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    5 Things That Matter When You Are Pursuing Engineering Courses
    by bml-blog March 2, 2017

    So, what are those important things that you would look into while pursuing Engineering?

    1. Placements – Well, this is something every student would be worried about before pursuing engineering courses. With an increasing number of engineers, job opportunities are decreasing and this is something which is bothering all the aspiring engineers. A good way of ensuring one’s employability is by developing as many skills as possible during the course of BTech. This can be done by using the experience at Internships more seriously. Learning as much as one can at internships is a good way of developing skills that can’t be taught in classrooms.

    2. Practical Learning – What is the use of studying theories when you can’t apply them in your daily lives? Practical learning enhances the interest in students and gives an insight into the scientific method, thus developing expertise in using it. Just classroom knowledge will not take any student above the curb. To get an edge over other engineering students, one should use the course knowledge and try to implement it in practice.

    3. Further Education/Options – While pursuing engineering courses, it’s useful to keep the next steps in mind and work towards them. If it’s a master’s in technical education that one is after, then developing a thorough knowledge of the course is important. If one would like to work in the industry post BTech, then using the internship experience to network and pick up soft skills needed in the industry is worthwhile. For some who would like to get a business degree right after BTech, it’s important to develop soft and practical skills needed in MBA courses.

    4. Good Labs and Equipment – Honestly, engineering is possible only with the help of good labs and equipment. Unless the labs and equipment are up to date, a student will not be able to experience working on the latest machines or technology. Experience in labs while pursuing engineering courses is essential to learn how to put theory into practice.

    5. Career Options – Before joining engineering courses, a student gets into a dilemma and conflicts with many questions like which course would be better? Which course would be interesting? And which course would get you better placements?

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