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    Role of B. Tech Colleges in the Success of Engineers

    by BML Munjal University June 29, 2022

    Over the recent years, India has been recognised as a strong and evolving country for churning out diligent engineers citing remunerative job prospects in the discipline. As a result, they are in great demand across the globe. Many are building their careers in India because of the available lucrative opportunities and the current digital transformation. Not just that. A career in engineering in the country does not impede your potential within India. On the contrary, it opens so many options that you do not even know – including aboard. But make sure you have a purpose, perspective, and strength to use perseverance while studying engineering.

    Today, budding engineers want to know where they should study and where they should apply to build a secure career, considering the level of technological evolution. We know that engineers are akin to dreamers, researchers and innovative creators in today’s era. They have extensively contributed towards generating brilliant products. But industry-driven areas like data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity have unfolded new challenges for engineers. They are the unsung heroes, but there’s no doubt that they need to buck up. But do we have enough B.Tech colleges to transcend quality education in these areas? Unfortunately, the answer is a sort of no. They might offer a discipline-oriented curriculum, but what about “beyond textbook education”?

    Financial Express report states that in the coming years of innovation, corporate houses are likely to raise the demand for extremely talented individuals who are skilled in modern techniques as well as managerial skills.

    The report says, “In the highly-innovative, solution-oriented world of tomorrow, companies will need two kinds of employees—those who are great at interdisciplinary work not just within the disciplines of engineering, but also design, social science, management and relevant domains. 

    Your education. Your career. Your right. 

    Choosing the right university for yourself, especially for an intensive course like Engineering, is not smooth. You research a lot and are perplexed about which one to choose. Let’s smooth it a little. BML Munjal University, a top research university with a solid purpose of delivering quality, meaningful and applicable research is one of the best engineering colleges in India offers undergraduate programmes such as:

    • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
    • B.Tech in Electronics & Computer Engineering
    • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

    Engineering education at BML Munjal University is facilitated under the guidance of prominent faculty members who have spent numerous years in the discipline. The university is also amongst the best in delivering academic excellence through training and encouraging students. It believes only in providing the best to young learners. Hence, it recruits only those teachers who have a PhD degree from recognised educational institutions and universities, both in India and globally.

    The professors here have attracted diverse research grants from various projects that received funds through external and internal forces. As a result, at BML Munjal University, students can go beyond classroom lessons and work in some of the most modern labs and work environments. Moreover, they get the advantage of doing specialisations in subjects like:

    • Cyber Security
    • Internet of Things
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Robotics and Automation
    • Data Science& Artificial Intelligence

    The university also allows students to be a part of practice schools with a three-tier internship course so that students become industry-ready exposure and have enormous practical experience. In addition, budding engineers at BML Munjal University also have the benefit of doing inter-disciplinary minors like:

    • Nanotechnology
    • Material Science
    • Computational Mathematics

    Transforming young learners into future leaders is not one person’s goal. It should be a goal for all. And for that, BML Munjal University has the Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) conducts engagement programmes in participation with the industry to help students succeed in the professional world and adult life.

    Placement is also something that has been taken care of by the university. For a precise understanding, BML Munjal University’s data says, in the year 2021-2022, 94 per cent of students were hired under the B.Tech engineering department. The highest package offered to the aspirants was 33 lakh per annum. (LPA). Some leading corporate houses that recruited B.Tech students from here were Amazon, Google, KPGM, Deloitte, among others.

    The student-centric university also has collaborated with some of the best international universities – Imperial College London, The London School of Economics & Political Science, to name a few. This is for the young students to get the best learning experience that is exceedingly modern, experiential and genuinely global. The options are limitless at BML Munjal University. All you only have to do is invest in a suitable educational space. This is the right educational space for you that will serve you gold. Also, here are some of the job profiles you could apply for once you complete your choice of B.Tech course.

    • Civil Engineer
    • Mining Engineer
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Trainee Engineer    
    • Computer Science Engineer
    • Waste Treatment Engineer
    • Water Management Engineer  

    Besides that, engineering students at BML Munjal University experience safe and vibrant campus life by participating in several co-curricular activities. Why? To build a platform for young learners to grow and outshine individually. For more information like B.Tech fees, visit BML Munjal University’s official website. You will get all the details there.  

    Be the engineer you aspire to be! 

     From innovative cars to intricate pipelines, from architectonics to antibiotics, engineers have participated in all areas of our life. And they are persistently building a better quality of life for us. They find supremely creative solutions to our everyday problems. So, if you aspire “to create something of your own” and want to pursue that dream without compromising your education, choose BML Munjal University. Here, you will have the privilege of taking advantage of the university’s top-notch laboratories and research excellence centres on the campus. It also offers scholarships and financial grants to help students from humble family backgrounds. The details can be traced from the university’s website.

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