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    What To Do After B.Tech Computer Science Engineering (CSE)?

    by BML Munjal University February 13, 2019

    With the advancement in technology, there is no doubt about the fact that the chances of employment for the engineers of all career fields are also on the increase. That is one of the most important reasons why students choose to pursue engineering as their career choice. However, it is important to note that different career fields in engineering have different options for careers.


    There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that one of the most important parts of education in engineering is computer science. For the students, it is really important to get a Bachelor’s Degree because it helps them in making sure that they are making correct decisions in their careers.

    One of the most common engineering degrees that the students go through is the B.Tech in computer science. When it comes to popular engineering degrees, there is no doubt about the fact that B.Tech in Computer Engineering is a very good option for students who want a good career ahead. However, finding a job for B.Tech Computer Science students is also very important. This is why the students need to know all about the job and career options to plan their future.

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    The article here talks all about the aspiring career options for the students who have a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science.

    Top Career Options For Computer Science Engineering Students

    The students must get to know all about the career choices that they have. These are some of the career options for the students after they complete their B.Tech in Computer Science degree.

      1. Software Developer

    This is one of the most important careers that the students can go for after their degree in Computer science. The basic task of a software developer is to create software programs that allow users to perform a defined task on various devices like computers and mobiles. They create software and applications which are compatible with any and every device to make it easier to handle and also very portable.

    The syllabus of CSE is such that students are taught the programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and more. This helps them a lot during their professional life.


    Software developers possess the technical creativity that is needed to solve software-related problems innovatively. It is a prerequisite for the students that they need to be fluent in computer languages so that they can write the perfect code for the programs. Needless to say, communication skills are absolutely important to understand the user’s perspective on how the software is functioning.

      1. Database Administrator

    The job of the database administrators includes keeping an eye on the database software purchases that are done. Also, they help in supervising the modifications that are done in the existing software. Database Administrators have the responsibility of being watchful over the quality control and the performance of the company databases so that confidential data can be safe and secured optimally.


    Database administrators have the skills and technical expertise which are needed to protect the confidential data of a company. So, it is needless to say that this is a career choice suitable for the students as many organizations are looking for professionals like that. Therefore it is one of the highest demanding careers that people could choose after doing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. Many organizations like finance, insurance, and content providers are looking for skilled database administrators.

      1. Computer Hardware Engineer

    Computer hardware engineers do the job of developing, designing, and testing the different computer hardware components like routers, circuit boards, and memory devices. The job requires a nice collaboration between technical expertise and creativity. So, most companies need avid learners who want to get a grip on the emerging trends in the field of computer hardware.


    The computer hardware engineers must have the determination to perform challenging tasks which include the monotonous comprehensive testing of the systems. It is their job to ensure that the hardware is functioning properly. Most multinational companies are looking for skilled computer hardware engineers to get all the systems working in a proper and updated manner.

      1. Computer Systems Analyst

    The work of a computer system analyst is to do in-depth research about any organization of the computer systems and recommend the required changes. Most of the big shot companies like Dell and Microsoft need computer systems analysts. This is to increase the efficiency of the systems in the organization so that the workflow can go unhampered.


    This is a career option that requires a lot of learning and interpersonal skills. System analysts should be good at convincing the staff and the management to adopt the trending technologies that can meet the requirements of the organization. Also to remain updated from time to time, they have to research the cutting edge systems that come up with every passing date.

      1. Computer Network Architect

    Computer Network Architects have a major responsibility for designing, implementing and maintaining networking and data communication systems. It is inclusive of local area networks, wide area networks, extranets, and intranets. Their job is to find out the needs of the organizations from the perspective of data sharing and communications.


    The professionals here have to compute the products and services available in the online market. They need to test every system before implementing and therefore the professionals help to solve problems if they occur after the installation process.

    Most multinational companies are on the lookout for computer network Architects with ample analytical skills so that they can evaluate the computer networks of the organization with efficiency.

      1. Web Developer

    Web design and development are some of the most interesting career options for students that have a degree in the field of computer science. So, there is no doubt about the fact that it will be an interesting career choice for the students.

    The Bureau of labour statistics has revealed that the industry demand is going to increase by at least 15% by the year 2026.


    Web developers have an extremely interesting job of moulding a visitor’s experience at a certain website. With the help of page layouts, website styling, and page features, the developers make the experience of the customer a better one.

    Web developers are always in contact with the project managers and the designers to create the final product while abiding by the predetermined budget, design, and scope.

      1. Information Security Analyst

    As the name suggests, it is the work of the Information Security analyst to protect the information of the networks and websites from the potential attacks that happen due to the hackers and protect them from other security breaches.

    They have the responsibility for doing a well-researched study on the new trends of cyber security so that anticipating problems can be easier.


    The uniqueness of this career option lies in the fact that a person needs to have strong problem-solving skills and instincts to determine the problems and investigate the breaches.

    Not only that, he or she will have to determine the cause of the breach and also develop the security systems in a way to ensure that no such occurrence can take place.

      1. Computer Programmer

    This is an immensely sought-after job after one is done with their B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. A computer programmer has the job of creating and implementing software programs that can run successfully to the needs of the users. The perfect example of the job of the software developer is that they help to develop the technology in a way so that is user-friendly to non-technical people.


    Computer programmers require a very strong analytical approach to create the code for automatic complex processes. They must be able to take feedback from the clients to determine the technical requirements and communicate properly to incorporate options in programs that are easy to comprehend from the user’s side.

    Many fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google are looking for computer programmers who can create codes and solve problems when the programs do not work optimally.

      1. Computer And Information Systems Manager

    A CIS manager directs the computer-related activities of any company. The manager can have different names along with various responsibilities. For example, the Chief Information Officer, or CIO is an overseas entity that looks after the entire technological strategy.

    Also, a Chief Technology Officer or the CTO has the job of evaluating new technologies to check how they can be beneficial to the organization. An IT director looks over the entire IT department and the IT security manager supervises over the network and data security


    In statistical data given in 2012, it was revealed that computer and information systems managers held over 333000 jobs, and right now the numbers are increasing. Most of the jobs prospects are in the sector of computer systems design, finance & insurance, and information industries.

      1. Project Manager

    This is an unconventional career option to choose after B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. The job role of the project managers is to coordinate the efforts of a programming team as well as the analyst and collaborate their work to complete projects.


    The project manager needs analytical skills to detect technical problems for the company or a client and they should have problem-solving capabilities to enhance productivity. It is expected of a project manager to have a broad knowledge of technology and computer systems. Therefore, there is no doubt that a computer science major can excel in this role.

    Alternative Options To Choose From

      1. Computer Science Blogger

    For those who don’t want to be related to the technical field, this is an amazing career opportunity. People in this field can earn money by creating their blogs, adding relevant content, and bringing regular traffic. This helps the readers in understanding the field of computer science with the help of their blog posts and articles.


    Computer science bloggers can earn with the help of publishing advertisements through Google AdSense, and millions of other tools. Many people love to read blogs and use knowledge for seeking job opportunities. It is the work of a blogger to help those people in building their careers while earning a considerable amount at the same time.

      1. Content Developer

    Right now there is a dearth of Technical content writers and content developers. So, this is one of the most unconventional career options that professionals can choose. With a B.Tech degree in Computer Science, the students will know how the content can be developed to bring more traffic to the website. In a company, there is a need for at least 3 to 4 content developers so it is a career in demand.


    The job of a content developer requires enough knowledge about the niches. This is a field with varied earning possibilities and is indeed a lucrative job because with the help of this the professionals get to earn substantial passive income while uplifting the self-image.

      1. Author For Programming Books

    Those who have a knack for writing can choose this particular career field for sure. There are so many aspects of Computer Science that most people don’t know about. Being an author for programming books can be a great choice for students who are experts in the field.


    The professionals need to have advanced knowledge of the topics that they are writing.  Most of the programming books are written by computer science major students and these are also able to benefit numerous learners all across the globe.

      1. Online Marketer

    This is one is an exponentially expanding dimension that can be a great career option for engineering graduates in computer science. In today’s date, every company needs an online marketer who will be able to make their brand name successful. Online marketers work in the sectors of Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many more. Statistics say that about 88% of companies need online marketers.


    This field needs ample knowledge about blog creation and content development. An individual should be skilled in the art of online marketing.

      1. Web Designer

    Every company these days owns a particular website. The job of the web designer is to get the website decorated and designed in a way so that it becomes appealing to the users. It is indeed a great career prospect because by being a web designer the students will be able to grab a good position in multinational companies and they will also be able to start a web development company on their own.


    The concept of web designing is vast and it requires specific skillsets and creativity of an individual to become successful in this dimension. For those students who have designing and development skills, this is the right way to go.

      1. Self-Made Firms

    The students can also opt for opening up their consultancy firms after passing out the B.Tech degree in Computer Science. It takes a lot of challenging mentality to start a firm or a business and help others while making a considerable earning. It has been found that about 5% of the total computer science engineering pass-outs start with their firms.


    Starting a firm or a business in the dimension of computer science is one of the most fruitful options, even though it might be unconventional. Numerous people flock towards the Consultants to solve the problems. So, it will be a lucrative career opportunity for the students.

      1. Marketing And Sales

    Most people underestimate the marketing or sales department, but it is a job that cannot be done by everybody. For professionals that have a knack for communicating with others and for those who have a creative instinct, this is a huge opportunity that arises in the marketing department.


    Marketing and sales tasks can be quite challenging, and it needs a lot of creativity to make any product or service appealing. Most marketing professionals see that it is a demanding career prospect for the students. However, it is also a lucrative one.

      1. Tech Support And Service

    Engaging in customer service needs technical support and if that is what the students desire then the tech support and service career option are suitable for the students. Plenty of small, medium, as well as large organizations,  are looking for tech support experts who can communicate well with the clients and modify the products and services by the requirements.


    Communication expertise and problem-solving skills are some of the unique qualities that the students need to have to make it big in the field.

      1. Professors

    One of the noblest professions is to be a teacher and the B.Tech Computer Science graduates can choose that as a career option after as well. They can become a prime faculty member in several engineering colleges that are emerging nowadays.


    This is indeed a unique career option because it is highly paid and the students get to provide ample knowledge on the aspects of Computer Science.

      1. PCB Designer

    The dimension of embedded systems needs a lot of skills and expertise which can be done by the PCB designer. In this career option, the students will be able to master the different software options such as  PSpice.


    This career prospect helps the graduates in mastering the software options with the help of which they design the PCB layouts with excellence. Many of the major big shot companies are looking for PCB designers to run their embedded systems smoothly.

    Final Thoughts

    The students need to know what to do after the completion of their B.Tech Degrees. These career options will be the best fit for them. At BMU, we train our students so they become professionally competent following the current industry trend. We hope you must have enjoyed reading this post and have got some good insights as to what to do after your Computer Science Engineering. Do share your views in the comments section below.

    Scope After B.Tech Computer Science? What To Do After B.Tech Computer Science?
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