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    What makes the Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India stand out?
    by bml-blog May 19, 2017

    Driven by the aspirations to become a part of one of the top 100 engineering colleges in India, more than a million students face the toughest engineering entrance examinations, each year. The popularity of this field of education in the nation is such that it has made India one of the largest contributors to the growing multitude of engineers in the world.

    Be it the growing number of engineering colleges, coaching institutes, or the crowd of engineering aspirants; they all add more to the belief that engineering is a field that’s meant to stay both in education and in the professional quarters. Here are a few reasons to best explain what is it that makes the top 100 engineering colleges in India what they are –

    Top-level Faculty
    The benefit of being guided by an able faculty is not something that can be downplayed. Top engineering colleges hire only the finest faculties who have themselves been pruned by prominent educational institutions of the world. The more capable the faculty, the finer is the quality of education in an institution.

    Modern infrastructure
    The college campus plays a major role in providing quality education. This not only includes modern teaching techniques, laboratory equipment, and other classroom essentials but hostel and extra-curricular requisites too, to support the all-round development of the students.

    Relevant curriculum
    With passing time, even higher education in India is no more purely traditional. The top engineering college in the nation comes with a research-driven real-time curriculum along with promising branches of engineering like robotics, biotechnology, mechanical, etc.

    To further hone the skills of the students and better prepare them for the practical competitive world, many top engineering colleges in India have a flexible curriculum and offer several electives too.

    Good placement opportunities
    As engineering is a full-fledged professional course, placement opportunities after graduation play a crucial role in the education of the students. These also mark one of the distinguishing features among the top engineering colleges in India and the others. The prominent institutions are not only visited by well-established top-class companies like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle to name a few, but also by several public sector undertakings.

    Productive environment
    The reason that such a huge multitude of students strive to make it to the best engineering colleges in India, even though the procedure is not easy, is because they are superior at many levels. Factors likable and informed professors or guides, like-minded classmates, good infrastructure including rich libraries, etc. all add up to make a conducive and productive environment for the students there.

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