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    Which Engineering Programme is the best for your Future?
    by bml-blog February 1, 2019

    Deciding which engineering programmes to join after 12th Board exam is really a tough job. Now let’s assume that you have already decided to take up Engineering. But is that the end of your tensions and worries? Sadly, No.


    You face the real challenge, when you are put into confusion, regarding selecting the best engineering course that is the best for the future and can give you a bright future ahead.

    Taking a rough statiics of the country and the amount of Engineers who pass out every year, not all get jobs.

    Though people say that there is not enough employment, still, every year about 80K to 1 lakh engineering pass outs in India get employed in the best of the companies.

    So, isn’t it a motivating factor to study engineering? But which course to take?

    But, there is nothing called the best engineering courses, but some of the engineering streams have never-ending demand of Manpower as well as increased salary structure.

    Of course, your choice which depends on the kind of interest that you have and the infrastructural capacity of the institution.

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  • Here are the courses described for you that will help you to decide your future course of action.

    Evergreen Engineering Courses

    There are numerous streams in the engineering courses in which you can take admission.

    Today we will be talking about 10 evergreen engineering courses which have been able to provide the best scopes to the students.

    When we say evergreen, we mean such courses which have absolutely no downsides indifferent of the current scenario. We will be discussing these engineering courses in detail.

    Computer Science Engineering


    With the advancement of the IT industry, the demand for skilled software engineers and it professionals are at its peak.

    This is the engineering course which covers topics like programming languages, software knowledge, designing the programs, coding, project management and a lot more.

    A number of national as well as multinational companies offer amazing job opportunities to the computer science engineering graduates in India as well as in the foreign countries.

    To be eligible the student should have good aggregate marks in his higher secondary exam as well as high ranking in any of the state or National level Engineering entrance exams.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of a computer science and engineering graduate per annum is around INR 3.5 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs.

    Popular companies for computer science engineers

    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Yahoo
    • Facebook
    • Oracle
    • Cisco
    • Amazon
    • Wipro
    • Flipkart

    Electronics and Communication Engineering


    Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most sought-after branches in India and a major number of students get into the gadget programming and designing industry.

    Digitalization in India as well as across the world electronic and communication engineering is one of the top-rated engineering courses for a bright future for the students.

    Right now, with every passing date, new gadgets like phones and tablets are coming up and new companies are emerging to meet the demands of the customers. Therefore, the need for electronics and communication engineers is ever growing and it is indeed a highly paid sector.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary per annum of an Electronics and Communication engineer is INR 3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs.

    Popular companies for electronics and communication engineers

    • Bharat Electronics Limited
    • Intel
    • Texas Instruments
    • Samsung
    • Toshiba
    • Philips Semiconductors
    • Electronics Corporation of India Limited
    • Sony

    Mechanical Engineering


    If you are inclined towards Science and Technology and you love to see the working mechanism of Machines, this is one of the best engineering streams with a great future scope. It is one of the ideal fields of Engineering which has played a major role in the industrialization arena.

    The segment of mechanical engineering is related to the design and production of Machines in order to reduce the workload of the humans. It is a practical sector of study which helps the students to develop machines, implement new designs so that the working and development process of the Machines becomes easier.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of a mechanical engineer per annum can range between INR 4 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

    Major companies for mechanical engineers

    • DRDO
    • ABB
    • Tata Motors
    • Reliance Industries
    • Indian Railway
    • Ashok Leyland
    • Reliance Power Limited
    • Mahindra and Mahindra
    • Larsen and Toubro

    Electrical Engineering


    It is an undeniable fact that in any Nation the two most important sectors are that of power generation and power plant management. Electricity is a part and parcel of our daily life and therefore there is a huge need for efficient Electrical engineers who will be able to conduct the power plant management perfectly.

    In this course, the candidates are trained to understand the procedures systems and machines that are integral in power production. There are numerous industries in Companies who have an ever-growing demand for Electrical engineers.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of an electrical engineer ranges from INR 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

    Popular companies for Electrical engineers

    • Bajaj International Private Limited
    • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
    • Siemens Limited
    • Centre for electronics design and Technology
    • Crompton Greaves Limited Reliance Power Limited

    Civil engineering


    Civil engineering is one of the most vintage and popular branches of Engineering in India as well as in foreign countries. It is the requirement of the civil engineer to plan the development of all the infrastructural elements like roads buildings dams canals, etc.

    It is a very traditional field of Engineering that deals with the design and implementation of The structures. If it is pursued from a good college, then you can get some of the best lucrative jobs in the technological sector. Civil engineers absolutely versatile and can also go for IT sector jobs if they learn how to operate the Civil Engineering software.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of a civil engineer is INR 3.5 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

    Popular companies for civil engineers

    • Larsen and Toubro Limited
    • Engineers India Limited
    • PWD
    • DRDO
    • SERC
    • DLF
    • Indian Railways

    Chemical Engineering


    This is one of the core engineering branches that has lost its popularity when the software industry came into existence.

    With the advancement of the pharmaceuticals world, Chemical Engineering has again become an ideal course for the students who want to pursue a Bright Career in applied chemistry.

    This branch of engineering deals with the transformation of raw substances into beneficial substances. It comprises organic and inorganic chemical Technology, chemical engineering, thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, physical chemistry as well as environmental engineering.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of any chemical engineers varies from INR 2.5 lakh to INR 10 lakh.

    Popular companies for chemical engineers are

    • ONGC
    • Essar Oil Limited
    • Reliance Industries Limited
    • Coromandel Fertilizers Limited
    • Gujarat gas company limited
    • Indo Gulf fertilizers Limited

    Biochemical or biomedical engineering


    B.Tech in biochemical engineering is a program that encompasses various subjects regarding chemical processes production as well as the development of biochemical products.

    Mechanical engineers get to learn about an array of natural as well as artificial substances including oil refining environmental changes ecological development medicine development and a lot more.

    After you are done with this course you will be able to pursue jobs under popular chemists and biologist. Also, you can do for the research on the subject and pursue Master’s or Ph.D.

    Starting salary

    The adding salary of biochemical of Biomedical engineers is INR 4 lakh to 11 lakh.

    Popular companies for biochemical or biomedical engineers

    • Biocon
    • GlaxoSmithKline Panacea Biotec
    • Bharat serum
    • Krebs biochemicals and Industries Limited
    • Monsanto Biotech
    • TransAsia Biomedics
    • Zydus Cadila, etc

    Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering


    Aerospace engineering is one of the most top-rated Wheels of Applied Physics and Engineering designs. If you love the technical specialization including the study of airborne vehicles, then this is the perfect engineering stream for you.

    The major part of this field includes the design and functioning of airborne vehicles as well as manufacturing, development, testing, and maintenance of the same.

    In this branch, the students get to learn about how civil aircraft, missiles, space shuttles, and other such vehicles are designed built and tested before launch.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of an aerospace engineer is INR 6 lakh to 11 lakh.

    Popular companies for Aerospace engineers

    • Civil Aviation department
    • Aeronautical Development Agency
    • Aeronautical Development establishment
    • National Aerospace Laboratories
    • India Space Research Organisation
    • India space research

    Marine Engineering


    For all the engineering aspirants out there, Marine Engineering has one of the brightest career opportunities for working abroad. It is also A sector in which the starting salary itself is incredibly high.

    This course comprises of the study of the various systems used in the ship for maintaining the safety of those on board. It covers the subjects of ship structure designing as well as mechanical and electrical engineering.

    Starting salary

    The average starting salary of a Marine engineer is INR 11 lakh.

    Popular companies for Marine Engineers

    • TMC shipping
    • Raman Maritime Academy
    • Mediterranean shipping

    Genetic engineering


    Genetic engineering is one of the most innovative and unconventional Fields that is being researched on by the scientist across the globe. It deals with the study of foreign DNA and development of the synthetic genes that Can be used to clone living organisms.

    Since genetic engineering is one of the popular fields of study it comprises a lot of life-changing advancements from grafting technology to DNA synthesis.

    This engineering has a number of medical utilities and can cure average problems in humans as well as other living organisms. All those who are inclined to learn about genealogy and do research on the same it is one of the best fields for obtaining a bright future.

    Starting salary

    The starting salary of a genetic engineer is INR 4 lakh to -10 lakh.

    • Popular companies for genetic engineers
    • Seattle Genetics
    • Alkermes
    • Jazz Pharmaceuticals
    • Reddy’s Laboratories
    • Perrigo

    Final Thoughts

    Engineering is indeed a vibrant field which comprises of numerous possibilities and options to choose from.

    Apart from the aforementioned names even, there are numerous other lesser known streams which can bring a bright future prospect for an individual.

    which engineering is best

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