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    Corporate India awaits skilled employees. Be one by doing B.Com Honours

    by BML Munjal University August 2, 2022

    Business management primarily deals with the financial elements of a company to achieve remarkable stability and profitability for the concerned organization. Students who study business management courses cover various topics like accounting, insurance, business laws and ethics, entrepreneurship, practical aspects of all the above, etc. They also focus on financial analysis, budgeting and risk management, etc. And India is a big country for such students. 

    According to media statistics, management education has become one of the most popular in the country. And if we talk about its interconnection with the private sector, Indian management education has invested a massive amount in this. It has offered decent employment opportunities to lakhs of management students across the country. 

    But, there are riddles to solve..

    According to research, “India produces 3,50,000 management graduates in 3,217 institutions across the country. While various research reports and surveys indicate that only 10-20% are really employable. A large proportion of management graduates are found lacking employability skills.” These figures clearly depict a mismatch between India’s graduate management students and their job aspirations and availability. As a result, many varsity graduates remain jobless with unfulfilled ambitions. This bunch of talented yet discontented, disappointed youth can severely impact the Indian public and private sector, thereby influencing the country’s economy.

    Hence, to bridge this gap, students must choose the right course to study. After all, when you earn the right degree, it grants you freshers skills and knowledge and unbottles diverse doors gates to myriad career opportunities. Perhaps the following information will help you choose the right course if you haven’t. Students interested in understanding finance, business, marketing, and management, should consider doing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Honours. This is a conventional marketing three-year undergraduate programme. Aspirants who want to build a career in corporate administration or business will significantly benefit from this course. 

    What about job roles?

    Students pursuing a B.Com Honours degree have innumerable job options in India and abroad in multiple fields like accounts, business management, marketing management, financing, and banking. In addition, B.Com Hons graduates can also seek job roles in the private and public sectors. However, only after they have a strong understanding of business economics, costing, taxations, corporate laws, ethics, statistics, mathematics, etc. For more, here are the best career options after B.Com:

    • Most aspirants can apply for job roles like an accountant, tax manager, investment banker, financial expert or consultant, and other comparable roles.
    • The most incredible thing about this B.com Honours is that several universities incorporate a CA curriculum, making it smother for aspirants to prepare for highly competitive exams like CA.
    • The undergraduate course also leads to lucrative paying employment possibilities and allows students to grab various professional certifications that will help them become certified.

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    Choose your academic space wisely

    Thousands of universities in India offer the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours). However, they lack a modern education system that is sacrosanct to enter the new and competitive professional world. There is one university that has taken note on modern changes in the education and professional world. It is BML Munjal University (BMU). The well-known varsity has designed B.Com Honours to offer students with a multi-disciplinary perspective towards domestic and international trading, commerce, financing, and tech-savvy integration of businesses, along with the basics of Block Chain and Robotic Process Automation. 

    The three-year programme is offered by BML Munjal University’s School of Economics & Commerce. The school primarily focuses on creative learning methods, predominant Indian and international business research, powerful industry connections, and partnerships with other schools. It also gives students a broad understanding of and immersion into the complicated business and commerce milieu, especially today’s.

    Salient aspects of B.Com Honours at BML Munjal University:

    • The undergraduate course is mapped to the Chartered Accountant route. 
    • In the initial part of the programme, aspirants develop a foundation for CPT.  
    • By latter semesters, students map their understanding to IPCC.  
    • The varsity also offers internship semester to students to understand the beauty and struggle of working in the professional world. 
    • In the undergraduate course, students also ingrain logical reasoning capabilities, critical thinking, and communication skills. 
    • Students undergo research-led social initiatives at the beginning level at BML Munjal University.
    • The varsity has academic collaboration with the world’s leading university: Imperial College London. Hence, international exposure is a must over here! 
    • They also receive exposure through on-campus Centres of Excellence, where young minds work on live projects with original economic outcomes. 
    • Students, after completing B.Com Honours course, can also go for higher-level education. And to reach their academic goals, students can club BCom Honours degree with postgraduate courses – Master of Business Administration (MBA) or B.Com with Bachelor of Law (LLB) Hons. 
    • Students can also prefer doing short-term courses after pursuing the undergraduate programme. Best courses after B.Com Honours include one-year degree programme – PG Diploma – in management, business analytics, data science, business management, advertising, PR, etc. 

    B.Com Honours students at BML Munjal University can also explore industry-relevant topics. These topics are really gaining traction and being used vividly in today’s business world. Reports show recruiters these days are looking for young talent who are skilled in the following areas:


    • Data Analytics
    • Cybersecurity
    • Logistics and Supply Chain
    • Banking and Financial Services


    Your dream job is just one step away!

    These days financial management programmes are important due to the multiple advantages they offer students who pursue these courses. These courses provide an in-depth understanding of management by deeply covering distinctive subjects such as working capital, capital structure, financial and economic indicators, budgeting, cash flow, financial solvency, etc. And students must prefer credible institutes to understand these complex terms. BML Munjal University is a great educational space to excel in this course and also offers decent placement offers – CSR firms, MNCs, business development organizations, social media, and marketing, to name a few –  to eligible and talented students.  Your dream job is just one step away!

    best career options after bcom bachelor of commerce (B.Com)

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