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    Why Engineering Courses Have Been So Popular Till Now?
    by bml-blog February 16, 2017

    “Kids are encouraged to either study medical or engineering in most Indian homes.” This cliché continues to hold true in a lot of households in India even today. Last year, over 13 lakh students wrote the JEE Mains examination. This indicates that engineering courses are still one of the most popular undergraduate courses in India. One sixth of all students in India apply to engineering courses.
    There has been a constantly growing demand for engineers in India and abroad. We explore why Engineering continues to remain so popular even today.

    1. Variety of Career Opportunities
    Engineering courses train students in various technical subjects and skill sets. Students develop skills that are transferable to almost all industries. Skills like problem solving, innovation, project management, decision making, team working and communication. Jimmy Carter (Former US President), Neil Armstrong (astronaut) and Alfred Hitchcock (film maker) all started out studying engineering?

    2. Job Satisfaction
    Studies and research shows that one of the top 3 reasons that can lead to unhappiness in life is job dissatisfaction. It is, therefore, important to find a career/job that is satisfying, engaging and rewarding. Engineering provides a chance to be skilled for a number of different types of jobs and an engineer in most cases finds satisfying field of work. Engineers, due to technical knowledge and an understanding of high level math, have a greater understanding of the world and application of this to real problems also leads to job satisfaction.

    3. Financial Security
    Studies show that engineers are the third best paid professionals in India, following management professionals and investment bankers. All 3 of these jobs can be got after engineering courses. Engineers also have the highest starting salaries for Bachelor’s graduates. Engineers often escalate to management positions and earn excellent money over the life of their careers more easily than graduates with other degrees.

    4. Prestige
    Engineers are involved in sustaining a nation’s international competitiveness, ensuring national security and maintaining the standard of living, among other things. Most people also know that engineering requires hard work and strong technical skills. Due to this, engineers receive high amount of prestige.

    5. Intellectual Stimulation
    Students pursuing engineering develop the ability to think logically and to solve problems. These skills are valuable throughout lives.

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