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    What is Electronics and Communication Engineering? – A Detailed Explanation

    by BML Munjal University January 31, 2019

    The field of Engineering is indeed vast, and among all the streams that it comprises, electronics and communication engineering is one of the best.

    Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Interestingly, from 2016 to 2026, the job opportunity will be growing by almost 7% in ECE as per the reports. This is high time for the engineering students who want to kick start their career, can dive into the stream of ECE.

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    Today we will be talking in a detailed manner about the entire dimension of electronics and communication engineering so that you can have ample knowledge about the same before you opt for this subject.

    ECE- A Quick Overview

    The world of electronics and communication engineering deals with circuits electronic devices and communication types of equipment like receiver-transmitter as well as integrated circuits.

    In this, you also get to learn about the basic electronics as well as the analogue and digital transmission for the sending and reception of data. Not only that the main aim of this particular stream is to make advancements in the field of microprocessors, satellite communication, Microwave Engineering, and wave progression.

    Objective of ECE

    The main motto of this stream is to help the students in building their theoretical as well as practical skills so that they are professionally equipped to work in the analysis and system implementation as well as the maintenance of the various applications in this field.

    Points to Ponder

    Interest in the Subject- it is important that the student pursuing ECE has an interest in the subject of electronics and communication to do well in their career.

    Enrollment in College- to understand electronics and communication engineering you need to get to the best of the college because this is a stream that needs in-depth knowledge. Without it, you will not be able to understand the intricacies of this subject.

    The flexibility of Career- ECE is a branch that is highly adaptable when it comes to career options. An individual can be placed in the hardware as well as the software segment. If you are ready to have challenging job roles, then this is the perfect option for you.


    ECE is one of those streams which has been able to open up several career prospects for students.

    The students after the completion of the degree can be able to achieve several desirable jobs in multinational companies including some of the best manufacturing industries and service organizations in the fields of broadcasting, data communication, Consulting, entertainment, research, and development, and a lot more.

    Departments that Hire ECE Pass-Outs

    People who have completed this course will be able to be employed in several sectors like Civil Aviation Indian Telephone Industries development centres, defence, Post and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics, telecommunication, IT sectors, hardware manufacturing, home appliance, etc.

    Job Titles and Job Roles

    • Software analyst- the work of the software analyst is to study the software application domain and repair the specific requirements that the software needs to meet along with the specific documents. His or her task is to create a bridge between the software users and software developers.
    • Service engineer- the task of the service engineer is to visit clients and even visit remote locations to solve network maintenance issues. The help in the installation and the development of the types of equipment that are needed to keep the Internet service unhindered.
    • Technical director- the work of the technical director has any responsible one and he or she is given a post in the major software companies all engineering firms. These people are highly skilled and the analysis with specifications of the technical field shows that every task is done under their strict supervision.
    • Field test engineer- the job of a field test engineer is to determine and innovate a process in which a particular product can be tested by manufacturing and all its problems can be rectified right at the beginning so that it can meet the requirements in the best possible manner.
    • Senior sales manager- even electronics and communication products need a high level of marketing and that aspect is looked after by the senior sales manager so that the brand value can be enhanced. They are mostly hired in the telecommunications department.
    • Network planning engineer- the planning engineer is one such professional who plays a major role in checking out the internal as well as the external network of the organization and should possess varied skill sets. Whether it is cloud computing or any advanced technology it is usually supervised by the network planning engineer who looks after the correct installation of the types of equipment and lays out the planning of the same.
    • Customer support engineer- the role of the customer support engineer is to talk to the customers and have their feedback about the technical problems via the Internet so that the networking methods can be improved and all the technical problems can be solved. The person should be having troubleshooting skills to isolate a problem and rectify it.
    • Electronics and communication consultant- this is one such professional to whom every other technician comes for added advice and support. They help the technicians in developing the types of equipment and managing the software and most of the employees are now seeking strong-willed candidates who are committed and have stunning technical abilities.
    • Research and development software engineer- every company needs a research and development software engineer who is the most intellectual in bringing out innovative structures and products. While software engineering designs custom software the research and development engineer does the work of analyzing the same so that he can bring out the pros and cons and make the quality better.

    Salary Range

    The salary structure of electronics and communication engineering is quite ideal and for starters, it can range between INR 3.5 lacs to INR 4.5 lacs per annum. The fresher candidates can get an initial salary of 20000 to 30000 rupees per month depending on their written interviews, viva-voce, as well as the performance and knowledge.

    In the case of the IIT graduates, the salary package that is offered to them is stunning as they get around 10 lakh per annum and the salary can get hiked up to 25 lakhs per annum.


    As an end note, we would like to add that electronics and communication engineering is one of the best engineering streams with a huge scope in the future. It can guarantee some of the best and highly paid jobs. It is good for individuals who love to take up challenging tasks.

    What is ECE What is Electronic and Communication Engineering
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