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    BBA Course After 12th Commerce – The Right Choice?

    by BML Munjal University November 12, 2022

    Due to the complexity of business activities, there is a significant need for professionals with appropriate credentials. The term “management” typically covers commercial and industrial terrain. However, it is easily correlated with the majority of professional specialities. While in multinational corporations and vast-scale organizations, management responsibility is delegated to a hierarchy of qualified and certified professionals, managerial actions at small businesses are the owners’ duty.

    Sales managers can be hired by organizations to handle sales. They are in charge of managing the everyday activities of the sales department. For example, they are responsible for hiring and training sales representatives, communicating sales quota information from senior management to department workers, and creating leads to distribute among sales representatives. These individuals are also in charge of effectively planning and budgeting the organization’s sales goals.

    Taking a BBA Course After 12th Commerce

    The BBA course after 12th commerce curriculum is structured so that students can learn numerous fundamental business concepts and principles and then apply theory and logic to solve problems while gaining experience through field-based projects. Students who complete this BBA course subjects are prepared to work in the financial, accounting, hospitality, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing sectors, among other fields. Since there is a great need for qualified business managers in every organization, B.B.A. graduates from reputable colleges and universities can get employment in respectable firms. Additionally, they can work in KPOs, real estate, commerce, FMCG, etc.

    Pursuing BBA Course After 12th Commerce at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    BML Munjal University is dedicated to generating, maintaining, and disseminating internationally benchmarked skills and knowledge to students worldwide. It is named after Brijmohan Lall Munjal, the founder of the Hero Group. BMU aims to develop moral leaders with the knowledge, abilities, and life skills necessary to guide organizations successfully.

    BMU’s innovative BBA course after 12th commerce, co-designed by Imperial College London, provides a fresh vision for business education, focusing on professional competence. The programme offers a team-oriented, problem-solving, and hands-on educational experience that will help prepare a graduate for the difficulties of the business world. It is built on a multidisciplinary and integrative curriculum. 

    Along with a solid foundation in business principles, the BBA course subjects at BMU also teach students soft skills and how to appreciate the arts, literature, history, and social studies. The course aims to produce future corporate leaders who are well-rounded, balanced, and capable of handling challenging circumstances with composure.


    Career Potential of BBA Course After 12th Commerce

    BMU awards a degree to students after completing the Bachelor of Business Administration course. The pupils’ various skills are improved through the course. Additionally, the academics encourage the students and offer advice on communicating more effectively, which is the primary criterion for evaluating candidates in the corporate world.

    The latest market trends are fully explained to the students. BBA course after 12th commerce graduates might look for positions in various companies’ sales and marketing departments based on their interests and qualifications. The following industries are open to candidates for management trainee positions:

    • Accounting & Finance Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • H.R. administration
    • Management of marketing.
    • Tourism Administration
    • Supply Chain Administration


    A government position is also open to the applicant. A student may apply for a master’s degree if they want to continue their education but are not keen to find employment. Following the B.B.A., an M.B.A. is the ideal master’s degree students can pursue. Then, students might take entrance examinations like the GRE, C.A.T., M.A.T., and GMAT for lucrative future possibilities.

    Qualifications for Pursuing BBA Course After 12th Commerce

    Applicants from any of the below boards are taking their class XII exams:

    • State Board of Andhra Pradesh.
    • State Board of Telangana.
    • State Board of Tamil Nadu.
    • Board for Kerala State.


    • Have to achieve a minimum combined score of 75% in their class XII final board exams.
    • A minimum cumulative score of 65% is required for candidates from any other Indian board acknowledged by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) in their class XII final board exams.
    • Students taking the Cambridge/IGCSE board must possess three A-levels.
    • All IB Diploma and IB Certificates candidates with 24 points, three HL subjects, and three SL subjects may apply to the undergraduate programmes at BML Munjal University following the current policies of the AIU.

    Your prospects of being accepted at BML Munjal University will be increased if you take either SAT or ACT. For SAT applicants, our DI Code is 7534. Applicants submitting SAT/ACT scores must send us an official copy of their results.

    Admission Procedure for BBA Course After 12th Commerce

    BML Munjal University employs a multi-dimensional evaluation method to assess applicants for all its undergraduate programmes. A student is evaluated for the programmes based on the following BBA course details:

    • Results of Class 10 and Class 12 final exams
    • Personalized conversation- the candidate will be examined primarily in the individual interviews based on their passion, originality, application orientation, and communication skills.
    • All candidates must submit a filled application form with any necessary enclosures or attachments, including documentation of the application fee paid.
    • After reviewing submissions, BMU will select a small number of people to interview.
    • A personal interview is held with each of the selected applicants.
    • The BMU admissions committee makes the ultimate selections.

    The BMU selection panel will decide whether to invite a candidate for individual interviews and whether to extend an official offer of admission afterwards. The selection committee will also decide which BBA course subjects candidates to shortlist for an individual interview and discussion groups before making a formal offer of admission. The decision of the committee in this matter shall be final and binding.

    Kick Off Your Management Career with a B.B.A. Degree

    The BMU BBA course after 12th commerce curriculum seeks to give students a solid knowledge of economic and business principles that apply to national and international markets and sectors. The general course topics are carefully crafted to help students build their leadership and entrepreneurship skills by educating them on company strategy, innovative business ethics, and entrepreneurship principles. The course also emphasizes the development of the students’ writing, presenting, communication, and critical thinking skills while allowing them to broaden their horizons intellectually through the study of philosophy, reasoning, liberal arts, society, and the environment.

    For more BBA course details, visit https://www.bmu.edu.in/courses/bba/.

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