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    Factors That Make BML Better Choice for B-Tech Aspirants in Delhi-NCR
    by bml-blog May 10, 2017

    In the words of Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is an integral part of our lives, without which we would amount to nothing. We all know the importance of education, as much as we know the importance of finding the right institute. The medium through which we receive an education is critical, as that determines the quality of the tutoring. Education should be such that it caters to each learner’s specific needs, ensuring that the knowledge transferred is retained for the longest duration of time. The right institutes make education experiential, and that’s what makes the difference.

    If you are a B-Tech aspirant, then many factors need to be considered while choosing the correct institute. B-Tech aspirants living in and around Delhi NCR don’t need to look any further, as BML Munjal University is the answer to all your confusion. BMU is the right blend of innovative learning methodologies, inspiring culture, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The faculty is highly experienced and the best in their specific fields, who combine their years of experience with modern technology to impact knowledge. Located at the 67th milestone of the NH8, it is at the right distance away from the city, so that the institute does not compromise on its space, yet be close enough to the city. It is the perfect location from Delhi, for all B-Tech aspirants.

    The School of Engineering and Technology of BMU is one of the finest in and around Delhi/NCR. BML Munjal University currently has the B-Tech admissions open, and this could be the best choice that you would make for your career.

    Named after the Chairman and Co-founder of Hero Group, Brijmohan Lall Munjal, and founded by the promoters of Hero Group, BMU plans to transform education by creating a world-class learning environment. We aim to build a world-class teaching environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We promote kinesthetic learning, so that the lessons learned aren’t just theoretical, but also practical. BML Munjal University believes that every student that graduates from the School of Engineering and Technology is well-trained and industry-ready. Well-rounded professionals are what we create at BMU, who can take up any challenge in life with confidence. Multiple factors make BMU the right choice, and they are:

    • Hands-on Education: At BMU we believe that learning isn’t complete till it is experiential. Practice makes a man perfect, and hands-on learning makes them champions at it.
    • Hub of Multi-National Companies: Another plus about NCR is that most multinational companies have their offices in Delhi NCR which increases the chances of a student getting selected for a good position at an excellent salary in any of the big names in the industry.

    Each year many listed multinational companies come to BMU for campus recruitment. Many organizations look forward to hiring from BMU, as they get the complete package in the form of candidates. Known for our students displaying the greatest leadership qualities, we are a hiring hot-spot of many companies and organizations.

    • Excellent Internship Opportunities: BMU’s unique curriculum includes mandatory supervised internships. These are graded and students are mentored by a faculty member and an industry expert. Students spend their internships working in the industry on real-life projects. Considering the brilliant connection that BMU has with the corporate world, multiple internship opportunities keep coming in. We are one of the few choices for multinationals to come for interns for their summer programs. As these companies get great candidates for interns from BMU every time, they keep coming back for more.
    • Exposure to the Cosmopolitan Culture: Being so close to the Delhi/NCR region and right next to the Gurgaon corporate world, BMU has major exposure to the cosmopolitan culture. This exposure helps groom students to perfection and makes them ready for the corporate
    • Opportunity to engage in leisurely activities: BMU focuses on the complete growth of each of its students and hence does not take away the fun from the learning. We believe each achievement needs to be rewarded and college life is incomplete without fun. From hosting music concerts to various other edutainment events, we do it all to give the students the perfect balance between studies and entertainment. College Life and its merriment are memories that you make for life, and we don’t want you to miss out on them. After all, overall development is our primary aim at BML Munjal University.

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