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    6 Unique Benefits of a B.Com Degree You Might Not Know About

    by BML Munjal University October 25, 2022

    Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com Degree) is a three-year undergraduate course that attracts a large number of students each year from all around the world. B.Com is one of the most popular Commerce courses.

    • B.Com (Pass),
    • B.Com (Honours),
    • and B.Com LLB

    These are 3 common B.Com courses. It is the ideal choice for students interested in a career in commerce, accounting, finance, banking, or insurance.

    BML Munjal University has specially designed a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree intending to provide the students with a multifaceted perspective towards technological integration of business, trade, commerce, and finance because of digitalization.

    The students will learn finance incorporated with technology, as our B.Com (Hons.) degree is embedded with the fundamentals of Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation.

    Before proceeding with the benefits of a B.Com degree, let us have a look at the different specializations available for students.

    1. Banking 2. Insurance
    3. Actuarial Science 4. Forensic Accounting
    5. Financial Risk Management 6. Taxation and Auditing
    7. Accounting



    Benefits of a B.Com degree

    A Bachelor of Commerce degree is structured to teach proficiency in business principles and organizational behavior by focusing on core subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, and insurance with technology disruptors.

    Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are swiftly changing the banking, financial, and insurance sectors. Nowadays, the students need to have their hands on the curriculum that empowers them to function effectively in an ecosystem that prospers on new technologies such as AI and block chain.

    The new technological disruptors are adding so enormously to the strategic business value to the concerned businesses that all major banks and financial institutions are using such technology to improve the efficiency of money transfers, accounting, financial clearing and settlement, and other back-end functions.

    Let us have a look at the benefits of pursuing a B.Com degree.

    • Provides expert knowledge in different fields:
      This course provides students with expert knowledge in various areas of business administration and organization. The curriculum for this program is designed in a manner that addresses rapidly changing environments in terms of innovation, international focus, and market relevance issues in the business world. The degree represents a smooth transition from academia to the highly flexible and competitive business world.
    • Flexible employment:
      With a B.Com or B.Com (Hons.) degree, you can have your hands on a successful career in both self-employment and business. Without paying for expert services like accountants or market consultants, you can start your own business and run it professionally.
    • Job opportunities:
      For graduates of this degree, there are good job opportunities, because every company needs a manager, commerce specialist or at least an accountant. There will never be a shortage of vacancies in this area.
    • Career advancement:
      Knowledge of accounting gives you the ability to understand and analyze financial reports and their overall impact on a business. A good understanding of accounting and costing techniques is crucial for decision-making processes, as well as for planning and evaluating the performance of a company’s business activities.
    • Provides good knowledge of the market:
      Students who have opted for the Finance course have a thorough understanding of the role of financial management in a business. You can calculate financial metrics and understand how successful companies raise capital, select lucrative investments, and analyze risk. The program also gives you a good understanding of how the stock markets work and how to build an attractive corporate portfolio.
    • Lucrative salary:
      Due to extensive job profiles and many job fields to explore, many business studies graduates earn an attractive salary package, and the candidate’s salary varies from occupation to occupation. Applicants with a few years of work experience can receive lucrative pay. Salaries depend on the type of organization and the type of job in which the student decides a career option. Below we have given estimated salary packages for the reference of B.Com aspirants.

      Category Annual Salary
      Initial Salary INR 2,00,000 – INR 4,50,000
      Median Salary INR 4,50,000 – INR 7,00,000
      Senior Level Salary INR 8,00,000 – INR 11,00,000

    B.Com Admissions:

    Eligibility Criteria:
    If you are seeking admissions to B.Com, it is essential to get through the eligibility criteria for the same. It must be noted that the eligibility criteria for B.Com admissions may vary from college to college. Let us have a look at the basic eligibility required to get admission into colleges for B.Com.

    The candidate must have studied

    • Accountancy,
    • Business Studies,
    • Economics,
    • Mathematics/optional subject,
    • and English

    as main subjects in Class 11 and 12.

    Interested? Let us help you.
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    B.Com is one of the few degrees that offer great job opportunities in different sectors. Most countries, including India, follow a capitalist regime in which trade and commerce are among the main players in an economy. Depending on the occupational field you have chosen to pursue a career in, you can pursue a career in the public or private sector. In both cases, the chances of building a long-term lucrative career path.

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