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Admissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply NowAdmissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply Now

Visiting Faculty

BMU, a University committed to continuous research, academic rigor and industry-academia initiatives seeks partnership of eminent teaching professionals, research initiators and industry stalwarts. Therefore, BMU encourages quality involvement of academicians, scholars, practitioners, policymakers in teaching, research, and related services on a regular basis. Such involvement helps in bringing external perspective to regular teaching to make classes more interesting and to further enrich existing knowledge of faculty members and contribute towards ongoing research endeavors. Secondary Faculty positions at different levels are therefore invited through the year.

Visiting Faculty:

Senior professionals who have worked in companies of repute, academicians from universities, institutes, R&D labs, industry or with Government of India and abroad including those on sabbatical leave from other institutions or retired are invited to apply for Visiting Faculty positions with BMU. This will help in building a strong and robust collaboration between BMU and industry and to bring in the organizational perspectives into the class making them holistic and enriching. The engagement of such faculty can provide support to institutional development activities with an active industry interface.
Visiting faculty are inducted into the institution for short term and long term but for a maximum period of upto three years.
Such faculty members will be expected to work full time by sharing their real time and practical experience and knowledge which can add significant value to theory. They are also expected to increase in Industry-Institute interactions and contribute to the institution through inputs in the development of Entrepreneurial activities.

Emeritus Professor:

Superannuated Professors and eminent faculty of IITs/ IIMs/ IISC and other institutions of similar repute across the globe who have been actively engaged in research and teaching programmes can be inducted as Professor-Emeritus positions at BMU to undertake research, promote the R & D activities in the school and departments and play the role of mentor to the faculty members of the school and departments.
Professors and faculty members will be selected for this position basis their quality of research and published work in his/her service career. The faculty with sufficient R & D work and having suitable externally sponsored projects or comparable activities will be considered. In cases where a faculty brings in extensive teaching and/or academic experience may also be considered. They may be engaged with BMU for a maximum period of 3 years, extendable by 2 more years. However, an age limit of 70 years may be followed.
Professor Emeritus will be expected to make Research Contribution, Teaching and Learning Contribution, Curriculum Development, Leadership Development, Creating a conducive Research environment, Research Collaborations with the outside world etc. at BMU.

Adjunct Faculty:

Scientists/Engineers/Professionals employed in other organizations, who are willing to spend few days to few weeks time at BMU are encouraged to apply for Adjunct Faculty Positions in BMU. Such partnerships are built to bring in external perspective to regular teaching and to further enrich existing knowledge of faculty members, and to provide support in institutional development activities with an active industry interface. Such faculty are provided with mutually agreed remuneration and perks. Adjunct faculty are expected to share practical knowledge, real time experiences in classrooms, and increase in academic-industry interface.

Secondary Faculty application are always invited at BMU, and although we may not have an immediate opening, your submission will remain active for 1 year to be considered for future needs. To apply, please submit your detailed CV to, mentioning the position in the subject line. Upon receipt, you will automatically receive an email confirming your submission.