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    What are the Benefits of Doing an MBA?

    by BML Munjal University October 4, 2018

    Choosing to pursue an MBA after graduation is considered to be the stepping stone to a top-notch professional. It is not a wonder why this is a prevailing trend among most of the students and even working professionals today.

    The decision of enrolling in an MBA program can be truly rewarding for aspiring global managers.

    It is believed that an MBA degree can easily turn things around in favor of anyone who wishes to set up their business venture or land a high profile managerial job.

    The MBA subjects and syllabus are tailored to deliver the knowledge, strategies, and experience that is essential in today’s world for being successful professionally.

    In 2016-17, almost two lakhs students completed an MBA degree to land up in a  better career prospect. So, it’s understandable as to why MBA courses are becoming popular each year.

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    Besides, there is a bunch of benefits of doing an MBA beyond just professional goals and career.

    Let us take a look at them.

    16 Benefits of Pursuing an MBA Course

    • Boost In Self-Confidence


    According to a study, 85% of the population all over the world suffer from low self-confidence (source).

    Although, if you pursue an MBA, it will help in enhancing your self-confidence. A survey was conducted on the graduates of MBA about – non-financial benefits that they earned by achieving this degree. 

    There, the majority of their answers were all about the boost in self-confidence. The sense of high achievement and completion of a Master degree would be boosting confidence in self.

    • Credibility

    An MBA is the best way to establish your credibility in this highly competitive market of today. There are many ways to get this done, but an MBA from a good college will automatically work wonders for you.

    Getting the post of volunteers for a valuable project and stretching all the limitations to show off the hidden talent is quite a good option. Similar to it there are several ways, anyhow, none of them is as powerful as an academic version of credibility in the business world, an MBA degree is the only key for it.

    • Transferable Skills


    The knowledge that is gained by an MBA holder is relevant for all industries, and not just specific to a particular industry or channel. Hence the person gets a more versatile exposure to ideas, and skills regardless of the industrial line.

    MBA focuses on leadership, analytical thinking, communication and creativity which are the key demands of every single industry for success.

    In short, the MBA graduate can avail the best out of their knowledge in various fields; unlike the career-specific degrees, i.e. medical degree or teaching credential.

    • Value Addition to Resume

    Another significant benefit attached to completing an MBA degree is that it would be adding greater value to the resume of an individual. Surveys have proved that the various companies or recruiters tend to attach greater value to a resume that includes the degree of an MBA from a reputable college.

    A rich resume will automatically do the talking on your behalf. Further, a resume with MBA degree holds more value and would be helping the graduate to easily unlock the best job opportunities with some really good compensation packages for them.

    • Strategic Thinking


    All the MBA graduates are trained and groomed to think with a strategic bent of mind which will not be only helping them in business but in all spheres of life.

    A developed strategic mind would easily empower them to meet the personal and financial goals systematically easily. An MBA course generally sharpens the mind of the person and always enforces them to think out of the box.

    • Good Communication Skills

    In a study in 2013, 93% of employers emphasized mostly on communication skills while hiring candidates (source).

    Sharpening the communication skills is an essential part of any MBA course, and it has been seen that a person with an MBA degree usually has much better communication skills than the average people.

    The reason behind it is – proper knowledge and practice, the conduct of the student at the time of pursuing this course about improving communication skills.

    The personality and grooming are also largely dependent upon the way of communication. Being an excellent communicator would be adding a few more stars to overall personality and help in a lot of fields.

    • Self Discipline

    Earning the MBA degree may appear to be simple; however, the real picture is completely different.

    A student is required to attend their classes regularly, complete the assignments, and spend hours in team activities, group discussions and of course self-study.

    They need to be quite self-disciplined for carrying out all these activities with energy and perfection to become an MBA degree holder with flying colors. Learning self-discipline is naturally a part of this.

    • Time Management

    Development of self-discipline gives rise to better management of time for getting an adequate time out for every activity.

    It also leads to the better acknowledgment of their abilities like – finishing the work within the time limit and thinking rationally to find out ways to get work done on time.

    It is not a wonder why MBA pass-outs are known to manage their time better to fit in all activities – both work and play!

    • Gain a Wider Perception


    Addressing the challenging business issues and hurdles faced by real-world business is a part of MBA studies. How an organization works as a whole and tackling the related challenges is a part of it.

    So, it increases the exposure of student to diverse perspectives about social, business and global issues and how to apply strategic thinking to arrive at solutions.

    It happens as they collaborate with the students of other fields, backgrounds; who carry the different knowledge and experiences.

    • Take on Senior Roles

    The recent case studies about employment and hiring have stated that most of the companies are giving preference to the students who carry a master’s degree in Business Administration because of their vast knowledge about marketing tactics. Therefore MBA is always a pick-point with the recruiters.

    A person with an MBA degree will, therefore, be more preferred for being appointed with senior roles and responsibilities and more fulfilling job options.

    • Preference as a Job Candidate


    An MBA degree can be the game changer for you when competing with candidates for a single job position.

    The situations get much more favorable for the candidate who has added the degree of MBA to their CV. In short, this degree would set your application on the top of the recruiter’s mind.

    • Higher Income

    The most common reason to spend money, efforts and time getting the degree of MBA is to earn better income packages in the future.

    The MBA holder generally gets a good position in the company and consequently enjoys packages with heftier figures.

    • Wide Network


    At the time of completing an MBA, the person would be coming in contact with lots of fellow students, faculty, and entrepreneurs. 

    Establishing a good relationship with them would mean a richer network of people to collaborate and improve oneself. The person could be from your industry or any other industry. In the end, it holds the power of serving some really promising opportunities for better careers.

    • Prevent Career Blockage

    There are lots of people who get stuck in a rut; to go ahead with their career. Well, holding the degree of MBA can be helpful at this point as it can pull you out of the funk and re-energize the previous goals. People even discover new goals throughout their journey.

    It does not matter that either you got a dream of high-paid job or being an entrepreneur; MBA would always be there to help and ensuring the best out of your outputs.

    • Finance Management

    MBA teaches a lot about management of financial resources and utilizing it properly for best possibility. Well, that same knowledge can even be used out of the business boundaries, i.e. personal finance management.

    There is no doubt that a student becomes better and better in assessing risk throughout the course. They carry the proper knowledge about how interest rates and inflation works. In short, the person can take the best action regarding their financial resources using their MBA knowledge.

    • Enhanced Creativity


    Most of the MBA courses show different facts and numbers, anyhow the boundaries of this course are spread across a much wider area.

    The majority of us would not realize that this course automatically imbibes a creative mindset to the degree holder. MBA is all about thinking out of the box and come up with ideas that an ordinary person cannot. And thinking effectively, yet differently can ultimately bring about a lot of advantages.

    Final Words:

    So here are some of the most significant benefits of doing an MBA course. If you have been planning to do an MBA, don’t hesitate any more, after all the loads of advantages are certainly going to push you towards a successful career path.

    However, it is recommended that the aspiring candidate aims to get an MBA degree from a well-reputed college, for which extensive preparation is needed to crack the entrance test. An MBA degree from a well-known institute will unlock the key to a bright and better future for you.

    benefits of MBA Degree MBA Benefits
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