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How to secure a Dual Specialization in B.Tech from BML Munjal University
by bml-blog May 10, 2017

Opting for more than one skill-set or training in a course is the first step to kick-start a promising career. This is a primary reason why BML Munjal University (BMU) offers dual specialization under its B.Tech Programme. BMU is a new-age university that adheres to a unique pedagogical technique and is focused on extending hands on experience to the student rather than confining them to just classroom learning.

Under our undergraduate programme, we offer the following B.Tech courses

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

To shed more light on our dual specialization programme, we have the following information to share –

How can candidates apply for a dual degree?

Dual degree programme offered by BMU is very flexible. Students who meet our eligibility criteria can apply for admission in any of the above-mentioned branches of engineering as core specialization and choose another branch as add-on specialization.

What is the duration of a dual degree programme at BMU?

The duration of a B.Tech course is 4 years. However, if a student opts for the dual degree he or she will have to spend an additional 1 year in the university. For instance, they could pursue mechanical engineering (4 years) plus say, computer science (1 year).

Benefits of Dual Specialization from BML Munjal University

#1 Prepares Students for a Dynamic Role

Today, the workforce market is not just competitive, it is also very dynamic. Enterprises look for talented and bright minds who can don dynamic roles. Candidates are not only expected to have the profound technical knowledge, but should also understand the business acumen. The B.Tech dual specialization at BMU is designed in such a way that at the end of 5 years, our students are very employable.

For instance, a student enrolled for B.Tech in civil engineering are exposed to an exhaustive curriculum that includes hands-on practical experience, industrial visits, problem-solving sessions through a unique and interactive learning platform. Four years of B.Tech in civil engineering will give students an in-depth understanding of civil designing, township, planned development, waste management etc. which are the cruxes of modern and smart city planning.

In addition to civil engineering, if a student spends an additional year and pursues Computer Science, his or her skill-sets is bound to improve. An additional specialization in computer science engineering opens more avenues for students.

Information Technology (IT) has spread like wildfire and has impacted every sector or industry vertical in a big way. The onslaught of technology has optimized business processes and leveraged performance. In fact, civil engineering is no longer a standalone field and requires the understanding of computer science and software for the creation of 3D blueprints, mapping etc.

Similarly, an understanding of the principles of civil engineering is required to work on a computer design project for a real-estate agency or city planning.

# 2 Affordable and Time-Saving

Upon completion of B.Tech in engineering, students either go for post-graduate courses like M.Tech or MBA to enhance their skills. The duration of a full-time post graduate programme in either of the discipline is 2 years.  Four years of B.Tech, followed by a 2-year post graduation adds up to 6 years. However, under the dual degree programme students receive the same level of skills and expertise in 5 years. Therefore, dual degree programmes are both affordable and time-saving.

Closing Thoughts

At BMU, students are encouraged to be innovators. We focus more on practical learning and believe in inculcating problem-solving skills in our students which ultimately works in their favour in a real-life job scenario. Besides, offering a very technological driven learning environment, our students also experience an active campus life which is the mainstay of holistic development.

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