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    The Importance Of Marketing In Today’s World – Must Read!

    by BML Munjal University January 17, 2019

    What is Marketing?

    Marketing is all about branding and taking the product to an unexpected height of success. A brand cannot be renowned without a particular marketing strategy. A business can execute without specific administrators for a particular while, but it ceases to indulge the audience in the absence of a planned marketing strategy and to have the skills you need to have a guru Kul to teach what it takes to succeed.

    Importance Of Marketing

    At BMU we analyze the requirement of the market before executing the curriculum for the candidates. Our course module highlights the importance of marketing, and we have with us a briefcase study to ease your skills for the market.

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    The Sectors of our Marketing Curriculum

    We look into the facts as specified by Philip Kotler the father of marketing and in accordance to which we have highlighted the points that will make you think as a researcher-

    1. The basics of marketing- We impart the skills of marketing management so that our candidates know what it takes to make an offering and the skill of manipulation for the exchange offers.
    2. Segmentation- It involves analysis; if you cannot acknowledge the requirement you cannot differentiate their demand we have a detailed study for various minds in the business.
    3. Positioning- The skill of differentiating yourself from others is what gives you a grand opening, and with us, you will master the skill to have a briefed representation.
    4. The thinking prospects– Marketing is all about how fast can you think, and what is your range out of the box and we are focused on the prospects of inculcating a vivid thought within you.

    How to Make a Choice?

    It’s all the dice of choice which makes you exceptional from the rest and with us we scan your weakness and then analyze your area of excel. For excellence in the field of marketing, we indulge in practical experiences which are recommended in the market-

    1. The feeling of uniqueness-There are few things you get to learn from your home, and there are a few for which you look into for a degree program the benefit of enrolling with us is that you get to acknowledge what is unique about you and how can you pass your skills on the field.
    2. Offering information- When you go hunting you sharpen your tools similarly is the case of marketing. When you deal with us, we let you know how to have a proof study, and our case study is focused on creating a zest that will help you out in the market.
    3. Involvement of the customers- If you do not believe what you do you cannot convince others so when you get too involved with your customer you need to know how to get involved so that what you utter is not considered a bluff. In our curriculum, the demo lectures involve practices of being a customer, and a marketing executive where you get a platform to negotiate over the market believes you have before you plunge into the rigorous field of all competition.
    4. A storyteller– A good storyteller is considered to be an asset for marketing, and we nurture the right way to format the story which can be sold.
    5. Promise what you can do- A commitment is always put to the test before you gain trust. Our curriculum is more practical apart from just theory, and we see the intensity of commitment you can handle and revise the scope of the pitch under which you can relate
    6. Servicing is efficient- Efficiency is marked by the quality of service you can provide so when you get to walk out of BMU you will be able to fulfill any set of tasks provided to you. We do not keep our kids in the soft cocoon of dreams we flash them into the world of reality so that they are always prepared for the best.

    Types of Marketing:

    When it comes to marketing, it is always how much can you hold your customer and stay along with them. With the evolution in the trends, marketing has changed from door-to-door services to online marketing which is known as digital marketing. Online Marketing– When it comes to online marketing, it is well known as digital marketing where people know you through your website, your portal, your mailing content, and your online advertisement.

    Everything is well revised before presenting. It’s the platform that takes you to the next level which we can also tell as the platform of Generation X. The youth of today indulge in the products through the digital market so we impart all the skills involved in the digital marketing strategy so that you can work for an enterprise or be an entrepreneur for yourself. The best feeling is when you do what you want to do for yourself, and at our campus, we give you the thoughts for your execution so that you have the accessibility of choice as to what you want from your life.

    Offline marketing– It is said out of sight is out of mind. It is a rigorous kind of marketing that has always existed in the market since the familiar relationships which hold ground are met through informal meetings and regular visits which can be managed through offline marketing. The modes of presentation, your communication skills, your personality evolution every minute detail heading towards your prosperity are put under consideration the moment you enter our campus and choose us to serve you.

    The major importance of marketing-

    1. It’s about exchange and transfer- It is the bridge between the consumer and the producer which facilitates the transfer of proprietorship for various goods and services.
    2. The living standard of a community- Prof. Malcolm McNair states “Marketing is the conception to delivery of the living standards of the society” whereas according to Paul Mazur it’s the delivery of standard of living. It is the maintainer of the prices of goods to attain a reasonable level for existence.
    3. Employment- It is the only sector which is never out of business some way or the other a marketing person always holds a position in the market. According to a statement given by Mitchell and Huegy, it says that to have continuous production, the efforts of marketing must be constant; only then can the employment levels be sustained and the highest quality of the business operations can be achieved.
    4. A basis for making a decision – It is the specialized activity that is merged with production. And the mechanism of marketing is relied upon by the producers since it’s the decision of a marketing executive which regulates the product in the market.
    5. The source of a new idea- It’s always thinking out of the box technique so with necessity comes the requirement of a new thought or idea since there is a rapid change in taste of the customers along with their desires which are met by the marketing experts.

    What the experts say-

    According to Stephen King of the WPP Group, a product is something that is made in a factory, a brand is something that is bought by a customer. A product copied by some competitor brand can be unique. A product can fast be outdated, but a brand that has achieved success will be timeless, and marketing experts create brands.

    The recent Conference about Youth Marketing Strategies which was covered by TheGuardian consultant Sean Pillot de Cheney–also known as Captain Crikey – highlighted in his inaugural talk that this is among the most researched demographics today. Marketing professionals invest considerable thought over time, to understand how to create messages that are relevant to the young generation of today, by understanding their habits, lives, and of course attitudes.

    According to the reports on the importance of marketing published by Exforsys it is believed to be the main contributor to success in an organization. This lies amongst the highest-paid packages in the market whereas the Exforsys explains the benefits of having a marketing skill amongst each one of us for our near future career options and to inculcate in us few good habits.


    There is no second opinion as to why we should not opt for marketing as our career option and of all the institutes on should go for the one which gives the warmth of guardianship. Marketing is a practice that shows its color from the very first day so why not opt for the best curriculum suiting your needs a place where you get to catch up with the real you that is within, and you have never acknowledged.

    With small batches and practical layouts, experiences go for a program that acknowledges your worth and gives you a stand in the market where you can be acknowledged as a game-changer, a team leader, and the most particular the confidant musket.

    Importance of Marketing
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