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    Pondering a Dreamy Career? Start with BA Honours in Economics

    by BML Munjal University November 3, 2022

    Students are often in a dilemma regarding their higher studies after completing their intermediate. There is a wide range of courses with a plethora of specialisations for interested students. Making the right decision can sometimes be tricky but is essential for their bright careers as it is a one-time decision.

    Hence, students should wisely consider different options before choosing the right course and specialisation. Besides this, students are also concerned about selecting a good institute for a better learning outcome. If you are someone who has these concerns, you have undoubtedly landed on the right page.

    Economics – One of the Most Intellectual Disciplines

    For students interested in knowing about their country’s economy, Economics, one of the most popular branches of social science, is the best choice among all other streams. Taking up a course in Economics allows students to gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

    Moreover, the course lets students know about the future, past and current economic models and the ways to apply them to societies. In addition, Economics aspirants are highly competent and sought-after because they specialise in different sectors, including Banking and Finance.

    Studying Economics gives students a better and more in-depth understanding of the world. In addition, pursuing a course in Economics enables students to find a better way to prepare themselves for lucrative careers in Business or Finance.

    Therefore, Economics courses are offered at different levels of academic qualifications, like UG, PG, and Doctoral. However, pursuing a BA Hons degree in Economics is a great option for students who have recently passed their intermediate. So now you must be thinking, what is BA Honours in Economics course, what do you study through the course and what career options are after a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics course? Let’s find answers to all your questions!

    What is BA Honours in Economics?

    Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics is one of the most sought-after courses of three years at the undergraduate academic qualification level. Pursuing a BA Hons degree in Economics is highly advantageous for aspirants wishing to build careers in the economics, financial or banking sectors. The programme offers an interdisciplinary approach with a well-designed syllabus.

    The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics provides a unique curriculum, including several streams of social science like sociology, psychology, political science, etc., besides Economics as a major. Apart from this, students can also choose finance or management tracks as minor subjects and thus, they can efficiently complete their BA Hons degree in Economics in an interdisciplinary environment.

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    BML Munjal University – Preparing Highly Competent Economics Experts for Future

    While there is endless confusion about choosing the right college or University (BMU) to pursue a BA Hons degree in Economics, BML Munjal University, an initiative of Hero Group, is one of the most reliable options you can consider. Its legacy is enough to establish the credibility the University brings along with it. Moreover, BMU is a new-age university that has challenged the parameters and is revamping education to help students become futuristic across disciplines.

    Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics at BML Munjal University highly focuses on experiential learning and research through independent learning, research projects, teaching assistantship, communication engagement, etc. In addition, BMU offers several majors for BA Hons degree in Economics, such as:

    • Economics and Public Policy
    • Economics and Finance
    • Economics and Econometrics
    • Economics and Sustainability Studies

    Besides this, BML Munjal University understands and considers students’ needs and demands and has the primary focus on meeting their demands with a holistic approach towards learning. Therefore, apart from the various majors offered in Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics, the University offers two specialisations as a minor, which are mentioned below:

    • BA Hons in Economics with Management
    • BA Hons in Economics with Finance

    Students get the opportunity to choose one of these electives and gain a complete understanding of the course in depth.  

    Top Reasons to Choose BMU for BA Honours in Economics

    BML Munjal university is one of the best and leading universities among all other institutions in India. As an initiative of Hero Group, BMU has a substantial core value and emphasises students’ holistic growth and development, helping them emerge as ethical leaders for tomorrow who can positively impact society. Here are some of the USPs of BML Munjal University which make it stand out from all other colleges and universities in India:

    • Follows Interdisciplinary Edge: BML Munjal University allows students to pursue additional subjects or minors apart from the majors, such as law, computer science, mathematics, political science, sociology, management, entrepreneurship, etc. 
    • Well-designed Curriculum: The University follows a unique and well-designed course curriculum which includes phenomena-based courses in strategy and governance by international faculty, languages, discipline agnostic, and sustainability. 
    • Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC): The University highly focuses on students’ career development. A Career Guidance and Development Centre, widely known as CGDC, offers career counselling and guides the course aspirants to choose one of the most suitable and lucrative career options. For this, students are provided with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the field. 
    • International Immersion: Students pursuing a BA Hons degree in Economics at BMU get international exposure opportunities. To do this, the University has several international partnerships with top and leading Universities across the globe. For example, Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University of California, Berkeley, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and many more.

    Moreover, BML Munjal University offers incredible undergraduate programmes with a unique academic approach designed based on multidisciplinary immersive experiential learning principles. Here are some of the major points on the academic approach:

    • Mentor mentee programme
    • Peer review exercises
    • 45% experiential learning
    • Faculty with exceptional credentials
    • Interdisciplinary approach towards teaching and learning
    • Full-semester Internships or practice schools 

    Explore a Lot with Just One Degree

    Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics is one of the most popular courses among all the other courses at an undergraduate academic level. Therefore, pursuing a BA Hons degree in Economics at BML Munjal University will surely prove rewarding for your career. After completing your Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics, you can either go for higher studies or work in various sectors with a high-paying job profile.

    what is BA honours ba hons degree bachelor of arts honours
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