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    How Does The BBA LLB Programme Help You To Evolve In The Law Field?

    by BML Munjal University June 29, 2022

    As the demand for qualified lawyers is accelerating, more and more youngsters dream of pursuing a career in law. But studying for a law course today is nothing like the old times. Since law affects and is affected by various other disciplines and professions in many ways. Most educational institutes have reinvented their law programmes as per the fast-changing trends of the industry. Over the years, the law education sector has witnessed a crucial revolution resulting in the introduction and customisation of integrated law programmes.

    So What Is A BBA LLB Course?

    Let’s delve into BBA LLB course details.

    BBA LLB Programme is a unique interdisciplinary programme that has emerged in the last decade in response to rapidly-changing trends in the industry. BBA LLB Hons is a five-year integrated programme that deals with the study of commerce, economics and business along with a deep insight into the law and legislature. The course introduces students to an in-depth knowledge of commerce and business management, with complex details of law and governance. Moreover, Students acquire valuable insights into both domains, i.e., management of business functions, including finance, marketing, international business, human resource management, and the legal policy & framework, including corporate laws in the area of banking, investment, corporate governance, insurance, competition and acquisitions & mergers, etc.

    Skills You Attain While Pursuing BBA LLB

    The BBA LLB Hons Programme develops an analytical mindset, critical analysis, lateral thinking, public speaking, research, problem-solving and decision-making skills of the students while exhibiting inter-relationship between management and law. The programme focuses on building a learning environment that fosters students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills and a sense of global and social responsibility and provides solutions to legal issues using intellectual autonomy.

    Moreover, the programme gives the students the tools, skills and practical experience to effectively manage, lead and communicate in today’s increasingly competitive world.

    Tips For Self-Development While Pursuing An Integrated BBA LLB Programme

    For the students who have opted for BBA LLB Hons Programme, try to:

    • Develop yourself personally and professionally
    • Acquire the art of managing self and others
    • Appreciate the environment
    • Pick up management skills by pursuing short-term educational courses
    • Read self-help books
    • Seek those work-related opportunities where you can get the chance to manage work and others effectively

    Top Job Opportunities After BBA LLB Hons

    Business Consultant

    The business and legal areas go hand in hand in a corporate scenario. With the BBA LLB degree, you can obtain a job as a business consultant in the corporate market. The primary responsibility of these professionals is to advise business organisations on legal matters. Businesses today require professionals who can study the market, determine potential opportunities and risks, suggest business expansion strategies, solutions, etc.

    Moreover, with the rapid growth in businesses and start-up culture, business consultants have an ever-increasing demand in the global market.


    BBA LLB Programme also lets you enter the judiciary system and practice law. With the integrated knowledge of the law and the latest market trends, these professionals can send legal notices, investigate the evidence and facts by conferring with their clients, defend their clients in the legal framework, review documents, and conduct settlement of a case through negotiations, reconciliation, and compromises.

    Law Writer

    The responsibility of a law writer involves preparing writing material of any kind for the legal industry. It is closely associated with the technical writing domain. It involves writing for laws, duties, expression of rights, and various other legal analyses. A law writer’s style of writing needs to be crisp, to-the-point, sharp and lucid. These writers are employed by lawyers, legislators, judges, and other professionals from the legal industry.

    Law Compliance Officer

    The role of a Law Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager includes ensuring the seamless functioning of an organisation in an ethical and legal manner. They also have to ensure that the organisation meets its business goals. They are also responsible for identifying market risks, designing company policies, creating an internal control framework, developing compliance programs, evaluating business activities, ensuring compliance with policies, etc.

    Academic sector

    ABBA LLB Programme also lets you pursue a career in the academic sector. With proficiency in both management studies and law, these professionals can either choose to teach in one area or both the areas combined.

    Human Resource Manager

    Human Resource Managers need a thorough knowledge of business management, legal framework, company policies, etc. They ensure the seamless functioning of the organisation by managing its key resource, i.e., the employees. And BBA LLB graduates are best suited for this role with the integrated knowledge of management and law.

    As we already know, BBA LLB Hons equips you with the knowledge and skills that are applicable to the management and law sectors. As a result, BBA LLB graduates are extremely valuable to the corporate world and businesses. This degree has a broader scope of career advancement as compared to the other integrated degrees. In addition, BBA LLB graduates are highly desired in public and the private sectors and in leading businesses. Hence, these graduates get employed in nearly all the sectors of the economy, including administration, management, industrial sector, and banking, along with job profiles related to judiciary and law.

    Moreover, in this fiercely competitive world, you need to stick out from others if you want to excel in your law career. So you must always pursue such prestigious courses from the leading Universities like BML Munjal University (BMU) and Gurugram.

    BBA LLB (Hons) offered at BML Munjal University is for students who are interested in acquiring a deeper knowledge of business and commerce with legal education. In the course, students are introduced to the curriculums of business and commerce by eminent faculty from the School of Management, promoting a truly interdisciplinary approach to learning law.

    BMU is known for offering a curriculum and pedagogy based on creativity, innovation, a multidisciplinary approach and experiential learning.

    Why BMU School Of Law?

    • Renowned faculty from diverse disciplines, including management, commerce and economics.
    • Electives in areas including International Environmental Law, Patent Drafting & Specification Writing, M&A and Privacy Law, electives in management functions Marketing, Finance, Economics and HR
    • Focuses on the legal curriculum for the digital world, including Enterprise 4.0, digital economy and consumerism, and AI at Law firms and courts.

    Law Advisory Council and International Advisory Board

    llb course details BBA LLB Hons BBA LLB Programme
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