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    by bml-blog September 1, 2015

    The BMU Leadership Series is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be inspired and gain inputs from real-life achievers and industry leaders. In the first year, many prominent scholars and leaders have visited our campus and interacted with our students.

    General Bikram Singh, former Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army, captivated the audience with his accounts from battles and the leadership lessons he was able to draw out of his experiences. General Singh had sage words of advice: set yourself attainable goals, and always have a time frame within which to accomplish them. He was convinced that during their time at BMU, the students would be exposed to the attributes leaders require to lead their organizations to success.

    General Singh was impressed at the culture being implemented at the University. He spoke about the importance of a positive climate and culture being created in organizations, and the role leaders have in making sure the culture is being implemented at every step of the process.

    Our campus also hosted Mr. Mashayoshi Tamura, Head – Software, Hitachi India. Mr. Tamura spoke about his love of India (except for the traffic jams), and the contrasting cultural attitudes found in Japan and India

    According to Mr. Tamura, India’s ‘jugaad’ is famous, but is not a favored way of working in Japan. He feels India has a young, talented workforce with a ‘can-do attitude, and the ability to innovate without restriction and fear. In Japan, on the other hand, there is more of a focus on quality and accuracy. Therefore, when the two cultures combine, the result is a fascinating innovative process that results in great products and outcomes.

    Throughout the year, we plan to expand the frequency of the Leadership Series to ensure that our students gain relevant insights into how to achieve success in the real world from leaders around the world.

    “A good leader needs to possess the right moral, physical, and emotional attributes to succeed. Some of these include self control, strong will, balance, stability, self discipline, and a range of technical and interpersonal skills,”

    -General Bikram Singh

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