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  • BBA in association KPMG

    BBA KPMG 2019-2022

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1FoundationMicro Economics*4
    2FoundationMathematics for Business*4
    3FoundationIntroduction to Psychology4
    4CoreFinancial Accounting-KCap4
    5CoreBusiness Organization and Principles of Management*4
    6SkillsWriting Skills3
    7PerspectivePhilosophy and Logic*2
    Total Credits25

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1FoundationMacro Economics*4
    2FoundationIntroduction to Sociology4
    3CoreBusiness Analytics (Statistics) *4
    4CoreCost and Management Accounting4
    5CoreCorporate Accounting-KCap4
    6SkillsCommunicating and Presenting Skills*3
    7PerspectiveJoy Of Innovation3
    8PerspectiveEnvironmental Studies and Disaster Management2
    Total Credits28
    Industry Visit (2 Weeks)non-credit

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreOrganizational Behaviour*4
    2CoreEssentials of Marketing*4
    3CoreOperations Management*4
    4CoreUnderstanding Industry & Markets4
    5CoreCorporate Accounting II-KCap4
    6SkillsEtiquette and Conversational Skills*3
    7PerspectiveLiving Literature and Arts3
    8PerspectiveWorld Civilizations2
    Total Credits28

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreHuman Resource Management*4
    2CoreBusiness Law*4
    3CoreFinancial Management*4
    4CoreLeveraging Information Technology for Business4
    5CoreMarketing Management4
    6CoreFinancial Reporting – Kcap4
    7SkillsCritical Reasoning & Systems Thinking2
    Total Credits26
    Internship (6 Weeks)6

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreLeadership and Ethics*4
    3ElectivesElectives (4×2=8)8
    4SkillsResume Writing and Career Skills2
    5PerspectiveMarkstrat Simulation3
    6PerspectiveProblem Solving and Consulting Skills*3
    Total Credits24

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCredit
    1CoreInnovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking4
    2CoreInternational Business Management*4
    4ElectivesElectives (6×2=12)12
    5PerspectiveContemporary Challenges* (Capstone)3
    6SkillsSelling, Negotiating, and Persuading Skills*3
    Total Credits28

    Please Note:The courses are subject to revision.

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