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    by Tanushree Srivastava May 6, 2015

    Sitting in a modern, aesthetically designed office situated in the heart of Gurgaon, I was finally starting my summer internship. A day much anticipated and planned for in the last few months. As a member of the placement committee, I know the kind of hard work and planning that went into getting each one of us our desired company.

    As I walked inside the colourful work space, I saw some of the coolest work stations, I was finally in the right space. The creative space, I always craved. That boss-intern introduction which I was a little sceptical about was amazingly comfortable. My mentor, Paras Johar is a very dynamic personality with an amazing track record in the Ford marketing space.  He made everything easy for me right from the induction process.

    I am a part of the upcoming Ford campaign which is extremely interesting and is making me understand the nitty gritty of how a marketing campaign operates and how countless number of people work day and night to make a simple looking campaign successful.

    When I look at the wacky and oh-so creative work stations of all working here, I realize how much I am yet to learn and the kind of harnessing that is required for the creativity that exists in the small corner of my cerebral lobe.

    Its only my second day here and I am already high on learnings which primarily include treating all members of my team, no matter how senior or junior, with equal respect and patience. This summer is all about getting drenched in everything Blue with Ford leading me towards an absolutely new dimension of marketing and work ethics.

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