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    Career After BA LLB Course – What Are the Options?

    by BML Munjal University November 11, 2022

    Anyone can become a legal secretary by pursuing a career after BA LLB degree. A legal secretary is in charge of specific tasks in a law firm. Answering the phone, responding to emails, filing paperwork, putting together court documents, and keeping a law library are just a few of the everyday tasks of a legal secretary. When it comes to organising themselves and working with clients, legal secretaries are among the finest. A job as a law clerk can be a terrific method to make money for people who have these skills and enjoy working with the law. But where do you begin?

    A career after BA LLB degree is not a requirement to work as a legal secretary, but many law firms prefer and even need it. The majority of institutions provide specialist degrees in the subject of legal assistance. As long as they are linked, other degrees can also be used. Business administration degrees, for example, always look nice on a CV. However, a B.A. L.L.B. degree would show the law firm that you have taken classes to acquaint yourself with legal paperwork and procedures.

    A few specialist litigation and trial law companies have increased the one-time bonuses they give new employees who have spent a year or more in judges’ chambers, making a federal clerkship an increasingly important asset on a lawyer’s résumé. As the need for federal clerks among law firms is expanding, so are the rewards.

    About BA LLB (Hons.) Course at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    BMU University is dedicated to producing, maintaining, and disseminating internationally benchmarked skills and knowledge to a broad group of students worldwide. It is named after Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal, the founder of the Hero Group. BMU aims to develop moral leaders with the knowledge, abilities, and life skills necessary to guide organisations successfully. By creating a top-notch and cutting-edge teaching, learning, and research environment, the university hopes to revolutionise higher education in India.

    The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.A. L.L.B.) is a five-year professional integrative law degree for students who desire to work as an advocate, attorneys, or legal advisors or just want to work in the legal or judicial system. According to the Bar Council of India, this course is a full-time programme that regulates law degrees in India since the bulk of the curriculum combines practical training with theory lectures. The B.A. L.L.B. combines legal and legislative research with the interdisciplinary study of subjects from the Arts stream, including sociology, history, and other topics.

    The BA LLB course includes those in civil law, labour law, commercial law, international law, intellectual property law, and administrative law, to name a few. Additionally, because it is a distinctive multidisciplinary degree, universities have designed it to incorporate a balanced combination of classroom training, mock courtroom exercises, case analysis, research work, and legal internships, among many other things. In India and worldwide, students interested in law frequently choose the BA LLB course. Students majoring in law at BML Munjal University with a focus on business will have a solid foundation in business law, election law, the code of civil procedure, drafting and pleading, political science, and economy.


    Qualification for Admission to B.A. L.L.B. at BMU

    Most institutions have comparable eligibility standards to BML Munjal University for enrollment in a career after BA LLB degree. However, you must fulfil certain conditions to qualify for a career after BA LLB Munjal university course. These conditions are:

    • A degree in any discipline with a minimum grade point average of 50% points or an equivalent CGPA from an accredited university or college.
    • A 5% discount is offered to students from the S.C., S.T., and PWD domains.
    • Students in their final year of study are also eligible to apply. However, their acceptance will depend on their final grades.
    • BA LLB course entrance exams are conducted at different institutions and universities for students who desire to enrol in B.A. L.L.B. courses. For instance, the candidate must have passed one of the following admission tests: CLAT, LSAT, BMU SAT, SAT, or CUET.


    Advantages of a B.A. L.L.B. Degree

    • BA LLB course provides a comprehensive knowledge of the Indian legal system.
    • The dynamics of how the law is applied in practical situations are taught to the students in addition to academic comprehension.
    • To pursue a lucrative career after BA LLB in Law and Business, students can, among other things, develop their problem-solving, advanced reasoning, high thinking ability, reasoning, and critical judgment skills.
    • When students have finished the course, the learners can precisely draft legal documents. They would be knowledgeable about Indian laws and their application in various facets of society.
    • Additionally, students who pass the AIBE Exam 2021 can sign up with the Indian Bar Council.
    • Law graduates have many opportunities outside of practising law.


    Career After BA LLB – Higher Study Options You Can Go For

    • Masters in Law: A postgraduate law degree is a master of law. People who have earned an LLB seek an LLM to specialise in one of the many areas of law that LLM programmes offer, including company law, business law, international norms, and criminal law.
    • Ph.D.: A student is qualified for a Ph.D. programme at BML Munjal University if they have completed an LLM at an accredited institution with a grade of at least 55%.
    • MBA: A two-year professional degree course called an MBA can prepare students for several different careers.


    Different Options for Career After BA LLB

    There are several job openings in the legal industry. Aspiring attorneys may choose to work as judges, attorneys, legal assistants, or associates in the legal field. In addition, civilians and government representatives value law degrees highly.

    Candidates may also pursue careers as government attorneys, notaries, law enforcement officers, magistrates, legal experts, advisors, paralegals, associate attorneys, junior attorneys, litigators, legal counsel, corporate attorneys, private practitioners, or lecturers.

    The typical salary for graduates pursuing a career after BA LLB varies from INR 5 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs annually, based on employment, internship, and the applicant’s performance.

    Time to Emerge as a Legal Professional

    BML Munjal University is dedicated to generating, maintaining, and disseminating internationally benchmarked skills and knowledge to a broad community of students worldwide. It is named after the founder and inventor of the Hero Group, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal. BMU aims to develop moral leaders with the knowledge, abilities, and life skills necessary to guide organisations successfully. 

    BMU wants to revolutionise India’s education by creating a superb world-class habitat for coaching, studying, and fact-finding. The Hero Group founded the non-profit BMU, which offers undergraduate and graduate programmes. Imperial College London serves as its mentor.

    For additional details, visit the official course page: https://www.bmu.edu.in/courses/law/ba-llb/.

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