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    10 Books Every Computer Science Engineer Must Read

    by BML Munjal University April 10, 2019

    The knowledge that a book can impart is incomparable to any other mode of education.

    Technological advancement has gradually changed all spheres of life. The way of education has changed in recent times, and the concept of e-books and e-learning are now in the light.

    10 Books for Computer Science Engineer

    The engineering studies is basically an interdisciplinary branch of humanities and of social sciences that are devoted mainly to the study of science and technology.

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    There are different streams of engineering like Civil engineering, Computer science engineering, electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering etc. these engineering streams are in high demand.

    Students who are studying in these streams have a bright career if they know and learn the subject in depth.

    Engineering is one of those disciplines that require a four-year-long rigorous study to get a degree certificate. Innumerable written, as well as practice tests, are taken to make a person a perfect engineer.

    It is very important to know each and every subject very carefully. An engineer should have a depth of knowledge and should know his subject adequately.

    For this, he needs to study his books and the study and research materials that are available very carefully. Only then he can have a clear knowledge about the discipline and can justify his four-year-long degree.

    What is computer science engineering?

    Computer science engineering is one of the core courses of engineering that deals with the primary elements related to different types of computer programming and also the networking part of computers.

    Young talented minds are trained properly to become specialists in this field and create wonders. The computer is nowadays the most required and essential equipment that is used in almost all fields of work. So it can be said that the demand for computer science engineers is huge in recent times.

    The computer science, engineering student should be well with his studies and should know the nitty-gritty of both programming and networking. This modern era is meant specifically for technological advancement and digitalization.

    The entire banking system and every other important system of the government and private companies have now either almost adapted or are planning to adopt modern digital functioning and has been leaving the manual work completely. This has created a lot of job vacancies for computer science engineering students too.

    10 best Computer science engineering books

    Computers were introduced in the early 19th century, and a lot of changes have taken place since then to become the now computers.

    They are super brains in today’s world that are basically programmed devices that are electronically driven and can be store a lot of data and can also retrieve then when required.

    Computer science students should know how computers work and how they are programmed efficiently.

    To become a good Computer science engineer one should learn the subject very carefully. And one can become a good computer engineer simply by reading the various networking and programming books carefully and applying the theories practically.

    Here is a list of some of the best books for computer science engineering that will definitely help the students to learn and know the subject in a much better way and to have clarity and grip on the overall subject.

      1. Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian, Tom GriffithsComputers mainly work on algorithms. This book mainly teaches how the problems are overcome using the different kinds of constraints that occur in real life. The book teaches the students how using the algorithms and proper programming techniques, one along with the help of the computer can gradually find the various questions of human beings. The book is written in simple English so that the readers can understand the algorithms properly. Many real-life examples have been used in this book to make it easier for readers to relate to the theories efficiently. Apart from bookish knowledge, this book gives a glimpse about the real world and takes the students on a wonderful tour of the super brain created by a man actually works.Features of the book
        • Simple learning of the programming through an algorithm
        • Teaches how to calculate the day to day activities
        • How to utilize algorithms in any activity
        • The book is written in a comprehensive language


      1. Introduction to Algorithm by Thomas. H. CormenThe basic thing that a computer engineer needs to learn is an algorithm. One should be well versed in this to become a good computer engineer. This book is also helpful for students in many ways. This is one of the basic books that will help a student to learn about the algorithms from the initial stage. The author has carefully written this bookkeeping in mind that the beginners will be using this book. This book can also be used by readers apart from Computer science engineering students who want to learn the basics of computers. The book is written in a comprehensive language that will help the readers to understand it. Thus, this book is used by almost all the Computer Science Students who want to gain knowledge about the subject in-depth and are extremely benefitted.Features of the book
        • This book teaches algorithm in depth
        • This book is for students of all the levels
        • The language is easy and is basically pseudocode designed that can be studied by the people who know the basics of programming


      1. The C Programming Language by Brian W. KernighanC is the basic programming language that a student of computer sciences has to know. There are many other programming languages too. Still, the C programming language is one of the most important and crucial languages that need to be gripped easily. This is one of the best books for beginners and also for people who want to learn the nitty-gritty of the language. This book has been carefully designed keeping in mind the questions that may arise on the heads of the beginners, mainly the students of Computer Science engineering. The programming language C is the base for learning all the other programming languages like C+, C++, etc. so the book is carefully said to be the base for all the other programming languages, and it helps a lot in learning the language in a simple manner.Features of the book
        • This book is user-friendly
        • Real life programs have been used in this book to help beginners learn efficiently.
        • The book is very well structured with an efficient program that helps anyone to learn the program quite easily
        • This is one of the worldwide best seller books of the programming language C


      1. The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy KidderThe book is all about the invention of the computer in the 1970s to the current age of computers. It has the entire history of computers.The books have been beautifully written. It contains the different emotions and feelings of the great scientists that were behind the making of the computers.The computer engineers should know about the inventions and the gradual transformations from the big size computers to the latest technologies; this book contains it all. The book has been written in such a way that it helps the readers to know the details of the background story.The research was well structured by the author, and this helps the readers to understand the backdrop of the inventions carefully.Features of the book
        • Contains the entire history of the computers
        • It shows the dedication that was put in for the betterment of this simple device
        • It also shows the kind of work ethics that used to be carried on in those days is quite similar to that is being carried in recent
        • The backdrop of the invention has been carefully structured.


      1. The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamentals of Algorithm by Donald Ervin KnuthThe book is one of the most basic books of programming that helps the students to learn about the fundamental concepts of the algorithm. Computer science engineering is all about the programming of computers.The engineer should know where to use which program and also what kinds of programming is required for the efficient running of the computers. A computer science engineer must be a well versed in analytics and should know the algorithms properly.This book teaches the students about the basis of algorithms through which the computer programs are created and run efficiently.The uses of the small databases and also the different kinds of memories are mentioned in this book. This book contains the fundamental quantitative analysis that is used in computers.Features of the book
        • It contains the basics of algorithm
        • The language used is very simple
        • The use of the external and internal memories are carefully depicted in this book
        • The basic treatments of the small databases are efficiently mentioned in this book


      1. Superintelligence: Path, Dangers, Strategies by Nick BostromComputer engineering does not only mean studying the details of networking and programming but also knowing about the super intelligence that can be created or rather has been created in the computers.All it needs is the correct path. The engineers need to know how these are operated and the minute technicalities behind this super brains of the computers. There are pros and cons to every technology.There are dangers too in the formations of the super brains. These dangers might be very harmful to humans so these must be avoided efficiently. The efficient use of computers is required for better utilization of computers.Many strategies and formulae can be created with the help of computers. These concepts are clearly mentioned in this book by Nick Bostrom. The language of this book is very simple to make it understandable to all.Features of the book
        • This book mentions the pros and cons of using computers
        • How are the super brains that are run by the human brains different and more efficient
        • The creativity of the super brains are also mentioned in this book
        • The readers will get engrossed in this book and will love to know about the different kinds of features of the computers


      1. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable objects Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, Richard HelmThe book is on the different kinds of patterns that are required for the making and creating different kinds of software that are required for the proper running of the super brains.These patterns are essential for the proper working of the software too. This book tells us about how using the different kinds of patterns the software are designed and systematically run for a long period of time.This type of software is essential for the different programs to run efficiently on the computer. This design pattern book teaches the students the core of the designs, their specifications, features and how these are gradually fitted into the appropriate software so that the software is able to function as required.Features of the book
        • A clear knowledge about the patterns and designs used in the software
        • It gives a clear idea about how the different software is created
        • The basic functioning of the software once they are created using the design patterns
        • The language of the book is apt for Computer science engineering students


      1. The Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by James F. Kurose and Keith W. RossThe major part of Computer science engineering consists of Programming and networking. Both are equally important for the students. This book is basically on computer networking.The networking is very important in today’s world. When the world has changed into complete digitalization, networking plays a vital role so does the computer science engineers.The book teaches the students about the protocols, the networking processes, the different layers of applications, the programming interfaces, etc.This book has been created for the students to learn about the smallest to the most crucial and vital part of networking. It helps the students to know about the core of the subject. This is one of the best books of networkingFeatures of the book
        • The basic features of the book are to teach about the nitty-gritty of networking
        • This book is ideal for both the beginners and the ones who already know about networking
        • The book is written in a comprehensive language
        • One of the worldwide bestseller book


      1. Codes: The Hidden Language of the Computer Hardware and software by Charles PetzoldThe students of computer science engineering should have a good knowledge not only about programming and networking but should also know about the hardware and software used in a computer.All these aspects combined together help the super brains to run efficiently and effectively. This book tells about all the parts of the computers quiet efficiently. the author narrates all the secrets of the computers in a comprehensive manner that helps the students to know about the subject broadly.Features of the book
        • This book has been compiled the details about the core of the computers, the way they run
        • The author narrates how the artificial brains created by humans have slowly turned to be super brains and are much more efficient than them.
        • The book has a huge demand among computer science engineering students as they are able to learn about computers as a whole from this book.


    1. The Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart RussellArtificial Intelligence is one of the modern concepts that are into light in recent times.It is said that within 2025, the entire world will adopt it and the entire system and the process of computer networking will be taken over by artificial intelligence. So students of computer science engineering discipline are taught about it, so they are able to work on it.This book tells about the basics of artificial intelligence. It has all the practical as well as the theoretical application of the same in it.Features of the book
      • This book contains extensive knowledge about Artificial intelligence
      • A detailed description of the different techniques and theories are beautifully mentioned in this book
      • This book is ideal for the readers of all the levels.

    Computer science engineering students need to have a sound knowledge of the subject. The above-mentioned books are the few of the best books for computer science engineering. The students will be highly benefitted from these books.

    Apart from the bookish knowledge about the subjects, the students should also have some knowledge about the practical world.

    The syllabus oriented books will only help to fetch good marks in the examinations but these books will not only help in the examination purposes but will also help in knowing about how things are done in the practical world.

    Books Every Computer Science Engineer Must Read
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