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    Internship at Siemens
    by Aashna Aggarwal June 10, 2015

    Working at Siemens these past few weeks has been a great experience. Our mentor, who is the CFO of the mobility division, has directed us well and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to play this role. His guidance throughout this time has been invaluable and I have learnt and gained many new insights. I have just finished the first part of my internship which was the Dupont Analysis. This so-thought simple exercise led to many revelations.

    My time here has not just been about working on my project. I have got a sense of what the world out there is like. On one of our days here, we were given the opportunity to sit in a meeting which was addressed by the Siemens AG CEO, Mobility division, Dr. Jochen Eickholt. The experience was phenomenal where we actually saw him give a presentation and learn about the opportunities and the future plans for the company. Not just this, we have also spoken to people working here and they have told us about the company and its workings.

    Moreover, the work culture at Siemens is not what I had imagined. It’s better. The people are friendly and extremely helpful in case of any problems. The perks which are being offered by the company to its employees are also something which is noteworthy.

    I am now looking forward to working on my next project, on integrated accounting, which I will be starting in the coming week.

    3 thoughts on “Internship at Siemens”

    Deepak says:

    Now I cannot believe college allow students to place their own posts on college portal. This is interesting feature being provided. I believe it will bring more exposure to the students. 🙂

    Ronak Toshniwal says:

    This is nice for students to know more about college for choosing best one for them and preparing mind set.

    Vithalreddy says:

    Thank you sir for this opportunity

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