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    Acquire Hands-on Experience in Managing a Workplace with a BBA Course

    by BML Munjal University March 1, 2023

    India is currently witnessing a rapidly growing corporate hub with millions of job opportunities and an immense scope of business. Hence, management programs are viewed with great adulation and are pursued with great enthusiasm by the students. Reputed companies are always on the lookout for BBA graduates as the course not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also equips students with proper practical knowledge.

    According to the latest reports of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20.5 million new jobs will open up by the end of 2023, which is nearly a 14.3% growth from 2010.


    What is a BBA Course?

    BBA is one of the most sought-after Bachelor’s degrees which deals with the Management of a business, company, or organisation. The BBA course duration is three-year, and it will equip you with knowledge and training in several managerial and entrepreneurship aspects. The course helps students to develop skills and in-depth knowledge of the business world and all the vital aspects of running a business.


    Why Should You Opt for a BBA?

    Many people see BBA as just another undergraduate degree version of an MBA, but this is not true. A BBA course has a lot of standing and value in the market and will lead you to a successful career.

    Here are the top 10 reasons why you should opt for a BBA degree:

    • It’s a Versatile Degree
    • Multiple Disciples Covered
    • Professional Degree
    • Stepping Stone for MBA
    • High Salary & Benefits
    • Job Satisfaction
    • Personal Development
    • Networking
    • On-Trend
    • Affordable


    Scope of BBA LLB

    BBA is one of the most sought-after courses, but the legal profession after a BBA LLB course is in high demand. Law studies enable you to acquire skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, persuasive abilities, etc. BBA LLB five-year integrated course prepares you for practically any career that involves analytical thinking and a practical viewpoint. The scope of a BBA LLB is in the areas such as civil law, business law, taxation law, criminal law, constitutional law, etc. Apart from excellent academic results, professional competency acquired through experience and practice is what will bring you success in the field.


    Jobs After BBA Degree

    BBA career options are enormous as it is a professional degree that escalates the chances of getting campus placements. Students with a BBA course can build a professional network and start their careers earlier than graduates of other streams. Moreover, there are numerous job opportunities open for BBA graduates.

    Here is a list of some high-paying fields for BBA graduates to work in –

    • Finance Sector
      Since various organisations set up their offices in India, they have their own dedicated financial department which seeks BBA graduates. BBA course graduates can also work in large firms and organisations, investment and insurance companies, banks, or real estate firms.
    • Management Sector
      The management sector is the oldest and most significant area of any firm. There are tremendous job opportunities for BBA graduates in the management sector. The management sector demands individuals with the knowledge of principles & administration that makes it a flourishing sector for graduates.
    • Real Estate
      As more and more people are turning to real estate for investment, the demand for real estate is accelerating. In view of this, the demand for BBA course graduates in real estate is also growing.
    • Manufacturing
      The manufacturing industry in India is growing at a high pace and will rise to US$ 1 trillion in the coming years. This makes manufacturing one of the flourishing sectors for BBA graduates.
    • Operations and Supply Chain
      The operations and Supply Chain Management sector comprise manufacturing and service industries where retail, logistics, operations planning, etc., are looked out for. This shipping-related sector has immense scope for BBA graduates.


      BBA Eligibility Criteria

      BBA eligibility requires the students to attain 50% of aggregate marks & above in Class 12th in any stream from a recognised educational board or university. There is no age limit for pursuing the course, as it is open to students who meet the essential eligibility criteria for BBA admissions. Along with essential criteria, the BBA course aspirants must have cleared the standard entrance exams with good scores.


      What is the Fee for BBA in India?

      The BBA fees in India vary according to the institute, infrastructure, and facilities. The average BBA fees range from INR 50,000 – 2 LPA. Students can pay the course fees semester-wise or yearly. In addition, the best BBA institutes in India provide students with scholarships that enable them to pay the course fee and do this rewarding course.


      BBA Subjects In First Year

      The BBA course syllabus is spread across six semesters in the majority of the institutes. BBA subjects may differ from institute to institute, but the majority of the subjects under the BBA syllabus revolve around finance, accounting, and Management.

      Take a look at the BBA subjects in the first year below:


      BBA Subjects in the first year: Semester 1

      • Microeconomics
      • Financial Accounting
      • India Socio-Political Economics
      • Principles of Management
      • Essentials of IT
      • Quantitative Techniques – I


      BBA Subjects in first Year: Semester 2

      • Cost Accounting
      • Quantitative Techniques – II
      • Principles of Marketing
      • Environmental Management
      • Macroeconomics
      • Effective Communications


      BBA vs BBM

      BBM is a three-year undergraduate course that provides students with a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and the essential skills for a successful career in Management. There are several specialisations in BBM, including finance, operations management, and management information systems offering jobs in various areas.

      On the other hand, BBA focuses on managerial aspects and covers several subjects, including marketing, accounting, managerial economics, organizational behavior, cost accounting, etc. This is a generalised course without any specialisations and has enormous career opportunities in the area of Management & accounting.

      Read More: https://www.bmu.edu.in/social/bba-vs-bbm/


      BBA Vs BA

      BA is an undergraduate degree offered by several leading Universities across India in the domain of arts & humanities. The BA degree has an interdisciplinary approach imparting insight into various overlapping disciplines in the discourse of humanities.

      On the other hand, the BBA program deals with commerce and business administration, focusing on building business management acumen and equipping students with market and commercial knowledge. BBA makes the students ready for real-world industry opportunities.

      While the BA is more academically inclined, BBA is a professional degree after which individuals can work as an Accounts Manager, Banker, Business Development Associate, etc.

      Read More: https://www.bmu.edu.in/social/bba-vs-ba-comparison/


      BBA Vs BCOM

      B.Com is an undergraduate degree housing all the domains of commerce and related topics like finance, accounting, taxation, economics, and insurance. B.Com is offered as a specialised program such as BCom Accounting & Finance, B.Com Finance, and B.Com Marketing Management. After B.Com, students may pursue an M.Com in different fields.

      Whereas BBA enables the student to derive fundamental knowledge of the concept of business and its applications in the physical world. It is a professional degree that prepares the students to step into a career in Management. Therefore BBA opens a plethora of job opportunities to graduates in different domains.

      Read More: https://www.bmu.edu.in/social/bba-or-bcom/


      Get Industry-Oriented Insight & Become an Industry Leader with BBA Course at BMU

      As the world of business is continually evolving, optimal business decisions are made by managers each day. The BBA course imparted by BMU aims to transform students into Innovators, Thought-Leaders, and Entrepreneurs through a rigid understanding of the corporate world and deep industry linkages. With a balance between people and tech, BMU enables its students to make their way in Enterprise 4.0, equipped to manage machines & people and drive workplaces of the future for growth and profitability.


      With its BBA course, BMU focuses on the following:

      • Experiential Learning
      • Industry Exposure
      • Practical aspects of business education
      • Guest lectures from renowned faculty
      • Individualistic approach toward our students


      Moreover, Students who want to make their careers in the field of Management are offered a BBA degree at BMU that equips students with comprehensive knowledge about the field.


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      Wrapping Up

      If you wish to nurture your knack for Management, BBA is the perfect pick for you. The BBA course will not only help you bag a rewarding job right after your Bachelor’s but also equip you well with core concepts of Economics, Marketing, etc. The best thing about the BBA course is that it holds the same significance all over the world thus granting one more career opportunity to settle with. Since this course enables one to acquire hands-on skills and experience and get into the best high-paying jobs for oneself, it can be assuredly concluded that the future scope for BBA graduates in India looks promisingly bright.

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