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    MBA in Forensic Accounting
    and Corporate Fraud (in assoc. with KPMG)

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    MBA in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud (in Assoc. KPMG)

    An MBA in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud is a specialization that is a natural outcome of the growing incidence of fraudulent business practices and white-collar crimes. With an eye on the future, BML Munjal University’s MBA in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud programme in association with KPMG, focuses on nurturing professionals to understand the nuances associated with this field, and also acquire the business acumen to provide resolutions that ensure the betterment of the organizations.

    A participant in this course will benefit from KPMG’s extensive real-time industry expertise and will gain proficiency in areas such as:

    • Investigative strategies
    • Data analysis programmes
    • Interview principles and techniques
    • Financial statement reviews

    Designed to provide coherent and methodical examination of various principles and strategies involved in the detection and prevention of fiscal frauds, anyone from a CA to a science student can pursue the Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud programme offered at BML Munjal University.

    Career Prospect

    In association with KPMG, BMU offers this specialized course that provides complete training to the students in forensic accounting and corporate fraud. The students receive training in investigating strategies, financial statement reviews, data analysis programmes, interview principles, and techniques.

    Under the guidance of experienced faculty, the students are acquainted with the industry requirements. Through the course, the students are provided knowledge about Indian and Global Accounting Standards. For commerce students, especially CA/CS/ICWA, it is a wonderful career opportunity.

    After completing the course, the students can work in either the public or the private sector. They can also work with leading accounting firms, IT companies and export firms. In addition, they can also work in other trending fields such as investment banking, accounts handling, financial planning, broking, financial analytics, and venture capital.

    Participants who have completed this course can work in different leading positions, such as:

    • Auditor
    • Fraud Analyst
    • Risk Analyst
    • Finance Controller
    • Senior Manager
    • Assistant Manager

    Learning the nuances of investigating corporate fraud from one of the Big 4, is definitely a career booster for participants of this course and one that will help them throughout their work life.

    • Duration : 2 years
    • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree and standardised test scores
    • Admission Process

      Applicants will have to go through the following process:

      • Submission of completed application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee
      • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates
      • Personal interview
      • Admission decision taken by the selection committee

      The decision to short-list applicants for a personal interview and group discussion and make a formal offer of admission thereafter will be taken by the selection committee. The committee’s decision in this regard is final and binding.

    Fee Structure

    Total fee


    1st Year


    2nd Year


    Important Dates

    The MBA application deadline is 5th June 2020.

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