You can also go for various lucrative options in the government banking sector by checking the relevant upcoming exams and latest job openings on different job portals.
    • Higher Qualifications Options: You will have various alternatives to choose from. You can go for an MBA to boost your career and reach top managerial positions such as CTO, CEO, COO, etc.
      • You can also go for an MCA if you want to join the IT industry at a higher annual package.
      • You can go for a doctorate in business administration if you wish to become a professor or a researcher.
      • You can also join any certification courses after finishing your BBA course to specialize in various fields:
        • JAVA, ORACLE, PHP, NET, J2EE, Android, special Software testing, and more through the accredited training institutes to be a part of the Information Industry.

    All in all, a BBA course provides you with incomparable job security. For example, you can work as a Business Administration Researcher, Professor, Business Consultant, Management Accountant, Human Resource Manager, Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, etc.

    You can choose to become a manager in any of the fields – Human Resource, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Research and Development, Production House, supply chain, Advertising agencies, International businesses, legal departments, Accounting, etc.


    BBA course as a professional degree is very effective in the 21st century. It is well designed to equip you with valuable knowledge about working conditions, industry, and interconnections. It opens up the doors to various career paths by making you a pro in the core subjects and relevant skills. All you have to do is choose the right one based on your interest and pick up the managerial and leadership skills. After that, the world is your oyster!

    BBA course BBA course fees BBA subjects
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