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    BE vs B.Tech – What is the Difference?

    by BML Munjal University April 5, 2019

    One of the most common question which may arise in your mind if you are planning to pursue Engineering is – what is the difference between the degrees of B.E. and B.Tech – and of course, which one is better.


    To clarify the confusion, one thing which is to be kept in mind is that both the degrees have similar value in the current industries. But then why they are still termed to be different and which one is the best for the students who have an interest in the study of engineering?

    According to the National Council of Advanced Economic research, engineering to this day remains as the most sought-after undergraduate course in India. Most of the engineering institutes today offer either B.E or B.Tech course to the candidates and therefore it is important to know the features of both before taking the decision.

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    In this article, you would find some important topics like similarities and differences between the two and also some of the frequently asked questions about the two.

    For starters, while B.Tech focuses more on practical application, B.E emphasizes more on theoretical knowledge that aids in the development of gadgets and equipment in the field of science and technology.

    BE vs B.Tech – The Actual Difference

    To study the contrasting features of the two programs which are similar in a ton of respects we need to analyze them against several parameters.


    As mentioned above, the course of BE is designed in such a way in which students can extract theoretical knowledge and this course proves to be apt for the candidates who decide to take up teaching as a profession.

    This is because the knowledge they obtain during their course would come as a big help to them. This course helps the students to strengthen their base as various topics from the fundamental level is being taught in the classroom.

    But the same cannot be said about B.Tech because the curriculum formulated by experts helps the candidates to grasp skills which would, in turn, help them if all they have in mind is building a career in the engineering sectors of the country. The primary aim of this course is to make the candidates industry-ready and thus more focus is been given to sharpen the practical skills of them.


    The Course of BE is being created so that the engineering candidates can gain theoretical skills and make their fundamentals strong, hence the course is not much updated and the curriculum has remained the same since the past few years.

    Since the program of B.Tech is all about innovative ways of application of practical skills the program in accordance with the trends of technology, the curriculum is updated every now and then. So if someone has their mind fixated on learning about the recent technology trends, B.Tech would be best suited for them.

    Internships/industrial visits

    You would be delighted to know that in this parameter, there are no differences found between the two. The curriculum of both the courses demands the candidates to take part in industrial visits and also take up internships for at least a month.

    Although the courses require the candidates to go for industrial training, it is up to the management and the infrastructure of the college to provide the opportunity for the students so that they can obtain internships and industrial visits.


    Talking about the present scenario of India, colleges offering other courses and degrees based on various subjects of science, arts, commerce, etc also offers the B.E degrees to the students who are interested to take up engineering as their subject.

    Before applying, check whether the course which is being offered by your dream university is marked as B.E (Bachelor in engineering) or B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology).

    On the other hand, institutes which are founded only for the sake of offering engineering studies and no other courses of any other subjects offer degrees of only B.Tech. The institutions renowned for offering B.Tech degrees are IITs, NITs, and many other private and government universities.

    BE vs B.Tech – The Similarities

    It is not hard to assume the fact that both these degrees offering knowledge about the world of engineering have some factors common in between them.


    Candidates interested to strike out the difference between these two in terms of program tenure should understand that the tenure of both B.Tech and B.E is same that is of 4 years. So if you are confused regarding the fact that which is better, B.E or B.Tech then you are likely not going to benefit from this parameter.

    Program pattern

    Although the syllabus of these degrees might vary by a bit, these follow the same pattern. You are going to have 8 semesters in total, that is 2 semesters per year and each semester will have different subjects all related to the field of engineering


    Although a few differences have been spotted in the segment of syllabus pattern of the two, they follow the same approach and orientation and thus you are going to learn more or less the same from the course but the teaching method and the knowledge and skills you would gain might turn out to be a bit dissimilar.

    Recognition and value

    According to AICTE, a renowned board in the country which is entitled to give recognition to the best private engineering institutes of the country owes the same value to both these degrees and is not partial towards a certain one.

    Career opportunities

    It is not unknown to even a single soul out there that how enriching the course of engineering is in terms of job prospects. In fact, it is the primary reason students decide to opt for engineering in the first place.

    So no matter which course you go for, you will be rewarded with promising job opportunities provided you manage to pursue it from a renowned university.

    On-site opportunities

    Another reason which lures candidates to make a career in this field is probably the on-site opportunities they get after working at an esteemed organization for a few years after being recruited by completing their course.

    In this segment also, no distinction is being made among the candidates coming from the two professions and both are allowed to apply for a work visa if any requirement comes.

    Some important FAQs

    • Which degree between B.Tech and B.E is better in terms of job scopes?

      As mentioned in the above paragraph, both the degrees have equal recognition and future scopes; it is just the college which matters.


    • Which course is better for you; B.Tech or B.E?

      If any student is interested to conduct either research oriented work or opts to study further, then B.E is the best for them.

      However, in the present scenario, the difference in the degrees hardly matters and thus you should study the content of both the courses to decide which interests you the most.

    • So, in a nutshell, as per the current situation in the country, no distinction is being made between the two and thus no degree is found to be superior over the other. While taking admission you should not need to bother about the differences, rather focus on the faculty, facilities, and infrastructure of the university.

    BE vs B.Tech - Which is Better?
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