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    10 Best certification programs to do with computer science engineering

    by BML Munjal University November 17, 2021

    We all know at least one person with an engineering degree who is either struggling for a job or is paid less.

    According to the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), more than 60% of the 800,000 engineers who graduate from technical institutes across the country each year are unemployed.

    Also, by 2030, India is expected to have a skill shortage of over 29 million people.

    All these stats depict that just a degree is not enough for a successful career.

    To build a strong career in this advanced world, you need some additional skills – the skills that will make you future-ready. You can attain these technical skills with various certification programs.

    In this blog, we will share some certification programs for B.Tech CSE students to boost the chances of building a career with successful industries holding strong positions.

    Before diving into the certifications, let’s understand a little about the B.Tech Computer Science Engineering.

    What is computer science engineering?

    Computer Science Engineering is a course that focuses on the design, development, and management of software and hardware-based information systems.

    A computer scientist is an expert in computing theory and computational system design.

    In addition, electrical and electronics engineering, information technology, software engineering, and other areas are linked with computer science engineering in one way or the other.

    B.E, B.Tech, and M.Tech degree programmes in Computer Science Engineering are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    Eligibility for B.Tech in computer science

    The B.Tech Computer Science aspirants are required to complete class 12th in science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core courses from a recognised board with the minimum marks stipulated by their selected university to be eligible for a B.Tech Computer Science.

    There are several institutions and universities that require a score of eligibility exams like JEE Main, SRMJEE, MU-OET, and others.

    Moreover, to pursue your B.Tech CSE degree abroad, you must pass aptitude tests such as the SAT, ACT, or others.

    Certification Courses for B.Tech Computer Science Students

    The technical advancement has raised the popularity of computer science engineering courses among B.Tech aspirants, increasing the competition.

    Therefore, the students require additional courses and certifications to stand out of the crowd and get into leading industries.

    Here is a list of a few courses that can help you grow or boost your career as a computer science engineer.

    • Cybersecurity Certification Because of the increase in data threats, and hackers who are always looking for new ways to infiltrate defences, there is a high demand for skilled individuals in the field of Cybersecurity.

    Cybersecurity is a rising field, with job opportunities growing at a rate of 3x as compared to other computer jobs.

    The cybersecurity certification program helps to learn about the nature of cyberattacks, how to recognise online risks, and how to take preventative actions.

    This program also teaches to analyse technical hazards and take preventive and predictive measures to avoid various types of online dangers.

    If you want to work in a field where there is a lot of demand and job chances, you might pursue a cyber security certification.

    • Data Science Certification The increased demand for Big Data skills & technologies introduced certification programs in data science. The course provides learning about the data management technologies such as Hadoop, R, Flume, Sqoop, Machine Learning, Mahout, etc.

    There is a high demand for data scientist jobs in India. According to Great Learning’s study on analytics & data science jobs, there are around 93,500 data science job vacancies in India.

    So it is the right time to apply for a certification that offers a promising career imparting the skills that are the need of today.

    • Data Analyst The data analyst certification helps learners develop skills like critical thinking & problem-solving. The course opens up opportunities across different industries as data consultants, data managers, consumer and market knowledge managers, chief data officers, etc.
    • Web Designing

      The B.Tech CSE students with an additional certification in web development have higher chances to be selected as software engineers, UX/UI designers, web designers & web developers.

    The certification adds a strong credit to your resume and immediately increases the chances of your resume being shortlisted.

    There are many other certifications that can be additional and strong support to your professional profile. You can choose the right program based on your interests and skills.

    You can apply for these certifications at any time starting from the first year of your computer engineering course to get an understanding and find a job or switch career for professional growth.

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