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    What does a career as an Advocate after BBA LLB look like in India?

    by BML Munjal University October 25, 2021

    BBA LLB helps to maintain order and healthy competition in today’s highly competitive world, it has become mandatory for business organizations to follow strict laws and regulations. Companies face multifaceted customer value propositions and risks while introducing anything new in the market.

    To deal with the risk involved, businesses seek strict policies for everyone associated with the organization, including customers, stakeholders, management, and competitors. Therefore, there is a high demand for professionals with combined knowledge of law and business.

    Students with a deeper interest in business and commerce and legal education opt for BBA LLB (Hons.), where they are facilitated with an interdisciplinary approach to learning law and fundamentals of business and commerce.

    In an interconnected world of commerce and law, it has become crucial for lawyers to equip themselves with policymaking, keeping law and business together, with a better understanding of economic, technological, and financial environments.

    So, if you wish to work in a juncture of commerce and law, this article is for you. Below in this article, we will discuss what a career as an advocate looks like in India after completing BBA LLB.

    But firstly, we need to understand the difference between a lawyer and an advocate.

    Lawyer vs Advocate

    A lawyer has a law degree who practices law either as an attorney, barrister, or legal counsellor. His work is to prepare, describe, and apply laws to specialized situations.

    An advocate is a lawyer that practices in a court of law by representing clients. To work as an advocate, law graduates need to be registered with the Bar Council of India. Then, they present the case in court and ask for compensation or release of the client as the lawsuit suggests.

    Career progression for Advocates

    Law graduates generally begin working with a team of attorneys as associates before becoming full-time advocates. Also, if they have enough experience, they can even become a partner in a law firm or become freelancers. Alternatively, they can join the legal department of government agencies, banks, or private companies.

    Law is one of the most coveted professions in India, as each area or aspect of the job must function following the laws set by the relevant authorities. To become a good advocate, you must have patience, communication skills, attention to detail, reading and memorizing a lot of information, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly, a passion for the job. This is one of the professions in which a person can build their own practice.

    Candidates with a BBA LLB degree must have comprehensive knowledge about the field, analytical ability, logical reasoning, and communication skills. As a BBA LLB graduate, you can also work in various fields such as:

    • Litigation
    • Law firms
    • Legal Process Outsourcing
    • Government agencies
    • Bank

    You can also apply for State as well as Central government jobs. You can work in different government sectors such as tax, defence, and labour departments. You can work as:

    • Advocates
    • Civil Servants
    • Judges

    After gaining appropriate experience in the field, you can also look for job opportunities as a Legal Adviser, Solicitor General, Public Prosecutor, and Lawyers handling tax divisions in big firms.

    You can also work as an advocate abroad. However, it all depends on the country in which you choose a career. In most countries, passing the corresponding bar exams is mandatory to practice the profession, while in some countries, a full degree must be completed before you can start work. For example, in some European countries, the Indian degree does not apply; you will be required to study and obtain a degree there.

    Salary packages

    The salary packages of BBA LLB graduates can range from INR 1 LPA to INR 8 LPA. The salary range varies depending on the type of organization and the area of specialization. Government and private sectors may pay differently depending on the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience.

    Benefits and Downsides of Being an Advocate

    • Fighting for people’s good gives purpose to life and can be highly satisfying, but it requires an incredible amount of work and effort to meet law deadlines.
    • This mentally challenging career is hugely satisfying, requiring intensive research and continuous dealing with loads of information.
    • You may get overwhelmed with the amount of research required in the field, but it can earn you a good reputation.
    • Increasing competition can encourage you to top your game; you can start your independent practice.

     Why is BBA LLB a better choice to be an Advocate?

    BBA LLB is a better choice to be an Advocate because the degree exhibits an amalgamation of management and law. The course fosters an environment for students to acquire a sense of managerial and entrepreneurial skills with in-depth knowledge of the law.

    The programme intends to provide students with an analytical mindset, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Moreover, students get to have practical and imperative knowledge of the interconnected world of business and law.


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