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    A Tribute to Our College

    by BML Munjal University June 17, 2015

    Engineering is what you are gonna do?
    Dude,listen up!
    Got BMU for you.

    Best faculty,best academics,
    Imperial college’s our mentor
    Just check its statistics.

    Talk about the Dean,
    We have the best of them all!
    Not unlike others,
    Who resemble a fireball.

    Campus lush and green,
    We’re gonna preserve,
    Thinking about the future
    So keeping it reserve!

    Let’s talk about Maths,
    Complex and real,
    Ziya and Asthana
    Always solve the deal!

    Come mechanics,
    Electrostats and optics,
    Call Aditya and Babu,
    The masters of Physics.

    Your chemistry with chemistry,
    Will always be increasing,
    Coz Tapas and Sanmitra,
    Are way too pleasing!

    JOE and workshop,
    The real applications,
    Vinayak and Maheshwar.
    Best for verifications.

    Computer’s fundamentals,
    And programming,
    When Goldie and Neha come,
    They make it astounding!

    That’s not all,
    What we have got!
    SE and WC,
    Add to our lot.

    Gracious Sunayana,
    Disciplined Raji,
    Will improve your English,
    Assure you,“Haanji”!

    Students? not just students,
    We are a family!
    Come whatever may,
    We live so happily!

    – Sidhyant Manu (BTech ECE – 1st Year)

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