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A Hero Group Initiative


SAVERA (Students As Volunteers in Education to Reach and Assist), is a club and student NGO initiative of BML Munjal University, which started in the year 2014. The aim of SAVERA is to provide education and support to the students of weaker sections of the society. The member students work with a pledge to literate, educate and ameliorate. Since its inception, SAVERA has been tirelessly working to dispel the darkness of nascence, from the life of unprivileged children.

They arrange co-curricular activities and ensure that maximum students participate and get the best from them. At times, SAVERA provides them with food and clothing.

To create a suitable environment of education, SAVERA carries out literacy campaigns in nearby villages and persuades people to educate their children. SAVERA also assists them in school admissions.



Lahari Kasarla

B.Tech 3rd Year



Sai Pavan Kumar

B.Tech 2nd Year



Shubam Suthar

B.Tech 2nd Year

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