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    Design your future in the world of statistics by doing BA Economics

    by BML Munjal University December 20, 2022

    We are, inch by inch, moving into a post coronavirus dispensation. Now that we have left those two years of disruption and financial and emotional losses behind, it is time for the country to pay heed to its economic expansion and bounce back. Why? So that the upcoming years are smooth and transparent. So that when something like an “unfortunate happening” hits us hard once again (let’s hope not) we are diligently prepared. So that when we are now asked to “work from home”, we are as comfortable as in our office spaces and aware of the latest business trends and possible challenges.

    The need of the hour is a solid business and management workforce that is ready to take on any economic challenge. And to start with, economist enthusiasts can invest in BA in Economics Honours. The undergraduate course has acclaimed popularity because of its comprehensive relevance in multiple domains: statistics, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), international banking, finance and accounts, and social and skill development, to name a few.

    A major in economics imparts students with components concomitant with business analytics and laws, marketing management, financing, geopolitical world, money and our country’s economy. While pursuing this major, students cover vast topics such as demand and supply, production principles, Indian History, national income, global economics, surge and decline of prices in the international and domestic market, inflation and deflation, etc.

    According to a report by Time of India, “In BA (Hons) Economics, the coursework does involve a lot of statistics and certainly some math. The reason is that economic models are very precise in their predictions and on math to reach that level of precision.”

    Study statistics, sociology and much more

    BML Munjal University offers BA in Economics to young students who want to build their careers in business, management and statistics. This is not just an integrated undergraduate programme at BML Munjal University. It is considered the “next-gen economics” programme that offers young economists a range of core subjects to understand the nuances of economics. It has been paired with innumerable subjects like law, sociology, computer science, business management, maths, languages, entrepreneurship and political science.

    Today’s young students need to indulge in industry-relevant areas. Why? So that when they enter the corporate world, they do not struggle with something relatively new. They should be offered specializations as well so that they can choose and decide their area of interest.

    BML Munjal University gives BA Economics students the liberty to do minors in freshly industry-oriented areas such as:

    • Sustainability
    • Public Policy

    Once there is a strong base, students should be trained to understand the holistic aspect of the subject, especially when it’s an intensive subject like economics. And for this, adding new ingredients to the subject is a must. At BML Munjal University, the BA in Economics curriculum has been designed so that students always get the space to learn more.  Alongside, students also get the opportunity access to hand-picked programmes to build certain skillsets and have their perspectives about the discipline.

    Here are some of the core subjects BA Economics students will cover:

    • Game Theory
    • Communication
    • Core Microeconomics
    • Core Macroeconomics
    • Core Monetary Economics
    • Core Statistics for Economics
    • Core Mathematics for Economics
    • Communicating and Presenting Skills/ Business


    Today’s business world is dynamic and quickly changing. The theory will always be the top-most priority in understanding a particular subject. However, do not underestimate the power of practical and experiential learning. It will give students an upper hand over their peers and help them gain wider responsibilities at their workplace, thereby increasing their chances of also earning more than their peers.


    At, BML Munjal University, students study and get trained for the industry through experiential learning elements. This involves undergraduate research projects, autonomous study, community learning and service-learning, etc. Besides, outstanding classroom learning experiences, students at BML Munjal University also get professional exposure by doing an internship in the fifth semester of their undergraduate course (in this case, they do an internship while pursuing a BA Economics).

    At BML Munjal University, economics students also get the golden chance to go for their global immersion programme at the London School of Economics, University of London.

    What is the International Immersion module at BML Munjal University?

    • Young students visit workshops that allow building remarkable skills to excel in the professional world.
    • The programme gets added to your CV and is appreciated by recruiters. Yes, it is a crucial investment in your personal growth.
    • Students get to build networks and learn from foreign teachers, experts and students.
    • They will wisely and quickly build the ability to solve global problems, based on their world-class research skills.
    • They will be certified by one of the top-ranking universities in the world.
    • On the completion of the programme, they will impart an unrivalled networking community to support their career.

    If you are now wondering “what after this?” or what courses after BA Economics you can invest in?” This is what you should know.

    You will be surprised to know that a Bachelor of Arts in Economics will open multiple doors for you. You can do a Master’s in Economics, or you can apply for a Master of Business Administration (MBA). You can choose any business management postgraduate course. The choice is yours. Do what your heart says!

    A wholesome degree

    A degree in economics will offer young students a systematic framework to analyse, research, write and even educate others about various financial and regional matters. In addition, the discipline will also train students in the methodology of quality and quantitative analysis. Once they know the basics and advanced foundation of the subject, they can build their career in Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR), government and administration, banking and insurance, finance, non-profit organizations, civil services, academics, e-commerce, retail, law, social media and marketing, brand building, corporate consultancy etc. There is much more you can discover with this degree. BML Munjal University has a lot for you. Explore more on their official website.

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