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    10 Most Demanding Engineering Careers in Future

    by BML Munjal University February 8, 2019

    With the advances in science, computing, and industries, there has been a major development in the engineering sector. Also, the employment section has been revolutionized due to these sweeping advances.


    There has been an incredible amount of growth in the engineering occupations and the amount continues to increase with the passage of time.

    When it comes to choosing a career path, it is really difficult to predict whether the industry of employment will have any growth in the future. However, with the field being engineering, there is no doubt about the fact that the career options are endless.

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    So, for those who are looking for a bright future in the engineering field, here are some of the best career options to choose from.

    Most Demanding Engineering Fields for Future

    For those who want to enhance their careers in the field of engineering, these are some of the most in-demand careers that they can look for in the year 2019.

    1. Machine Learning And Data Science

    There has been a considerable amount of growth in the field of software engineering and there are clearly no signs of stoppage.

    Data science is one of the branches of software engineering where the creation of meaningful information takes place on the basis of huge amounts of data. The large sets of data are particularly known by the name of Big Data.

    It is currently one of the fields that are quite promising for new engineers. The source for big data could be anything ranging from medical sectors and e-commerce joints to the financial sectors as well.

    With the use of statistical methods and some tactics of software engineering, this field allows professionals to collect, process, and then present the data in an informative way to the end-users.

    A very simple and yet effective example of big data use is in the selling of the products at a specific time to the users with the help of effective marketing campaigns.

    Machine learning, on the other hand, is another one of the data science subsets that can be used for making certain predictions of the future on the basis of the data that is collected from the past.

    The algorithms of machine learning can be used for making predictions and then further testing of these predictions to find out their accuracy them. Apart from that, the algorithms are optimized in order to make improvements in the accuracy of future predictions.

    The more data is collected, the better the predictions will get. The engineers might not require a bachelor’s degree for the beginning of a career in the field of data science because there are some other short courses that are available.

    However, it is a prime requirement that the students have proper knowledge in mathematics and efficient skills of coding for the courses.

    1. Biomedical Engineer

    It is the job of the Biomedical engineers to create different solutions that could be used in the medical field in order to improve the quality of life of the patients that are in the medical facilities.

    This field includes the study of medical sciences and technology and a combination of them both.

    The field comprises of several activities that include the design of prosthetic limbs along with several other artificial organs, developing improvised imaging systems for biological sciences, and the conduction of research on stem cell therapy for the cure of diseases that at the meantime remain incurable.

    It is certainly one of the most popular fields when it comes to engineering careers. There is an increase in the demand for professionals who will be willing to work in the biomedical field. With the increase in the requirements and needs of medical science, this field is currently on the top of the list of in-demand careers.

    There are different and fast innovations that are being made in the medical and technology fields.

    With such an increase, there is also a demand of deep and impactful research that can help in the applications of the medical field which include the use of Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems, 3D Printing, and several other techniques.

    1. Robotics Engineer

    The robotic systems certainly excel when it comes to the performing of tasks that require mental repetition. So, there is no need for the attention and the dexterity that is provided by the human workers.

    However, along with the different advances that are being made in the field of computing, materials, and energy storage, there are also some developments being made in the robotics field.

    The robots are slowly beginning to grow from simple arm welding machines to an assembly that consists of several humanoid samples of the robots. So, naturally, the whole field of robotics has become quite complicated and complex with the passage of time.

    So, there is a striking and imminent requirement for professionals who can be robotics engineers and get involved in the different aspects of designing, development, testing, implementation and providing results in case of the robotic systems. So, this is another one of the most in-demand fields when it comes to engineering careers.

    1. Petroleum Engineer

    The petroleum engineers have the job of designing and creation of different effective methods for the locations and extraction of gas and oil from all the subterranean deposits.

    Naturally, this is a position that would involve traveling to different drilling locations where the engineers would be able to supervise the entire process of construction as well as operations.

    There are many positions that are to be opened in this sector so for those who have the drive for a career in petroleum engineering, now would be the ideal time to go for it.

    The engineers will be allowed to train in the different aspects of petroleum engineering in hope of breeding better professionals. The actual outlook regarding this particular field is also partially dependant on the economic and political trends such as oil prices.

    These trends certainly make a point to having a very bright future for those who take up a career with petroleum engineering.

    With the help of new production and processing technologies like horizontal drilling, 3D seismic imaging, and others, there is just so much to explore in this field, which is certainly terrific news for the petroleum engineers.

    1. Civil Engineering

    It was in 2018 that we saw the rise of the demand regarding careers in civil engineering.

    There is news that this trend will certainly continue in the present year as well. Civil engineers are responsible for the building of different infrastructures that govern the running of the world.

    There is not a single doubt about the fact that civil engineering is going to be a pretty in-demand career in the near future. With several branches panning out to join civil engineering, it will provide the students with more in-depth knowledge about the different processes and methods that work in the running of the world.

    When it comes to the different branches of the field of civil engineering, there are quite a few. So, there is no doubt that the market for civil engineering will not be saturated in a long time which makes it a desirable field for several of the young and upcoming engineers.

    Some of the major fields that comprise the entire aspect of civil engineering include environmental engineering, structural engineering, transportation, and road engineering.

    1. Electrical Engineering

    When it comes to the promising careers for the fresh new batch of engineers that are in the rising, electrical engineering comes to mind.

    This is albeit a very traditional form of an engineering career but there is no doubt that the scope of electrical engineering is nowhere near fizzling out. This is a field that remains very much in demand now and will continue to do so in the future as well.

    One of the reasons why engineering in the electrical division tends to be so popular is because it is currently one of the broadest fields of engineering.

    There are many different and important branches of this astonishing field which include power engineering, electronic engineering, instrumentation engineering and so much more.

    There will be various career paths that the upcoming engineers can choose if they make the choice of pursuing a career in the field of electrical engineering.

    An electrical engineers job would be to create and test several electrical types of equipment and methods for the industry.

    1. Alternative Energy Engineer

    It is no surprise there is now an incredible amount of pressure that is being put on our planet due to the inexplicable change in the climate.

    It is due to this pressure increase that the organizations are now more focused on the creation of renewable and clean forms of energy.

    For instance, there has been an increase in the demand for having solar energy in the living world. Hence the panel costs have been drastically decreasing to a point where there is no question.

    As a result, there is a creation of a particular loop in the feedback which is further fuelling the increase in demand.

    So, finding out effective and clean alternatives for energy is now the prime focus of several industries. Despite the fact that coal power stations are still the source of major energy production, the growth of these stations are now stagnant and it is indicating that there is a new form of energy.

    It would be the job of the alternative energy engineer to find out the source and provide the world with brand new solutions. The students need to have a master’s degree in the subject to pursue a career in this field.

    1. Mining Engineer

    The starting procedure for any product and its lifestyle is achieved with mining. The collection of raw materials which help in the manufacturing of the products is what constitutes the main idea of mining. The job of the mining engineer would be to make sure that the designs for underground and open mining are accurate.

    Also, they would be supervising and observing the construction works as well. Apart from that, the designing of processes and methods for the transportation of raw materials is also the job of a mining engineer. So, there is no doubt that it is also going to be a very important lucrative field in the near future for engineers.

    1. Project Engineer

    The field of project engineering is currently very much in demand too. Project engineering is not exactly that explicitly studied because most of the engineering courses will be able to land you some specific posts in Project Engineering. However, the project engineering career is actually for those who want to have an improvement in their levels of efficiency.

    The exact job description of a particular product manager would be to manage different projects that have a technical aspect to them. This could include manufacturing, designing, procurement, and much more. It is one of the most important fields for the ambitious generation of today.

    1. Environmental Engineer

    The environmental engineers would use the knowledge that they have about different aspects of natural sciences which include chemistry and biology for different purposes.

    Such purposes include the studying and development of different solutions that would provide relief from the environmental issues that the world is going through right now. The important areas that constitute environmental engineering are recycling, water management, reduction of water and air pollution, and much more.

    The career options for the engineers who want to study environmental engineering are currently skyrocketing because the business organizations want to have improved methods for the control of air and water pollution in order to achieve a competitive edge against the competitors.

    The socioeconomic and political trends are the reasons that boost up the demand for several careers in this particular field.


    There are plenty of benefits to choosing a particular career in the engineering field. However, it is evident that engineering is a rigorous and difficult field, out of which only the brightest and the most talented individuals will get to pursue a career of their choice.

    We have covered some of the most demanding Engineering fields and career options for the future. We do hope that this post helps you to make the right choice and choose a stream in which you are most passionate.

    most demanding engineering field in future
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