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    Your Key To Success: BBA LLB HONS

    by BML Munjal University November 17, 2021

    1273289- This is the total number of lawyers in India right now and it keeps on adding.

    Yes, India consists of approx 1.3 m advocates, and the majority of them are law practitioners. With the increase of legal education in India, the competition among lawyers is at its peak.

    Mainly if we talk about the time when the corporate legal sector was not introduced in India, the lawyers were paid less and becoming successful law practitioners was not everyone’s cup of tea.

    With time and the introduction of the corporate legal sector in India, the demand for lawyers grew, offering high salaries, positions, and perks.

    The need for corporate jobs introduced integrated professional courses like BBA LLB Hons that involved subjects with a combination of management and Law.

    What is BBA LLB Hons?

    Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law (Hons) is a professional integrated five-year course program that imparts the knowledge of the interrelationship of Management Studies and Law on an overall basis instead of the specified areas. 

    The BBA course syllabus of the integrated law program includes subjects like Fundamentals of Management, Management or Business Administration, Financial Accounting, Computer Application, Effective Communication Administrative law, constitutional law, property law, civil law, family law, company law, etc.

    Eligibility criteria of BBA LLB programme

    BBA LLB programme eligibility criteria aren’t complicated to follow. The aspirants must have cleared their senior secondary school exams qualifying aggregate score of at least 45% or above.

    Candidates who hold a diploma after the 10th are also eligible for the BBA LLB.

    Every college has a different procedure of admission, but basic eligibility remains the same. Some universities/ colleges consider entrance exams such as CLAT to admit students.

    Holding a degree in two of the most swiftly advancing fields BBA and LLB, leads you to a career with endless opportunities.

    The BBA course syllabus of the law program is designed to equip students with the knowledge that is applicable in both the law & management sectors.

    Therefore the BBA LLB graduates are extremely valuable and hold a broader scope of career in comparison to any other field.

    The demand of BBA LLB Hons graduates is both in the public and private sectors, including economy, administration, banking, management, industrial sector, and the job profiles related to Law.

    Job Opportunities after BBA LLB Programme

    Job in any field after studying BBA LLB feels like a win-win situation. The salary and career growth opportunities are comparatively higher, plus professionals can choose the industry of their choice to work with.

    Some job opportunities after BBA LLB are:

    • Business Consultant

    When we talk about a corporate scenario, the legal field and business go hand in hand. Therefore, a business consultant with a strong knowledge of business and law can be the best adviser for the organization. The critical job of a business consultant is to guide the firm in every legal matter.

    A professional with strong knowledge of the market business can determine potential opportunities and risks and provide suggestions and strategies which are legally accepted.

    With the rapid growth in business and start-up culture post covid, the demand for a business consultant has increased from 15% to 20%.

    • Corporate Lawyer

    A corporate lawyer is integral for both legal and business industries. Corporate lawyers are also known as company lawyers who work in many exciting and dynamic areas.

    The corporate lawyers deal with restructuring companies by selling shares & assets, listing companies in the stock exchange, collaborating/merging companies with another business.

    They also help carry out tasks like due diligence, negotiations with different parties, account verifications, etc.

    • Company Secretary

    Another job with lucrative salary and growth after BBA LLB Hons is working as a company secretary. A Company secretary looks at ROX, SEBI & taxation of an organization. The requirement of a company secretary is almost at every big firm.

    To become a company secretary after LLB, the candidates need not apply for CS Foundation but can directly register for CS Professional Group I and II exams.

    After completing BBA LLB Hons, there are many other jobs, as you can apply for any job related to the Law or management field.


    BBA LLB Hons is one of the most in-demand courses, with remunerative earning options and tremendous career growth.

    The programme also offers options for higher studies both in India and abroad, opening doors to additional opportunities.

    With BBA LLB Hons, you are always ahead of the traditional LLB path, i.e. working, hustling and earning with world-leading industries.

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