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    Why have B.Com Courses become the Most Pursued Courses among Commerce Aspirants?

    by BML Munjal University June 30, 2022

    Once students complete their class 12th, it’s time for them to face the real competitive world. In the race to be number one, everyone aims to choose a career option that opens up promising job opportunities for them. Today, numerous passionate students are opting for commerce as a career option, keeping the same priority. And one of the broadly pursued undergraduate degrees among the young commerce aspirants today is B.Com.

    A B.Com degree is designed to provide the students with vital managerial skills in commerce-related disciplines. The degree equips students with an in-depth knowledge of core subjects, including accounting, law, finance,  statistics, marketing, etc.

    Reasons Why Most Of The Students Prefer B.Com Today

    Most commerce aspirants today choose to pursue B.Com as their undergraduate degrees. However, there are various other specialised degrees for pursuing a career in the area, but one of the key reasons why students choose B.Com Commerce is that one can pursue the programme along with other professional courses as well. In addition, in the B.Com course, one can find a specialised degree in marketing, Banking and Insurance, Human Resources, Investment Management, Law, Accounts and Finance, Economics, Tourism and Travel Management, Auditing, Corporate Secretaryship and Information Technology.

    Moreover, earning a graduate degree like B.Com is evidence of persistence, intellectual prowess, determination, and the proficiency to handle challenging environments, all of which are the most desired qualities for the manager and director positions in an organisation. B.Com Commerce degree offers great employment opportunities across varied sectors. The degree opens up numerous job opportunities for the graduates, either in the public or private sector.

    Consequently, B.Com Commerce is the only degree that provides a lucrative path and also enables students to enhance their skills and knowledge as per their interests. However, one has to have a rigid foundation to be at the forefront. Therefore, B.Com aspirants must be very particular and should make an informed decision while finalising an institute for themselves.

    Deciding on the right institute for B.Com Course can be challenging for a student, but finding the right colleges for B.Com becomes fairly easy by evaluating the options on some strategic parameters.

    How Do You Decide Your Perfect College For B.Com?

    Educational institutions constantly make significant efforts to showcase their plus points in terms of faculty, personality development, global exposure, placement, etc. However, since there are countless options, students face a lot of strain while choosing the best college for B.Com. Moreover, selecting a course based on their knowledge, skills, and competence is not enough, there are various other factors to consider before finalising the college if you wish to have a remunerative future.

    Let’s delve deep into some of the vital deciding features of an Ideal B.Com College.

    Factors To Consider While Finalising A B.Com Institute


    The ranking of an institute is the foremost factor to consider while deciding on a college. In addition, the overall ranking of an institution is vital as recruiters compare the college to other applicants’ colleges and their respective rankings.


    If you are sure of the specialisation you want to pursue, decide on an institute known for offering the best curriculum for the specialisation of your interest.


    Faculty is the pride of an institute that enables an institute to flourish. A credible institution will incorporate brilliant and competent professors. You should inquire about the faculty from your peers and alumni, meet the institute’s faculty, and then come to a decision.

    Industry Connect

    Industry exposure in any area is necessary as practical knowledge is always valuable. Universities which have strong industry alliances build an effective bridge between practical and theoretical knowledge, improve the student’s communication and intrapersonal skills and figure out interest in the prospective area of work in the industry.

    Global Exposure

    In today’s cut-throat competitive world, education should be beyond classrooms where students acquire skills such as independence, open-mindedness, empathy, and soft skills. Therefore, Global exposure enables students to learn about different work ethics, cultures, beliefs, ideas, and values. Moreover, students get an opportunity for growth and development in a more collaborative global community.


    Colleges for B.Com should have a strong placement cell to ensure that students get the greatest professional roles. In addition, students need to check with the other existing college students and alumni to know the performance of the college when it comes to the placements of the college.

    In addition, one of the main advantages of the B.Com course is that you can find a rewarding job and start a career right after graduation. Moreover, you can also opt for further studies for postgraduate degrees like MBA and PGDM, as what you learn in your B.Com degree builds an excellent base for MBA and PGDM. Therefore, if you are thinking of pursuing B.Com after the 12th, you are on the right track for a secured future ahead.

    B.Com Commerce is the right course to pursue if you wish to work in the ever-growing commerce industry. B.Com opens up numerous career opportunities for you to pursue, and most of these opportunities come with handsome salaries and great benefits. But the most important aspect that matters for the extreme hike of your career is the college you choose to pursue this rewarding career from. So, invest some time searching for the right institute and get on the fast track to an advantageous career.

    Furthermore, one of India’s leading universities that offers the finest B.Com courses and that you can trust is BML Munjal University. The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree at BML Munjal University (BMU) is designed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary perspective on trade, finance, commerce and technological integration of businesses because of digitalisation.

    Since Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly transforming, the Banking, Insurance and finance sectors are becoming major disruptors. The World Economic Forum report has recently shown that by 2025, 10% of the global GDP will be stored in Blockchain and related technologies. Moreover, its strategic business value is so extensive that all major banks and financial institutions are adopting these technologies to improve efficiencies in money transfers, clearing and settlement financial operations, record keeping, and other back-end functions.

    As a result, BML Munjal focuses on the latest industry trends and empowers its students with the modern-day training and curriculum. So that the graduates of BMU become the most sought-after professionals among the top organisations.

    What Are The Majors Offered At BML Munjal University

    • BlockChain and Financial Technologies
    • Forensic Accounting and Fraud
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Derivative and Risk Management
    • International Accounting and Finance
    • Financial Markets

    Why B.Com (Hons.) From BMU     

    • High-quality BCom (Hons) programme that provides a meaningful degree
    • Fast forward your career path as it offers the following courses along with your degree:
    • CA/CS
    • Industry Relevant Diplomas
    • Higher Education in Law or Management
    • Mentored by Imperial College London
    • 150+ corporate partners
    • Benefit from Hero Group’s network
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