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    What is a Liberal Arts Degree: Explore the Path and Potential

    by BML Munjal University June 17, 2024

    In classical antiquity, liberal arts served as vital education for individuals engaged in civic life. This covered active participation in public discourse, legal defence, jury duty, and military service. Initially, the trivium of grammar, rhetoric, and logic formed the core subjects. Later, it was expanded to arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, making a total of seven subjects. The aim of academic education, before the specialisation of disciplines, lay in broadening the mind, cultivating ethics and virtues and understanding society and polity.  

    What is a Liberal Arts Degree?

    A liberal arts degree, categorised within the humanities, encompasses the broad study of art, literature, language, history, politics, society, philosophy and the pure sciences. 

    Liberal arts programmes inculcate students into critical empathetic and sociological thinking, taking into consideration the ethics involved, thus making them valuable contributors to any organisation, where they will also bring their discipline specific skills.   With their transferrable skills and their ability to think analytically and collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, graduates of liberal arts programmes are well-positioned to assume leadership roles within any department.

    So, if after the 12th board, you wish to pursue a law course, choose BA Hons in Liberal Arts!

    Scope of BA Hons in Liberal Arts

    A BA Hons in Liberal Arts provides a broad-based education that can lead to a wide range of career options in India. Some of the fields that a liberal arts degree can lead to include:

    • Academics, 
    • Journalism, 
    • Communication, 
    • Advertising, 
    • Public relations, 
    • Writing and marketing, 
    • Human resources, and
    • International relations
    • Public Service and Administration
    • Corporate Organisations
    • Research
    • Higher Education
    • Policy research
    • Data journalism
    • Development Sector
    • Arts Foundations and Initiatives
    • Psychotherapy and allied practices
    • Counselling and School Administration

    Achieve Artistry of Intellect with BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    The School of Liberal Arts at BMU offers a BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts featuring a potential exit option in the third year. The curriculum encourages students to actively shape their academic journey, collaborating with faculty mentors to select a major aligned with their professional, personal, and societal aspirations. Prospective candidates will have the liberty to opt for any of the majors available in the repertoire, and the declaration of majors is deferred until the midpoint of the second year. 

    Presently, the majors cover:

    • Economics, 
    • Psychology, and 
    • Sociology. 

    In the initial three semesters, students will fulfil foundational course requirements while delving into elective courses to explore their intellectual interests. Subsequent years will concentrate on major and minor coursework, with the final year dedicated to individual research, internships, and vocational training.

    BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts Programme Outcomes:

    • Achieve proficiency in major subfields, engage with a thematic focus area, and undergo advanced methods training alongside research endeavours.
    • Analyse real-world challenges, critique disciplinary boundaries and broaden perspectives to address intricate issues comprehensively.
    • Gain insights from industry professionals, bridging classroom teachings with fundamental disciplinary inquiries.
    • Acquire a robust comprehension of ethical research methodologies and citation protocols to uphold academic integrity.
    • Cultivate professionalism and integrity, equipping individuals to navigate professional landscapes and engage in social entrepreneurship.
    • Prepare for diverse career paths requiring adept communication skills and interdisciplinary prowess.
    • Foster empathy and self-awareness, encouraging introspection on personal growth and interpersonal dynamics.

    Wrapping Up

    Liberal arts education remains as relevant today as it was in ancient times, demanding critical thinking, creativity, and a broad understanding of the world. Its interdisciplinary approach prepares individuals to navigate the complexities of modern society, fostering adaptability and empathy. Embracing the liberal arts not only enriches personal growth but also equips individuals with the skills needed to thrive in diverse career paths and contribute meaningfully to their communities. 

    Get on a transformative journey of self-discovery and intellectual growth with a BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts at BML Munjal University. Explore diverse perspectives, cultivate critical thinking, and prepare for a future filled with endless possibilities. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Apply now and unlock your potential!

    What is a Liberal Arts Degree
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