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    Top 7 Career Options After 12th Science (PCM) with Trending Courses

    by BML Munjal University May 10, 2023

    What should I do other than engineering? What are non engineering courses? These are the common questions many students have after completing their 10+2 in science. As engineering has become one of the most conventional career options after 12th PCM, many students rule out Engineering from the list of courses after 12th science PCM.

    Understandably, not everyone would want to have that same career. Some take up those subjects due to pressure or just a lack of judgment, and mostly some have got the advice of taking up an Engineering Degree in the hope of getting a good job. But the question that needs an immediate answer is if not engineering, then what to do after 12th science with PCM.

    In This Article

    1. Top 7 Career Options After 12th Science (PCM)
    2. Top 19 Courses You Can Take Up After 12th Science (PCM)

    Top 7 Career Options After 12th Science (PCM)

    Times are changing, and there are plenty of options for you to choose from. So, top 7 career options after 12th science other than engineering include:

    S.N.Career OptionDegree RequiredAverage base salary/annum
    1.ArchitectBachelor of Architecture₹3.5 lakhs
    2.Racing Car DesignerB.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering₹6 lakhs
    3.Radiation OncologistBSc Physics₹13.5 lakhs
    4.Environmental and Safety SpecialistBSc in Chemistry₹11 lakhs
    5.Financial AdviserBBA₹3.6 lakhs
    6.Personal StylistBSc in Fashion Design₹3.4 lakhs
    7.Data ScientistBCA₹12.8 lakhs


    1. Architect

      As an architect, you will design new buildings or complete extensions or alterations to existing structures to ensure they are safe, functional, and economical. The career of an architect is more diverse than you think, including but not limited to the following:

      • Landscape Architecture
      • Building Architecture
      • Naval Architecture

      However, the first step to becoming a licensed architect is earning a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed college or university.

      Average base salary – ₹3.5 lakhs per annum

    2. Racing Car Designer

      A racing car designer is a professional who works on cars’ visual appearance or aesthetics. They have all the skills and knowledge related to designing high-performance cars suitable for competitions. They collaborate with car engineers to enhance the functionality and appearance of racing cars.

      As a racing car designer, it is imperative to understand the nuances of automotive design and engineering, which is possible by pursuing a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering.

      Average base salary – ₹6 lakhs per annum

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    4. Radiation Oncologist

      A radiation oncologist is a specialist physician who uses ionising radiation to treat cancer patients. Their responsibilities include:

      • Conducting examinations and tests to confirm diagnoses.
      • Consistently monitoring patients’ progress.
      • Suggesting lifestyle changes according to pharmacological treatment.
      • Developing treatment plans with appropriate therapeutic techniques.

      Radiation oncologists need to complete a Bachelor of Sciences in Physics degree before starting their career.

      Average base salary – ₹13.5 lakhs per annum

    5. Environmental and Safety Specialist

      An environmental and safety specialist works towards protecting the health and safety of the environment by setting and enforcing regulations. They analyse, identify, and resolve environmental issues that affect the environment or human health.EHS professionals who specialise in the environment typically work for themselves or government agencies at the local, state or national level. To start your career as an environmental and safety specialist, you need to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

      Average base salary – ₹11 lakhs per annum

    6. Financial Adviser

      The role of a financial advisor is to provide curated advice on managing money to clients. Some of their duties and responsibilities include:Understanding clients’ financial needs.

      • Determining clients’ income, expenses, financial objectives and goals.
      • Managing and regularly updating clients’ portfolios.
      • Regularly reviewing clients’ bank and other accounts.
      • Answering clients’ questions and addressing their concerns.

      To kickstart your career as a financial advisor, one of the best courses to pursue is a Bachelor of Business Administration.

      Average base salary – ₹3.6 lakhs per annum

    7. Personal Stylist

      A personal stylist works with clients to help them select the appropriate garments, footwear, and accessories for special occasions, business meetings, and everyday wear.Some skills required for this profession include adaptability, mindfulness, creativity, confidence, and excellent communication. A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Fashion Design is the perfect degree to jumpstart your career as a personal stylist.

      Average base salary – ₹3.4 lakhs per annum

    8. Data Scientist

      A data scientist is a professional who uses analytical, statistical, and programmable skills to collect large amounts of raw data and turn it into valuable insights to help an organisation grow and compete. Their other responsibilities include:

      • Developing and maintaining databases.
      • Building models to address business problems.
      • Proposing strategies and solutions to business challenges.
      • Developing the organisation’s data science strategy.
      • Presenting information using data visualisation techniques.

      Average base salary – ₹12.8 lakhs per annum

    A BSc in Computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a perfect degree to emerge as a next-gen data scientist.

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    Apart from these career options after 12th, there are several other career paths you can consider. These include:

    • Agricultural Research Scientist
    • Mathematician
    • Business Analyst
    • Air Traffic Controller
    • Marine Equipment Designer
    • Geologist
    • Product Designer
    • Forensic Scientist
    • Fashion Designer
    • Military Intelligence Specialist
    • Game Developer
    • Astronaut

    Needless to say, PCM is a stream that offers enormous scope for careers due to several fields of education it encompasses. You could be a scientist, designer, doctor, analyst and much more!

    Top 19 Courses You Can Take Up After 12th Science (PCM)

    Based on the different subjects, here are the most popular courses that you can pursue as a career after 12th Science (PCM):

    S.N.CourseDuration (Years)EligibilityAverage annual salary
    1.Bachelor of Architecture512th with a minimum of 50 % marks₹ 4.3 Lakhs
    2.B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering410+2 in the Science stream with a minimum of 60% marks₹ 7-8 Lakhs
    3.Bachelor of Science – Physics3Minimum marks prescribed by the college/university₹ 5-6 Lakhs
    4.Bachelor of Science in Chemistry310+2 or equivalent exam with at least 50% marks₹ 5-8 Lakhs
    5.Bachelor of Business Administration3At least 50% in intermediate.₹ 4-6 Lakhs
    6.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Fashion Design310+2 or equivalent qualification₹ 2-15 Lakhs
    7.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Agriculture410+2 in PCM or PCB stream with a minimum of 50-60%₹ 3-6 Lakhs
    8.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Mathematics310+2 from a recognised board₹ 4-24 Lakhs
    9.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Statistics310+2 with Maths as a core subject₹ 5-8 Lakhs
    10.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Aviation3Minimum 50% score in 10+2 with PCM stream₹ 6-8 Lakhs
    11.Diploma in Nautical Science155% in board examination₹ 2-20 Lakhs
    12.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Geology310+2 in the science stream₹ 5-25 Lakhs
    13.Bachelor of Design in Product Design410+2 or any equivalent exam with a minimum of 50%₹ 8-25 Lakhs
    14.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Forensic Sciences312th with PCM with a minimum of 50%₹ 4-8 Lakhs
    15.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Computer Science312th in the science stream₹ 6-8 Lakhs
    16.Bachelor of Fashion Technology310+2 exam with the PCM stream₹ 4-10 Lakhs
    17.Bachelor of Science in Defence Studies310+2 or an equivalent exam₹ 3-8 Lakhs
    18.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Animation and Multimedia310+2 or equivalent exam in any stream₹ 4-6 Lakhs
    19.B.Sc. Physical Science310+2 or equivalent exam with a minimum of 50-60%₹ 5-8 Lakhs
    1. Bachelor of Architecture

      The Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year program that is an excellent option for you. In this course, you will learn the science behind the construction of buildings and how to create them by using correct structural planning most efficiently. The annual salary for government employees starting as architects starts from 1.5 lacs, and in private companies, it is 2.5 lacs per annum.


      • The eligibility criteria for this degree is that you have to clear your 12th board examination with a minimum of 50 % marks.

      Career Options

      • Architect
      • Interior and spatial designer
      • Building surveyor
      • Town planner
      • Historic buildings inspector


    2. B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

      Though we did not want to mention anything related to Engineering as PCMC career options, we couldn’t skip this. Aeronautical Engineering is somewhat different from conventional engineering streams like computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering etc.

      It is the perfect blend of science and technology. There are a lot of new job openings for students due to less competition. The course teaches students how to develop new technologies in the fields of aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, etc.

      You can take up a specialisation in subjects online construction, designing, navigational guidance, development, etc. There are plenty of job opportunities in the private as well as public sectors. New airlines come up every day, and satellite technology is improving to make it more sustainable, so it is a good career option.


      • Applicants must have passed 10+2 in Science stream with a minimum of 60% in aggregate from a recognized board.

      Career Options

      • Racing car designer
      • Air safety officer
      • Flight mechanics engineer
      • Aircraft production engineer
      • Assistant technical officer


    3. Bachelor of Science – Physics

      The BSc. Physics degree is a 3-year course, which is divided into six semesters according to UGCs latest guidelines. There are many Government, as well as private colleges that offer this degree.


      The eligibility of this course is, the student must pass with the minimum marks prescribed by the college as the cutoff marks, with Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology as well as English. The average tuition fee for this course, all around India is 30000.

      Career Options

      • Statistician
      • Quality control manager
      • Physicist
      • Subject matter expert
      • Radiation oncologist


    4. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

      With PCM as a subject combination, you may love these subjects and want to stick with one of them. If chemistry is your favourite subject, there are many job options if you take it up for your bachelor’s degree. You can become a technical writer, chemist, as well as a researcher if you, for others, take up the subject as an academic endeavour.


      Candidates must have passed in 10+2 or equivalent examinations with at least 50% marks in aggregate in 5 subjects out of which Physics, Chemistry, and English are mandatory.

      Career Options

      • Lab assistant
      • Environmental and safety specialist
      • Manufacturing chemist
      • Product director
      • Water chemist


    5. Bachelor of Business Administration

      This BBA course is for three years. The course will be divided into six semesters. There are many thriving PCM career options after 12th available for you if you choose this as your path; ranging from HR, data analyst to project manager in an IT company.


      You will be eligible for this professional course if you can secure for yourself at least 50% in your board examination.

      Career Options

      • Data scientist
      • Digital marketer
      • Financial adviser
      • Business development manager
      • Market research analyst


    6. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Fashion Design

      This is a 3-year course which teaches you the art and science of fashion designing. You can take up specialisation in this course for footwear, clothing, accessories, etc. If you like science as well as arts subjects, then this course is perfect for you. This is probably among the best career options for girls after 12th.


      10+2 or equivalent qualification from a recognized board with the minimum percentage of marks specified by the university.

      Career Options

      • Apparel designer
      • Textile designer
      • Retail manager
      • Fashion journalist
      • Personal stylist


    7. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Agriculture

      This course is for four years, and it has a multidisciplinary approach that teaches you to plant biochemistry, management, agronomy, the study of pests and crops, etc. Some of the jobs that you can get with this subject’s specialisation are agriculture officer, assistant plantation manager, agricultural research scientist, etc.


      Applicants must have cleared their 10+2 exam in either PCM or PCB stream with a minimum of 50% to 60% aggregate marks from a recognised board.

      Career Options

      • Assistant plantation manager
      • Business development executive
      • Agriculture officer
      • Agricultural research scientist
      • Forest officer


    8. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Mathematics

      This is a bachelor’s degree course for a duration of 3 years, and you can get a salary of 3 to 5 lacs per annum in the government teaching jobs if you do a postgraduate degree in mathematics after you complete your UG level graduation. There are ample PCM career options after 12th for students pursuing this course, like – teacher, statistician, corporate trainer etc.


      The minimum requirement to pursue this course is a 10+2 education from a recognised board with the minimum percentage required by the university.

      Career Options

      • Operational researcher
      • Research assistant/scientist>
      • Financial/investment analyst
      • Machine learning engineer
      • Data analyst


    9. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Statistics

      There are many jobs available that need statisticians to fill up the portfolio. This is a highly interesting subject that you can take up. It is a 3-year course. It is a skill that almost every sector needs. If you can get a specialisation in some other subject along with this degree depending upon your interest, you will get the opportunity to work in some outstanding jobs in both corporate as well as government sector.


      • 10 + 2 with Maths as a core subject

      Career Options

      • Mathematician
      • Statistician
      • Risk analysis
      • Actuary manager
      • Research assistant manager


    10. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Aviation

      This is a great option for those who want to make a career in aviation. The annual average tuition fee for this subject ranges from 1.5 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs.

      You can find a job as a Production & Maintenance manager, software testing engineer, aircraft maintenance engineer, etc.


      The candidate must pass their 10+2 exam with a minimum 50% score and have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their core subjects in 10+2.

      Career Options

      • Pilot
      • Cargo manager
      • Air traffic controller
      • Flight attendant
      • Ground support staff


    11. Diploma in Nautical Science

      After completion of this diploma, you may get a chance to work in educational institutions, Indian Naval Sciences, port operations companies, weather forecasting centres, etc.


      This is a one year course for which you have to secure 55% in your board examination to be eligible to take up this diploma.

      Career Options

      • Ship captain
      • Dock designer
      • Marine equipment designer
      • Onshore marine coordinator
      • Nautical operations controller


    12. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Geology

      This course is for 3 years and is offered in many private as well as government institutions. The average course tuition fee may range from 10,000 to 30,000 in India. If you complete a postgraduate degree in the same, you can explore the best PCM career options after 12th in mineral extraction companies, private refineries, coal extraction companies, etc.


      The candidates must have passed 10+2 in the science stream with Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics along with English as a compulsory language from any recognized board.

      Career Options

      • Geologist
      • Petrologist
      • Hydrogeologist
      • Mine supervisor
      • Soil scientist


    13. Bachelor of Design in Product Design

      This is a three year academic course that is art-centric. It is very similar to the bachelor of fine arts, as many subjects are quite similar in both the courses. The average package for this is more than that of engineering, ranging from 4 lacs to 5 lacs per annum. The field requires a lot of design thinking and staying updated about the market on what is trending.


      Applicants must have successfully passed 10+2 or any equivalent exam in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks.

      Career Options

      • Interior and spatial designer ·
      • Colour technologist
      • Exhibition designer
      • Furniture designer
      • Product marketer


    14. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Forensic Sciences

      This course teaches you the application of science to investigate crimes. The standard course fee can range from 30000 to 2,00,000 depending upon the institution.

      Forensic studies is a very interesting course that helps you to work with both government and private agencies to solve crimes and cases. You’d need analytics and a high presence of mind to pursue a career in the same.


      Students must have passed their 12th with PCM as a core stream with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

      Career Options

      • Crime laboratory analyst
      • Private investigator
      • Forensic architect
      • Drug analyst
      • Forensic scientist


    15. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Computer Science

      This 3-year course teaches you about topics which are related to computer applications ranging from different software and hardware. You can consider this as a mini engineering course as the subjects would be quite similar to what you have in an engineering programme.

      This is the age of the computer, and it is a vital part of our life. Hence this course comes with lucrative PCM career options after 12th. In government-funded institutions, the course fees are as low as 15000. You can work as a system analyst, with a well-paid salary if you take this up as your subject.


      You need to pass 12th exam in the science stream with PCM subjects.

      Career Options

      • Web designer
      • Computer scientist
      • Database administrator
      • Data scientist
      • Application analyst


    16. Bachelor of Fashion Technology

      This course is for four years, and the tuition fee is six lacs for three years. When you complete this course, you will find good jobs in textile designing, fashion designing as well as apparel merchandising, etc. You can expect a salary of 15000 to 25000 when you are starting. This course offers some of the best career options for girls after 12th.


      Candidates are required to qualify for the 10+2 exam, preferably with the PCM stream from a recognised education board.

      Career Options

      • Fashion show coordinator
      • Fashion consultant
      • Fashion stylist
      • Production supervisor
      • Fashion merchandiser/buyer


    17. Bachelor of Science in Defence Studies

      It is a 3-year course, and it aims to produce better defence technologies in teaching the art of defence. There are many job opportunities if you take up the subject, including research work, manager marketing defence, etc.


      Candidates after passing their 10+2 or an equivalent exam can apply for it.

      Career Options

      • Research officer
      • Ground duty officer
      • Indian defence officer
      • Military officer
      • Military intelligence specialist


    18. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Animation and Multimedia

      It is a 3-year undergraduate course, and you can secure for yourself a successful career in multimedia and animation if you take it up. The average tuition fee can range from 1.5 lakhs to 4.5 lacs.

      Since both YouTube and digital media are more popular than the mainstream media, there are ample career opportunities in this field. This course offers you several lucrative PCM career options after 12th. You can try in Bollywood, big media houses, and animation houses across the country.


      Students seeking admission to this course must qualify 10 + 2 or equivalent examination in any stream within any stream from any recognized board.

      Career Options

      • Animation graphic artist
      • Graphic designer
      • Art director
      • Game developer
      • Concept artist


    19. B.Sc. Physical Science

      This 3-year course teaches students about earth sciences. The course fee can be anywhere between 9,000 to 20,000 in government institutions. This course is an excellent option for people who are looking for a career in sustainable development.


      Aspiring candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent exams with a minimum of 50-60% aggregate marks in the Science stream.

      Career Options

      • Astronaut
      • Lab technician
      • Research scientist
      • Data analyst
      • Geophysicist


    Now that you know about different but some of the most lucrative PCM career options courses after 12th apart from Engineering, make an informed decision to kick start your journey to a successful career!

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