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    How to Improve on your Job Prospects after Engineering?
    by bml-blog August 29, 2017

    There are thousands of engineering colleges in India, and every year millions of students pass out from these colleges.  Whether you pass out from one of the top 100 engineering colleges in India or any other reputed engineering college, to make your mark and land a good job you will have to increase your chances of employability.

    While the job opportunities after engineering courses are many, but the number of engineering jobs is not enough when compared to the number of pass-outs. Hence, for a pass out from one of the top 100 engineering colleges in India or any other engineering college, a job search can be one of the most draining phases of his life. Strong technical and interpersonal skills together with subject knowledge can help you improve your job prospects after engineering, and take you closer to your dream job.

    Here are certain things that engineering pass-outs can do to improve their job prospects:

    • Thorough subject knowledge

    Before anything else, command over the subject is essential. When hiring a fresher, employers usually check basic subject knowledge. Hence, you should have all the engineering concepts and basics at your fingertips when you sit for an interview. Thorough subject knowledge is the first step in creating a good career.

    • Be up-to-date with Technology

    Engineering technologies are always evolving. Technological innovations keep happening now and then. If you’re an engineering student, you need to be aware of all that’s happening in your domain. An easy way to stay technologically updated is through the internet and newspapers. You need to understand that only bookish knowledge isn’t enough to get a good job.

    • Improve your soft skills

    As an engineer, you will need a range of soft skills to make the most of your engineering degree. An engineer will have to work with teams, interact with clients, and manage teams. The job role of an engineer requires one to have soft skills that will help in communication with people, working as a team, and managing teams. Communication, teamwork, and collaboration, time management, creativity, etc. are some of the skills that you will need to develop and improve to increase your job prospects post an engineering degree.

    • Use your contacts

    Networking helps in increasing your chances of landing a job. Stay connected with your professors and seniors at college. As they have been through the phase you are in right now, they will have the experience to guide you through your recruitment process.

    • Get practical experience

    Employers prefer candidates who have some practical experience. Practical experience that you can mention in your CV can include academic projects and internships. Besides, you can also take part in technical workshops related to your engineering vertical, to gain some experience before you get a job. Practical skills are a great value-add to a CV.

    Further, you need to create a CV which details you, your qualifications, and your experiences in a presentable manner. If you stay focused and make efforts, no one can stop you from reaching your career goal!

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