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    Jump-start a promising career from a young age by doing a BBA course

    by BML Munjal University August 1, 2022

    Today, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course has multiple connotations as varsities in India are changing the structure of the undergraduate program and how it should be formulated for young students. The definition of the ever-green course has also changed in the contemporary age. Today, it does not only restrict business administration, marketing management, economics, finance and accounts, and Human Resources (HR). Universities in the country and abroad are now offering BBA specializing in ultra-modern digital technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, machine and deep learning, hospitality, business analytics, and data science.

    The popularity of the BBA course has also compelled media houses to track its visibility and how it is gaining traction in India among youngsters. According to a detailed report by the Economic Times, “The Bachelor of Business Administration, a not-so aspirational degree in India, is getting a facelift to become a more attractive proposition for students. Some new-age universities, in particular, are changing how the course is structured. Additionally, BBA courses are designed as shorter versions of MBAs in India.”

    Today, our country fosters a swiftly evolving corporate hub with many employment opportunities and broad scope of business. Hence, courses like BBA are viewed with great reverence and are pursued with excessive enthusiasm by India’s new generation. Besides educating BBA aspirants on making effective decisions regarding managing and maintaining a business organization, BBA courses also train students to work on their personality development proactively: effective communication, confidence, critical thinking, logical reasoning, managerial skills, team leadership, team spirit, understanding consumer behavioral patterns, empathy, etc.

    The vast pond of financial gains 

    Job opportunities after the BBA course are bright if the candidates work hard. Yes, there is a possibility you could move up the ladder faster and smoother. But of course, with the proper education. And the employment prospects are not restricted to only domestic arenas. Students can also hit a glass ceiling quickly by starting their careers in the international market. And, in today’s world, who does not want to work in global firms with picturesque locations? But what are the career options? You could possibly apply for job roles and positions such as:

    • Data scientist
    • Marketing executive
    • Social media executive
    • Associate Research
    • Assistant manager
    • Social media manager
    • Sales manager
    • Digital marketer
    • Research Assistant
    • Sales Executive


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    If you are looking for a job after BBA course, you can discover industries like:

    • Retail
    • Finance
    • Academics
    • Research
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • E-commerce
    • Social media
    • Digital marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business analytics


    Satisfy your flexible working cravings

    In the 21st century, building a flexible work culture for employees is the need of the hour. With millennials and Gen-Z setting foot in the corporate world enormously, companies should focus on offering perks and advantages with some leniency around working from the comfort of homes, including an eight-hour working policy and overtime incentives, appraisals, and flexible working-hour policy. Since BBA syllabi include business administration, HR management, marketing management, etc., students can explore the world of freelancing and full-time, flexible jobs.

    Since the post-COVID-19 syndrome, there are ample flexible jobs for BBA graduates in the market on numerous job portals. Also, you can enter the corporate space right after doing BBA undergraduate course. Unlike other courses, you do not have to acquire higher-level educational qualifications to work. So, do not skip the possibility of conceptualizing and working according to your needs and priorities. See how the course will allow you to witness the limitless sky!

    What if you don’t’ want a job after BBA course?

    There is scope for everyone and anyone after pursuing a BBA course. For instance, if you are dissatisfied with the corporate culture’s limitations, why not explore more for yourself and dwell deeper into the big world of entrepreneurship? Trust me, in today’s world; it is very easy to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. You have all the resources in the world. You just have to exhibit the right idea, mindset, enthusiasm, and a lot of passion for making that dream real. No matter what the motivation is. It could be that you want to be your own master. Perhaps you are exhausted with the ongoing job culture. You can start from anywhere with just one big idea.

    Your gateway to excel in both: theory and practical knowledge 

    BML Munjal University offers a three-year BBA program under its School of Management, which has been received 41st raking by the All India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). And there are many reasons why it has achieved this ranking. The varsity has consciously tried aligning the BBA program with the present-day professional world. Students spend more than 20 percent of their time on hands-on learning experiences in the course by participating in seminars, conferences, workshops, live projects, and industry internships. In the BBA course, young students also have the golden chance to specialize in industry-relevant areas such as:

    • Business analytics
    • Digital marketing
    • Family business and entrepreneurship


    Why BML Munjal University for BBA over any other varsity in India?

    • Excellent opportunity to learn and outshine through experiential learning.
    • Receive the best industry exposure by interacting with industry experts.
    • Excel in practical components of dynamic business education.
    • Build writing, presenting, communication, and critical thinking skills.
    • Be a big part of the university’s interdisciplinary approach. 
    • The study, play, relax and repeat in a safe educational environment.
    • Receive the best placement & career assistance from a dedicated team.
    • Get access to the best infrastructure: virtual classrooms, extensive libraries, etc.


    Do not give up on your dreams, please!

    There are enormous career options available for BBA graduates after completing their undergraduate degrees in India. However, the Indian job market is uncertain, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it would be unjustified if you enroll in a BBA course and successfully finish it but do not secure a job. Hence, choosing a suitable academic space with myriad placement opportunities is crucial. Yes, BBA graduates are exposed to various subjects and benefit from participating in seminars/workshops or getting real experiences in entrepreneurship. But this is possible only if you do not give up on your goals or that one dream job you manifest every day!

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