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    Why do an EMBA from BML Munjal University?
    by bml-blog December 6, 2017

    The choice between an EMBA and a full-time MBA is an age-old battle. The basic difference between an MBA and an EMBA is the level of skill that an aspirant already possesses. The average candidate for an EMBA has already been working for over 5 to 10 years and has some experience in a managerial role. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making your decision.

    1. An EMBA is an investment in yourself – It is the perfect way to inculcate new skills. It is noted that 53% of aspirants are given new roles and responsibilities after completing their MBA.

    In such a scenario BML Munjal University’s multi-disciplinary approach is the perfect way to inculcate new management skills and techniques, strategic thinking, better communication, and more efficient team-building abilities.

    1. Growing that all-important professional network is another benefit of doing an EMBA. With a strong industry connection, BMU provides aspirants an opportunity to connect with the industry and gives them access to a network that matters. Industry tie-ups with Siemens, Shell, Axis Bank, Fraunhoffer, IBM, Hero Group, KPMG, and many more, aspirants have access to corporate big wigs.
    2. Learning is key to broadening your horizons, a contemporary curriculum is essential for foresight and ingenuity, qualities that can give that much-needed career push.

    BMU’s curriculum is designed in consultation with some of the leaders in management education like Imperial College London, Singapore Management University, and Robert H Smith school of business, ensuring that the program teaches aspirants to look beyond the technical aspects of a project and not limit their vision.

    The reward of doing an EMBA is immediate for both the aspirant and employer as both learnings and application is done in real-time. Founded by the promoters of the Hero Group, BMU understands the importance of keeping the balance between university and the workplace.

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