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    MBA Courses: The Best Way to Muster up 360-degree Skills

    by BML Munjal University June 29, 2022

    Mid-level & executive hiring has been on a bang ever since the economy was revitalized from the financial COVID-19 syndrome. In addition to that, new opportunities opened doors for hundreds of corporate employers in diverse domains, namely:  banking, renewable energy, education, entrepreneurship, food-tech, aeronautics, social media, finance and marketing.

    There is enough data to justify this.

    According to the Economic Times report, “Top strategy consulting firms and the Big Four firms’ consulting divisions have stepped up hiring C-level executives from the industry as their clients increasingly seek advice on dealing with market discontinuities, rapidly evolving technology landscapes, and the emergence of new business models.”

    The report also states, “These firms are looking for senior executives who have led large-scale transformation projects and senior digital technology practitioners who can partner with companies in their tech transformation journey. India’s biggest professional services firm EY India has been the most aggressive in hiring C-suite executives.”

    Study. But study smartly.

    While enunciating the ongoing executive-level recruitment scenario as “highly yielding”, it is also important to know what skills you need to achieve this feat. Primarily, investing in a business management course is imperative, and for that, you need to find a credible education institute. A course like Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been, for a very long time, considered a gateway to corporate success. But where do you find the right varsity for the best MBA courses? In aboard? Why? Is your country not enough? Well, if you research, you’ll come across the right varsity within your country itself.

    BML Munjal University, a multidisciplinary, application-based curriculum university, offers a full-time two-year MBA programme to build “innovators, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs” who can revamp the future of doing and creating business in brand new ways.

    We all know that traditional corporate companies have faced disruption by the new-age technology in the past, especially in the last two years citing COVID-19. Hence, companies are looking for smart tech talent to handle technicality and business tasks. BML Munjal University has taken note of these market changes and has something exceptionally special for its MBA students. The university offers specializations in MBA in the following areas:

    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Human Resources
    • Business Analytics

    Along with that, BML Munjal University emphasises on theory and business fundamentals. As a result, it has built a strong bedrock of understanding in MBA course subjects like accounting and finance, organisational behaviour, management, marketing, business analytics and business law and ethics. Discipline-related skillsets are as necessary as ingraining theoretical technicalities. And for that, the university offers hardcore training in presentation, communication skills, critical thinking and reasoning, etiquette and conversing, problem-solving & understanding consumer behaviour.

    BML Munjal University understands that today’s students are multi-dimensional and like to think out of the box. And for this, acquiring knowledge on a global level is a must, at least in their discipline. Hence, it offers a Global Leadership Program. The module enables students to think beyond the lines, understand innovation and build leadership competencies.

    Unique aspects of the Global Leadership Program at BML Munjal University for MBA students:

    • The Global Leadership Program (GLP) offers all MBA students excellent knowledge of the international marketplace by using unparalleled immersion experience at the Imperial College Business School, London.
    • It is an optional program conducted at the end of the first year during the summer break of the MBA course.
    • After the completion of the program, MBA students receive a Global Leadership Program Certification from the Imperial College Business School, London.
    • Tuition & meals (two a day) expenses are included in the Tuition fees. However, it does not include expenses for air travel or local travel in London.
    • MBA students will need to have a valid passport and visa for the program. The university will assist in the visa application process only. Please note that all costs for passport and visa procurement are to be borne by the student.
    • Students would be required to undergo an industry internship at the end of the first year. The internship enables MBA students to apply the knowledge they received in the first year to a real-world situation.


    Your future. Our responsibility.

    BML Munjal University is not just any other university to do MBA courses. It is one of those universities that strive to make a student’s dream real. Through its Career Guidance & Development Centre (CGDC), the university assists MBA students and evaluates their career choices. At the same time, it trains them for recruitment tests and interviews. The team also fosters MBA students to apply for higher education in business management education. Students also receive career assistance and guidance from the university’s reputed faculty members who have enormous years of experience in the industry as well as in the education sector.


    This takes us to the placement offered by the university. In the MBA course, as many as 90 per cent of students were hired in the year 2021-2022. They received placement in some of the leading corporate houses like DBS, FACTSET, Wipro, Cafe Coffee Day, and Hyundai. The university also offers an industry internship by the end of the first year. It enables a budding business marketer to apply the knowledge he/she receives in the first year once he/she enters the professional world. So, apply anywhere, but with the right education and skills.


    One course. Several takeaways.

    Today’s multifaceted corporate world demands quick problem-solving abilities, interactive and managerial skills, and commitment. And if you fail to grasp these, perhaps you’ll not reach where you manifest to go. Remember, the most effective professionals mingle technical, management and communication skills to outshine in their workplace. MBA is the hottest course currently that can give you all these skills. Why? So that you ace that “challenging” presentation, stand out among your colleagues and, of course, witness growth at a personal level. Maintain generosity as you enter the corporate space. Team up with your co-workers but do not settle on the values you gained as a student and young professional.

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