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    How to Choose Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA ) Specialisation

    by BML Munjal University March 31, 2022

    Today’s competitive business requires the development of essential management approaches to respond positively to changing market dynamics and customer preferences. BBA program helps students acquire outstanding business leadership skills to positively impact employees, owners, customers, and other stakeholders.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree targets developing a student’s executive personality and intellectual ability through an appropriate blending of general and business education. In addition, the BBA degree helps the student understand and develop the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organisational unit or an enterprise.

    What is BBA?

    A Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most popular courses after 10+2. It is a gateway to have opportunities in various sectors like Marketing, Finance, Sales, Education, and Government. It is designed to provide a clear understanding of business-oriented concepts. BBA comes with multiple disciplines like Marketing, HR, Accounting, and Finance. This degree yields a more extensive scope in various businesses as this course has a significant impact on the growth of the Business Industry.  

    BBA Course Details


    Course  BBA BBA
    BBA Full form Bachelors of Business Administration
    Duration 3 years
    Course Type Regular mode / Distance mode
    Advance Courses MCA, MBA, MSC, IT
    Similar Course B.com, BA, BSC
    Employment opportunities Business Consultants, Business Administration Professor, Business Administration Researcher


    BBA Course Duration

    BBA Program lasts for three years and follows a semester-based course. In a curriculum, you will be having practical sessions, assignments, projects, lectures, examinations, etc. In addition, the BBA syllabus is designed in such a way to impart knowledge of both administration skills and business management.

    BBA Specialisations in India

    A BBA degree course may consist of foundational general education courses focusing on the specific business specialisation. Some of the most common BBA specialisations are listed below:

    BBA in Finance

    The Finance program aims to develop financial understanding among students and build relevant skills or knowledge to tackle economic problems. The financial department holds immense value and regard in the private sector and governance. From managing taxes to government expenditure and debt, financial management is needed. Thus this course has gained tremendous traction and significance.

    The curriculum covers various concepts like financial markets, investment analysis, financial statement analysis, trading and portfolio management, and economic and risk modelling.

    BBA in Business Analytics

    Business analytics is a specialised course that aims to develop business analytics professionals for various industries. Business analytics is a combination of Business Intelligence and Data analytics. It is the science of analysing data to find patterns to help develop strategies.

    This program helps attain the knowledge or skills required to drive critical business decisions. It will also help develop or increase the skills needed to carry out analytical support and procedures for an organisation by figuring out ways to optimise and improve existing business processes.

    BBA in Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a three-year UG program pursued after completing the 12th standard. The digital marketing industry has been succeeding due to the sudden change of businesses to online mode, and as a result, the demand for digital marketers is at its peak.

    BBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business

    BBA Entrepreneurship & Family Business in the association is a three-year undergraduate programme designed to prepare the students to start their businesses, run family businesses, and manage new ventures within established organisations.

    During this programme, the students are imparted with fundamental management subjects and elective specialised entrepreneurship subjects such as new venture creation; entrepreneurship theory and practices; family business management; creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.

    BBA in Human Resources

    BBA degree in Human Resources is one of the most popular specialisations. HR is an essential part of any industry, and they are the ones who ensure an industry runs smoothly and the employees are happy. Human Resources is all about managing the organisational structure and is the bridge between employees and management.

    With a BBA in Human Resources degree, you will get a job in middle management. For example, you can work as a generalist or a recruiter. The salary depends upon the company and industry you work in, but most HRs earn a good living and good benefits and growth opportunities.

    Getting to know about all the specialisations is like winning half the battle, which will help you make the correct decision. In India, the popularity of the BBA degree is on the rise and may soon overtake traditional undergraduate courses.

    So, if you aspire to seek a business career, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at BML Munjal University is the ideal choice for you.

    To learn more about BBA courses, you can contact our counsellors, who will readily clear all your doubts. We at BML Munjal University are more than happy to help you. We have the best undergraduate courses, including Bachelor of Business Administration, and have an excellent track record in placements. So, please enquire with us today!

    You can apply online to BML by logging on to https://admissions.bmu.edu.in/

    bba course details bba course duration bba syllabus
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