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    Top 10 Career Options After BCom to Propel You Towards a Lucrative Career

    by BML Munjal University March 3, 2023

    Are you confused about career options after BCom? When deciding which course to take, one’s career prospects and scope are the most important considerations. As a result, students choose numerous preferred and popular courses to pursue as their bachelor’s degrees; one such popular course is BCom (Bachelor of Commerce).

    Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is one of the most popular graduation courses among commerce students. It is specially designed for students who wish to pursue career options after BCom in finance or accounting. As a result, BCom is the most common graduation programme for commerce students.

    Most Bcom students in their final year are troubled by questions like what to do after BCom, after B.Com which course is best? This article strives to give you answers to all such questions!


    Who is the BCom Degree Most Suitable For?

    A BCom degree is suitable for students interested in commerce, finance and accounting. After accomplishing a graduate degree in B.Com, students have several high-paying career options. Still, not all students know the various paths they can take to build a successful career.

    The BCom programme provides a promising career path for students interested in the commerce field. Several courses available after BCom can provide students with broader exposure to the job market. Furthermore, jobs after BCom have always piqued students’ interest due to their reputation and pay packages. Let’s have a look at different career options after BCom and which is the best course after B.Com!



    Which is the Best Course After B.Com?

    If you’re wondering what to do after BCom, there are a variety of certifications, diplomas, and postgraduate or professional courses you can pursue to expand your knowledge and skills. The following courses will assist you in boosting new skills and increasing your employability. The best course after B.Com include:

    1. MBA in Business Analytics
    2. MBA in Entrepreneurship
    3. MBA in Finance
    4. MBA in Human Resource
    5. MBA in Marketing
    6. MBA in Operations & SCM
    7. LLB Hons
    8. Executive MBA
    9. PhD


    What Are the Career Options After BCom?

    Commerce is one of the most dynamic fields. It offers a wide range of career options after BCom for students. Students with a BCom degree have numerous career prospects.

    Thousands of brand-new jobs are created every year as the market shifts. You’ll be behind if you don’t know what to do after BCom. Furthermore, when you make rash decisions, you are more likely to make mistakes.

    So, before you give your final exam, take some time to reflect on yourself. Conduct some research! Consider the various career paths and how they align with your career objectives. If you require assistance, consult your parents, teachers, and professors. You don’t have to adhere to one end at this point. However, you should think about different career options after BCom, which include:

    1. Chartered Accountant (CA)
    2. Company Secretary (CS)
    3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    4. Financial Risk Manager
    5. Business Accountant
    6. Subject Matter Expert in Commerce
    7. Cost Management Accountant (CMA)
    8. Investment Banker
    9. Certified Financial Planner
    10. Business Consultant

    A career after BCom is gratifying. After completing a BCom degree, students have a plethora of career options. Numerous diplomas and professional and certification courses are available for students to enhance their knowledge and skills following BCom.

    However, no matter your career goal, the ultimate weapon to have a smooth landing on a high-salary job is to do the best course after B.Com from a prestigious university. In other words, whether you have just completed schooling and are planning to pursue BCom or have already graduated and are preparing to get the best course after B.Com, choosing the right university is always a must.


    BML Munjal University – A Stepping Stone Towards a Bright Career in Commerce

    BML Munjal University (BMU) aspires to be a leading university regarding the effectiveness and consequences of its teaching, research, and connections with major stakeholders. The university’s mission is to find innovative ways to solve issues by applying knowledge. It aims to develop a skilful community of students and faculty who excel at teaching, learning, and research in a creative and stimulating environment. Furthermore, the university works with other institutions to advance science, technology, and the arts in the global context.

    To provide a unique learning experience, the School of Economics and Commerce at BMU relies on innovative learning methodologies, relevant Indian and global business research, strong industry links, and collaboration with other schools within the university. It offers the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree at the undergraduate level.

    The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree at BML Munjal University (BMU) is intended to provide students with a multi-disciplinary perspective on trade, commerce, finance, and business technology integration due to digitalisation.

    The three-year B.Com (Hons.) program at BMU incorporates the fundamental concepts of Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation, with students learning about the intersection of the financial world and technological disruptors. The six majors offered include:

    • Blockchain and Financial Technologies
    • Forensic Accounting and Fraud
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Derivative and Risk Management
    • International Accounting and Finance
    • Financial Markets


    The academic approach that BMU follows results in a choice-based fractional curriculum and flexible electives for students. A few things that make the University stand out from the crowd are:

    • World-class infrastructure
    • 45% Experiential Learning
    • International Exposure
    • Practice School (Internships)
    • Mentor-Mentee Programme
    • Semester Based Learning
    • Interdisciplinary Approach
    • Mentored by Imperial College London
    • Tie-ups with 200+ Corporates


    And don’t be concerned about your career options after BCom. BMU offers a wide spectrum of postgraduate and doctoral programmes to add wings to your career.


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