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    5 Attributes of a Computer Science Engineer
    by bml-blog June 5, 2017

    Computer science is a very sought-after field of engineering courses today. In fact, it accounts for some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. According to recent pay scale data, the average mean salary for software engineers in India is Rs. 434,391 per year. As an engineer gains more experience and exposure, his or her salary is expected to grow exponentially. This is because there is a growing demand for highly experienced and talented engineers.

    Software engineers, system engineers, web developers, system administrators, project managers, and most recent jobs in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning are very much in demand. Having stated that these areas of jobs are also highly competitive. Moreover, if you want to grab the best opportunities in the market, you will have to work your way towards acquiring certain attributes that make your skills unique and indispensable.

    Taking our discussion further, here are the following things you must acquire while you are pursuing a computer science degree –

    Strong Analytical Aptitude

    Computer science engineers are problem solvers. They are required to bring solutions to the table so that processes become faster. The key is to visualize, understand and impact quick solutions to both highly complex or uncomplicated problems.  Whether it is programming, software testing, or machine learning, an inquisitive mind that continually strives for the right answers is important.

    Impeccable Communication Skills

    A computer science engineer builds a wall of codes and binaries and witnesses the world from that view. While this attribute exhibits your passion as an engineer, you will have to break down the codes so that a non-technical person can understand. Remember that your clients or the end-user are not familiar with the codes you write in the terminal, they are more concerned if those lines of code can solve the problem. Therefore, while you are pursuing an engineering course in computer science, make sure you also pay attention to soft skills.

    Try and become a people person. Soft skill is an important skill set that many computer engineers ignore. However, in a job scenario, especially during interviews, these skills are imperative.

    Team Player

    As you graduate from college and join a company, you will have to work with many departments. The chances are that you will have to work in a team. Therefore, learn the art of collaboration and team building. For example, in BMU, our pedagogy is more inclined towards offering students an opportunity to work on real-time projects and training. Students get ample opportunity to brush up their skills as excellent team players.

    Hands-down Technical Knowledge

    As a computer science engineer, you may have preferences towards a programming language. For instance, some programmers are hardcore Java enthusiasts, while others are more inclined towards Python or C++. Irrespective of which school of thought you belong to, one trait of a good computer science engineer is that he or she should be open to learning. You need to acquire skills along the way. Computer science is a very evolving sphere, and every day new programming languages and open-source software are being introduced. Therefore, brush up your learning and get a hands-on competence over a pool of languages.

    Great Mathematical Skills

    Programming and coding are all about mathematical reasoning and algorithm. In fact, those who have mathematical abilities have the potential of becoming great computer science engineers and programmers. You will have to implement the principles of advanced mathematics, linear algebra, and vectors. Therefore, brush up on your mathematical skills to become an excellent computer science engineer.

    In above to the above attributes, you also need to develop astute business and marketing aptitude. Whether you work at a large enterprise or set up your venture developing a business acumen is essential for the job.

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